Dec 30, 2007

the year that was

in less than 12 hours, we would all have to say goodbye to 2007 and welcome 2008. 2007 was not really a good year but it was not that bad either. it was an okay year for me. surely could have been better but who am i to complain?

every year, the Lord has been good. He knows when i can handle things, knows when i have had too much and knows on when i would be needing His help. He has given me so much more than what i really deserve.

this year my sister after 8 long years finally came home for a vacation. we had a family vacation to boracay which was really great. we had lots of family gathering this year that definitely brought the family closer.

another good thing that happened this year was i was able to finally finish nursing school. i remember a conversation i had with a good friend from school on why finishing nursing school was extra special. we both agreed that with entering nursing school we did make a lot of sacrifices. having to give up a lot of things and having to start all over again in terms of career. it's not easy. not as i thought it would be. nursing school was in fact very difficult. and i could only imagine how the nursing profession would also be difficult. but it has made me realize on how blessed i am compared to others. it made me take care of people i don't know and in return i have gained a feeling of fulfillment no amount of money could buy. i must say that God really brought me here and He will be faithful to complete it with me passing the boards in the His time.

God has opened a lot of doors for 2007. in 2007 a met new online friends via the world of blogging. i have learned a lot of things from them. i may just be reading their blogs but i feel like i have known them for a long time already. i may have not met them personally, but 2007 would have not been 2007 without my blogger friends. thanks guys!

looking back, i could only be grateful for how faithful the Lord has been. I would have not survived 2007 with out Him. i would have not been a better person if He has not given me the trials and problems He did.

I am confident that 2008 is going to be a great year. i have a lot of things to look forward too and i am really excited for what it has in store for me.

May 2008 be another year full of cries and laughs. Cheers for a good 2007 and a wonderful 2008!

second to the last day of the year


i went to the salon to get a haircut this afternoon but the stylist who does my hair was out. i didn't make an appointment either so the earliest they could do my hair was 7PM. hopefully i get to have the haircut by tomorrow.


will be spending new year's eve at makati again. what we do yearly, is rent the function room at my cousin's condo building. we get to see the fireworks from the makati street party plus hindi mausok.


i will be back with a goodbye to 2007 post. for now, sleeping beauty muna ako.

Dec 29, 2007

my last feast for 2007

Name 2 things you would like to accomplish in 2008.
-be a registered nurse.
-decide on what i want to do with my life, career wise.

With which cartoon character do you share personality traits?
-powerpuff girls...sugar, spice and everything nice.

What time of day (or night) were you born?
-eeek! i don't know. will update with my answer as i look for my birth certificate

Main Course
Tell us something special about your hometown.
-i was born in quezon city and grew up in quezon city. what's so special about my hometown is everything! if ever the time comes i leave quezon city, that would be a major heartbreak.

If you could receive a letter from anyone in the world, who would you want to get one from?
-from the national council state boards of nursing telling me that i have successfully passed the NCLEX.

Happy weekend everyone!

shout out

a shout out to my friend teresa who is now a futures broker. i used to work with her in the bank and she was one of the best sales officers we had. anyhow, she is still in the financial word but is now dealing with commodity trading. trading is an exciting field and im pretty sure you'll do good. all the hard work and sacrifices now paying off.


my sister's car is now a year old. she has long planned on getting car spoilers but my dad has been against it. things have changed though. my dad used my sisters car when he went to my second cousins wedding last thursday and he saw R's car which is of the same model as my sisters civic. R's car is with spoilers and when my dad got home he told my sister that maybe she should get a spoiler for her car because it looks better with one. they went out earlier to canvass already and my sister might get one by next week.

with the kiddilets

here is a picture taken on christmas day. we were waiting for the 5:50PM screening of SSS. we just came from the arcade and i got tired cheering on the kiddilets as they were playing. funny that i look so tired while tj and miguel looks like they could still play for an hour at the arcade.

Dec 28, 2007

where to invest

have you noticed how much your money is currently earning if you have a time deposit? i feel that keeping the money in the bank and just keeping it at home would not really make much of a difference. the interest rates now being offered by the banks are really low. thank God im not in the banking industry anymore! i could only imagine how hard it is right now to get money placement from clients. this came to my attention after an old client sir D called me up the other day asking me if i knew of elsewhere he could invest. not that i am his financial consultant. but apart from him being a former client, we have become really good friends. i have told him to check out on the price of gold. as i have heard some good feedback. weird as it may sound (imagine having to keep gold in the house or on a vault! seems like old times) i have heard that the investment is really good. the price of gold have remarkably increased and has been a very good option for investors.
it's back!

american gladiators is back. the show is to be hosted by my all time favorite wrestler hulk hogan (yes, i like wrestling) and laila ali.

so many new tv shows to watch out for 2008! love it.
so many things i want to blog about but i just end up deleting my entries.

2 opps have already expired and i still have a few pending but i just can't seem to write.

i want to go to the salon for a haircut but im so lazy.

i just want to play the scruffs, super granny 4 and wedding dash all day. i have been recently addicted to games and have finished quite a few the past days.
i have long wanted to create another blog under my own domain name. a lot of things got in the way ( including the board exams), but i am now in the process of finishing this. i never thought it is difficult. i know computer and internet basic only so completing my own website and personalizing it is really difficult. help me Lord!

Dec 26, 2007

helping out the less fortunate

Christmas season is not only the time of giving out gifts but it is also the best time to share the blessings we have received through out the year. one can really think of different ways to share blessings to others. i remember celebrating a Christmas party in an orphanage a few years back. one on my friends prepares sandwich and juice on Christmas day and gives them to street kids. recently T, a cousin of mine with friends have joined Donate Boat and have decided to donate his dad's old boat. they had to buy the boat from tito M and they donated it. the boat is to be sold on ebay and the proceeds of the sale is to be used to buy Children's Animation DVDS and to be given out to kids. i really think this is a worthy cause and the proceeds of the sale of the boat will go along way in helping kids. they are not used to receiving anything for Christmas so this is indeed a welcome treat for them.

if anyone reading this blog is interested in this cause, you could just click visit the website Donate my Boat. it is never too late to extend a help this Christmas season.

Dec 25, 2007

.:: we had an 80's themed Christmas party. we all had fun dressing up with matching music from the 80's.

.::met up with relatives again after lunch at rockwell to watch a movie and for dinner (we do this every year). we watched the judy ann-ryan movie because we liked the KKK movie last year. unfortunately, the SSS movie was not as expected. the scenes were not really funny and some parts were parang pilit. i didn't like the scene's with bronson anymore unlike last year. i think we should have just watched maricel's movie.

Merry Christmas to all!

Dec 23, 2007

im excited!

we have finally decided on our theme for this year's Christmas party. i have yet to buy my costume and i am busy downloading music for tomorrow night's party.

ohh, and finally we have christmas lights already. we didn't really put up christmas decors this year. just this morning, my dad put up christmas lights na outside. getting ready for tomorrow's party.

the picture i took was really ugly, hahaha! i took a picture of one part of the garden only. tomorrow, i will take more pictures.

Dec 20, 2007

bathroom vanities

i went window shopping yesterday with gen, before the taylor hicks concert. she is to move in to her condo unit by the first quarter of 2008 and is currently in the process of completing her furnitures. we were checking out bathroom vanities yesterday and saw a lot of options. all were pretty. everything would really depend now on the theme of her room because she would have to match her bathroom with it. at least she now has ideas of what to go for.

i want coffee

i don't drink coffee everyday, but if i start drinking coffee i would be drinking it for days until i think of something else. im usually like that even with food. i am right now craving for coffee again but i don't want the ordinary coffee. i want an espresso or a capuccino. how i wish i had a Jura capresso machine. then i could also invite some friends over for coffee and pastries while tita nora is playing the piano.

soul patrol!

i went to trinoma last night to watch taylor hicks in concert. he was really good and even if it was just an hour concert, i had super fun. no wonder he won as american idol 2006. his musical director for the night was louie ocampo and taylor was all praises for louie ocampo. apart from his talent, he was really good looking also. too bad i didn't have a meet and greet stub. wala taloy kmi picture together.

mirror, mirror on the wall

i hardly put on make up. i don't even know how to put make up on. i just use blush on if i go out (that's techinically still not make up, right?). anyhoo, i bought makeup mirrors last night to give to 4 of my friends and then another one for me. it's a really good mirror not just for putting on make up but also for plucking the eyebrows. it's a great gift for girl friends this christmas.

as seen on tv

if i get to bored watching tv shows, i always end up watching as seen on tv infomercials. watching it makes me most of the time grab the phone to buy an item. they have a 30 day guarantee for one so i could try the item first and return them if im not satisfied. one of those i have always wanted to buy is the floam. maybe, i'll have to try buying one of these days.
ellen de generes guested charisse pempengco the other day. she first saw charisse in you tube and flew her to the states to sing live on the show. the girl is very talented and if given the right opportunities would really make it in the US. ellen gave her an ipod touch since the girl lost her ipod on her trip to the US. medyo trying hard lang sa accent during the interview but when she sang, galing talaga. for those who were not able to watch the episode of ellen, here is a clip of it that i got from you tube.

bathroom 101

the tenant from the one of the units left just last week (finally!). they stayed in the unit for almost 3 years and my mom is having the unit repaired first week of january before we get new tenants. we have extra Delta faucets here at home that was supposed to be used when they renovated our bathroom. to save some money they will just use those faucets as they do some repairs on the unit's bathroom. lot of work to be done as the last tenants were not able to take good care of the unit. but my mom wants to make sure that the units is repaired before we get new tenants.

Dec 19, 2007

im so blessed.

with all the PR rank problems i am having (the same with the other blogger friends i have), im still getting the much needed tasks. just today i got another set of extra assignments. considering that i don't have work, atleast the chance to earn is just pouring in and i could do a little shopping with it. now, if the peso-dollar exchange rate could improve.

isn't gab such a cutie? she is the daughter of R a good friend who almost became my cousin-in-law. anyhoo, i loved how pretty gab is in the picture plus i love the kitchen play set. i want to go to colorado now and play with gab! grabe the toys kids have now a days. i didn't have a kitchen set that looked like this when i was a kid. no wonder gab has a big smile.

masters degree

when i finished college, one of the goals i had was to get a Masters Degree. i felt that for me to be able to compete and improve myself. i never got to complete my masters degree, but im still hoping to finish in the coming years. maybe not in business anymore but a masters degree in public health. i do feel tired studying but come to think studying is really never ending. one would also need to learn new things and improve oneself always. hopefully i could pursue this after taking all the exams that i have to take.

This blog post is based on information provided by Blogitive.

Dec 18, 2007

golden grace

my aunt celebrated her 50th birthday last night with a ballroom themed party at makati. traffic was not really bad. it was an hour travel from quezon city to makati ( not bad talaga, bec it could have been worst!). the party was super fun. it started at 7pm and ended at midnight. we all didn't want to go home yet but since almost everyone had work the next day (except for me!huhuhu) we just decided to have a continuation of the party on christmas eve. pictures are posted here.

Dec 15, 2007

im craving for toffee nut latte. i want one badly. i can go to starbucks but im too lazy. i want one delivered and how i wish starbucks delivers. teehee. i think i will just have my toffee nut latte fix tomorrow and just enjoy my lays potato chips and rootbeer. goodluck sa diet.

i remember i have pictures of my study sessions at starbucks...

miss the smell of coffee, i miss starbucks but i seriously do not miss studying.

medical bracelets

like every girl, i love jewelries also. when i saw the medical jewelry online it was something i liked immediately. the designs are ordinary but its the engraved designs that really caught my attention. nurses are not allowed to wear jewelries in the hospital but i still would like to get one. the bangles are pretty affordable so i am planning to buy my close girl friends from school one each as a christmas gift.

stereo cabinet

i have long wanted to put the stereo in my room but where to put it has been my problem. not anymore though. a friend of my mom gave her a stereo cabinet. tita annie gave it to my mom but it's mine now. i loved it when i saw it and asked my mom immediately if i could put it in my room and she said yes. the cabinet was delivered yesterday and is now in my room. loving it.

p.s. i love you

i super loved the book. i cried more than three times when i was reading it. i luckily got the book at a discounted price and it was super worth it. i finished reading the book in one day, that was how much i loved it ( take note: it takes me hours to finish a chapter of a nursing book).

they made a movie out of the book. it always has been that the book is better than the movie but i still can't wait to watch the movie.

cab guard

toto strikes again! my cousin toto loves his truck (a sport trac) like his children. they live in bacolod but goes to manila if their is a car show. anyhoo, he has been bugging me to order an accessory for his truck. he saw cab guards. he has been wanting to get one but couldn't see the exact design he likes here in manila. he wants me to order it for him online. i told him that the cost of shipping would be really expensive but he is willing to pay for it since the design is something that he really likes. boys will be boys.
i have stayed home the rest of the week apart from a quick trip to the grocery with mom and dad. i was really glad i was able to go out last night. traffic was really bad as yesterday was the last payday before christmas and a lot of the companies had their christmas party last night. with the traffic, the plan of going to serendra was scrapped and we just went to trinoma. had dinner and then watched enchanted which was a nice movie (ohh, i love mcdreamy!). after the movie just went around trinoma a bit and then went home.

i have spent half of today watching season 3 of hell's kitchen. i love hell's kitchen the only downside is it makes me really hungry. i am hoping to finish the third season tonight and get to finish my opps as well.

Dec 13, 2007

ninang ka!

Tagged by peachy.

This meme was created to remind us “Ninongs” and “Ninangs” the number of our godchildren and our responsibility towards them as they grow and mature as better Christians. Here are the rules:

* List all the names of your godchildren
* Tag at least 5 bloggers
* Update the Tag Train

my godchildren:

Amboy, Nina, Matthew, Rain, LeeRon, Danielle, Denzel, Isabel, cecil, paul, jp, and ram..i think im missing a few names on my list.

The Tag Train Started Here - Bluepanjeet - Joy - Scarty - Yen - Peachy - Macy ”You” {you put your link here}

i tag jane, raquel, kc jody and jenny

Dec 12, 2007

sea world

a perfect christmas gift for kids is to bring them to a theme park. tin is doing so by giving all the kids Sea World Tickets for christmas. tin will be bring 5 kids to seaworld on the saturday after christmas and all the kids are excited with the trip already. tin is not so excited as she is to take care of all 5 kids. they have been to sea world already but every trip to the theme park is like a first always. i can't blame the kids though. i myself, i love theme parks. theme parks gives you a high you really can't explain. too bad, i won't be joining them on this trip but hopefully soon. i can't wait to go to the states!

i want!

i have so many things i want i wish i had the money to buy.

i want to wear this on our family christmas party...

or this...

love it! they are super cute and funny. they have a lot of really cool shirts available. i hope i could get one this week. they are not expensive also and would be a really cute collection.

saw the shirts here.
18 posts in one day. hahaha! record breaking--my all time high! i remember having less than 18 posts in one month. i was trying to finish all the tasks i have today but im tired already and i think i will just have to finish them tomorrow. im not complaining. im actually happy because i have been getting only one opp a day in the past few days so the tasks received today was really a surprise and a wonderful blessing.

voip system

i have had a chance to work for a call center one for a US account and the other for an Australian account. both of those company that i have worked for uses VoIP Call Center Phone Systems. the systems allows the business to operate with very love operations cost. the call center industry here in our country has been growing for the past years and has provided for a lot of jobs. in return, we have helped a lot of businesses abroad also. all you need with this system is a broadband connection and you are good to go. technology has really grown in heaps and bounds in the past years.

sesame street

before dora and barney, their was sesame street. and i love sesame street. my favorite character is elmo and ernie. on my christmas wish list is:

tmx ernie


tmx elmo

here is a video to see how cute they are

santa i have been soooo good,i know i deserve them. send me the toys for christmas please!

one of my cousins made this. cute diba? christmas 2005 theme was red and green. 2006 was red and gold. for this year we haven't decided of what the theme is. i need to come up with one already as i have to text everyone to make sure they could prepare. any suggestion? with only 12 days before christmas, i need help!

spending the holidays

as the manila based tuano side of the family is to celebrate christmas here at our home, the LA based tuano's are to make a trip to Las Vegas for the holidays. how i wish it was the manila based going to Las Vegas but that would be wishful thinking. tito majal has made reservations as early as last month as Las Vegas Hotels are usually booked during this season. of course they want to make sure they get a good accomodation so they had to book early. they are to watch the Cirque du Soleil show and the kids and kids at heart are all excited even if this is actually not the first time they are watching.
got this from peachy

A) Four jobs I have had in my life and what country:

im posting the last 4...yes, i have had more than 4 and more to come pa. philippines lahat.

1. bayantel - marketing assistant
2. RCBC Savings bank - new accounts/conversion team
3. Ibank - sales associate
4. NCO - customer service

B) Four movies I would watch over and over:

1. 50 first dates
2. My best friends wedding
3. Sleepless in Seattle
4. Groundhog Day

C) Four places I have lived:

1. Quezon City
2. Quezon City
3. Quezon City
4. hopefully next will either be: US, Canada or New Zealand.

D ) Four TV Shows that I watch:

1. MariMar
2. Grey's anatomy
3. Private Practice
4. Ellen

E) Four (favorite) places I have been:

1. Hongkong
2. Bacolod
3. Dumaguete
4. Boracay

F) People who e-mail me (regularly):

1. Tuano egroups
2. sassa
3. PPP
4. i don't get decent emails. email me pls!

G ) Four of my favorite foods:

1. friend chicken ( i can eat this everyday!)
2. anything grilled
3. pastries and chocolate
4. junk food either cheetos twisted or friday potato chips

H) Four places I would rather be right now:

1. Boracay
2. Dumaguete
3. Las Vegas
4. Bacolod

I) Four friends I think will respond:

Tag away my friends!

J) Things I am looking forward to this year:

1. Christmas
2. New Year
3. Passing the board exams (i will pass!i will pass! think positive)
4. work opportunities abroad
spoiler alert!

i was so pissed with the last episode of grey's anatomy. it was a two part episode but i didn't like it because mcdreamy kissed a nurse ( i would have not been pissed if it was me) and then towards the end also meredith told him that she didn't want him to be seeing anyone else but her. if only meredith knew that mcdreamy kissed the nurse...


i am a basketball fan. people close to me knows this. ever since grade school, i have loved basketball. it has been one of my dreams to watch NBA live. athan, a friend from church knows about this. we would talk about basketball for hours. we both enjoyed watching the philippine basketball association (PBA) and the NBA. athan is now in the states and sent me an email that he was to watch the miami heat vs cleveland cavaliers game on christmas day. he got his Miami Heat Tickets online and got is as a christmas gift from beulah, his wife. the guy is sooo lucky! imagine getting to watch shaquille o'neal and to seat behind the miami heat bench. it so hard to get those tickets but beulah managed to get it online. i am so green with envy.
i eat too much.

i do nothing and i eat a lot. im thinking it's december and maybe i could justify my eating. but i can't. i ate rice again when i started reviewing for the boards and promised i'll go back to no rice or rice once a day after the boards but i can't resist eating. i got so used to eating rice again. im so dead.

Dec 11, 2007

today is going to be a long day with all the "jobs" i have to complete. you will have to forgive me though as it is not everyday that you get work like this. i am not complaining and im just enjoying myself. i want to finish everything today and pray real hard tonight that more work is to come in tomorrow.


my second cousin is to get married on the 27th of december and my dad is one of the sponsors for the wedding. my tita dropped by the house last night and told us that they are neck deep with the wedding preparations. one of the hardest they had to deal with were the flowers. my tita had a flower shop but she had to close it when they moved to the states. so you could just imagine how particular she is with the flowers. she has not found a florist that could meet all her demands so she's to arrange all the flowers for the wedding. she just decided to get wholesale roses for my cousins bouquet,that of the entourage and for the decorations. she says it will take a lot of work but since she only wants the best, she has to do it herself. in fact they have saved money also in doing this. the flowers are to be delivered the day before the wedding and she has hired 2 other people to help her with it. she says it does not matter that she is dead tired on the day of the wedding as long as my cousin has beautiful flowers on her wedding day.
i was going over my 2007 new year's resolution and realized i have not accomplished any. what was i thinking when i wrote that one. i was totally out of my mind! teehee. i was reading my list and realized that the goal to drive has been a goal of mine since 2000! teehee. i have this feeling though that i will drive by 2008. feeling lang ha.
im so greedy! no, im not bec i shared,teehee!

i was chatting with my cousin about her mom's bday party next week plus busy completing my pending opps when i checked on the blogitive site and saw that their were a lot ( 5 when i checked, and that's a lot already considering the opp drought due to PR rankings). i immediately started grabbing opps. i remembered kathy and she was not online so i sent her a message to go online as it was raining opps. i got a message from her that she was not home. i immediately told her to send me her username and pw (just change it later, kathy) so i could grab her some. and i successfully did! woohoo. i texted peachy and she was online already and was able to grab herself some opps too. happiness abounds.

ESET smart security

i do a lot of downloading. i download games, movies made for tv and my favorite tv shows. if i see something i like, i immediately just download it. becuase of that, i always end up with viruses. i end up spending money as i ask a computer technician to clean up or worst reformat my computer. so hassle!

my cousin who sometimes works with bogart (my computer) has convinced me to buy a computer security software. it is pretty expensive but in the end it is still cheaper than having the computer fixed every now and then. plus, it saves me the trip to the computer shop. i recently bought ESET smart security ESET Smart Security prevents, detects and removes malware such as adware, bots, rootkits, spyware, trojans, viruses, worms and other internet threats. this is really my a life saver!

something i look forward too....

my aunt does not look like she is 50, she looks young pa. mga 49 years old, teehee. we have always told her we will surprise her with a party when she turns 50 ( after my mom and tito sonny's surprise parties when they turned 60). but the surprise party won't work anymore so my cousins told her of the party and gave her invitations to give to her friends. im sure it's going to be super fun. im excited! shocks, i have nothing to wear. plus i need shoes!


got this one from jenny.

how to join?

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[2]copy and post the rules to your blog. include the “backward list” (a record of how the tag reached you) and add your name.
[3] recruit for participants. be sure to get their consent.

should they agree to join, add them to your “forward list” (join na mga sis!)

remind them to do item #1.

** participants will be accepted until december 16 (phil. time) only. on december 17, the organizer will email to you the details of your ronito/ronita. send him/her a christmas greeting via e-cards preferably on december 25.

should time be a constraint, you can send it earlier.

my backward link list:ironnie, jeff, bluepanjeet, thess, gbex, liza, liza 2, rems, eds, abie, pheng, jenny, macy

please join us in the internet way of feeling the spirit of Christmas: julai, tami, and ardee
im sooo bored! thank God that im still getting "jobs" because that is the only thing that keeps me busy. im bored but im lazy too that is why i didn't go to the job interview i was invited for yesterday. yeah, talk about wanting to have a job.

all i do is play computer games, watch dvd movies, finish watching everything i have downloaded the past months, eat, blog, surf and sleep. i have wanted to do all this a few weeks back but it can also be tiring pala.

cat 5

my dad loves tinkering anything. he'll fix the electric fan, washing machine, airconditioning and the list just goes on. he could spend the whole day just trying to fix stuff at home. so part of his christmas gift this year is a Cat 5. he has been meaning to get one but since i had to buy it online he would have to wait for my friend to come back before he get's this gift. he does asks for weird gifts.

Dec 10, 2007

i miss my ibank friends

i was searching for my resume when i stumbled upon the photos i have of my ibank friends. suddenly, na miss ko sila. i must say that this group of office mates was the best i had in all the years i worked. we were really very close and going to work everyday was like playing lang. i had the best manager. he was my friend and boss rolled into one. i remember when ex and i broke up he was one of those people who cheered me up and gave me advices. but all good things must come to an end. one by one they either left the country or changed jobs. i too in the end left ibank. john, my manager and tess the assistant manager are both in the US already. divine is already married and is in korea. yet, is also married and now lives in canada. the others are just here in manila but i don't get to see them anymore. we only communicate through email except for cora that i could see whenever i want to it's just that we are both busy.

with divine and sheila during an ibank anniversary party

our branch outing in laguna

gimick with the guys before john leaves for the states

during john's suprise despidida party

my hair was so short back then and this pictures were taken more than 5 years ago. it has brought back so many good and fun memories. na senti mode taloy ako!


my friend from nursing school ford was one of those students you would really admire. like everyone else, he was working full time and going to school as well. what sets him apart from the rest of us though was he was also supporting 2 brothers to school. i was talking to him last saturday and that was when i found out that he had to get a loan to survive the last year of nursing school. the tuition was just too much and with two other brothers going to school he really didn't have any other option. he was lucky enough to have been give the option of either to take a personal loan or pay day loans. he had opted for the latter. he says he is just happy that we are already finished with school and his other brother is to finish by march already.

Dec 9, 2007

what to do?

the results of the board exam is to come out next year. word has been out that the results will come out by february. i've been thinking of what to do. i mean i can't just do paid opps especially now that getting opps has not been easy because of the PR ranking. im really hoping i pass the local boards so that i could already take the next step. my friends are already taking care of their documents for the NCLEX. i am opting to wait for the results of the board exams. im also thinking of either going to canada or new zealand but all of this will take time.

if i pass the nursing board exams, i will have to practice my nursing profession. i have already a few friends willing to help out on this so right now i just really need to pass.

at the same time, im bored. apart from being bored im broke. so this christmas is still going to be a merry one as it always is but no buying of gifts for now and hopefully people will understand (babawi na lang me!).

i want to go back to work and i have already sent out my resume to some companies i like. i would rather not work for a call center though and i want to work somewhere near my house. i hate traffic. i have already received a call this morning and that is a good sign, right? at least that means that my resume is still attracting employers.

decisions. decisions. so many things to really consider and pray for. my skin is breaking out already with all the stress and thinking. my mind is not used to being used all the time, teehee. hopefully, things will be much brighter in the coming weeks.
im bad trip.


wala lang.

just bad trip.

go green

i have never been really concerned with my environment. i do my part by making sure i don't just throw garbage anywhere, i pick up trash when i see one but that's about it.

i guess as you grow older you become more aware of things you should really be aware off. you are more concerned of the things happening around you and that includes the environment. i have been browsing for lack of things to do and i stumbled upon a website that sells eco friendly products. the stuff they have are really good. would you imagine of a solar canvas tote bag that gives you the power to charge up your electronic devices like mobile phones, camera and mp3 players no matter where you use it. ain't that cool? the material used for the bag is canvass and that makes it biodegradable. another great item that caught my attention was the kill-a-watt electricity monitor. with the sky rocketing electric bill i think this is something every household should have because it allows you to forecast potential energy cost. Simply connect your appliances to the Kill-a-Watt electricity usage monitor and it will assess how efficient any appliance or machine really is. so you would know if a certain appliance saves you electricity or is consuming too much. that's really something! offers hundred of eco friendly products that you'ld love to own. some of the things that they sell are items i could only imagine. i have realized that i could do a big part in saving our environment by just being aware of the items i buy.

Dec 8, 2007

plasma cutting

one of our family friends eric recently told me he is getting a plasma cutting machine for his business. i didn't have any clue on what the machine really is for. he explained to me that plasma cutting machines are used to cut steel and other metals using a plasma torch. the plasma is sufficiently hot to melt the metal being cut and moves sufficiently fast to blow molten metal away from the cut. Plasma can also be used for plasma arc welding and other things. i was still clueless and then he told me that in short getting the plasma cutting systems can increase quality, productivity, and his profits. see, i don't really need techincal explanations to understand.
i was tagged by jenny.

What's your Christmas Day schedule?

christmas day starts the 24th for my family. it has been a yearly tradition that everyone from my mom's side of the family whose here in manila spend christmas eve at our house. we usually have a theme. for last year it was red and gold and the year before that it was red and green. this year's theme is still undecided. we have parlor games (mind you, kina-career namin ito kahit ten pesos lang ang price), the usual exchange gift and of course we feast.

we usually end the christmas party bet 2am to 3am. we meet up again the next day to watch a movie and usually for christmas dinner.

skycable is cancelling the channels solar sports, ETC, second avenue, crime/suspense and jack tv. i really don't mind them cancelling jack tv and solar sports. the thing is they are to cancel ETC, second avenue and crime/suspense. how am i to watch ellen, today show, america's next top model, and my other favorite tv shows. gawd! im so sad.

bad trip!

Dec 7, 2007

nursing homes

i am to meet up next week with my college friend who is here in manila as her grandmother died last month and she was the one assigned by the family to bring home her grandmother's ashes from the states. she was telling me over the phone last tuesday on hard it was as they had to bring her grandmother to a nursing home when she got sick. but that they really didn't have an option as no one is to take care of her grandmother at home as everyone had work or school.

nursing homes are pretty much in demand in other countries. i have nothing against those who bring their loved ones to such because at least they make sure that someone is to take care of their loved ones since they can not. sick and old people do need a lot of attention and if the family members cannot provide for such for whatever reasons, it is really best to get some help. nursing homes provide for different options that could be discussed with the family and the family could just decide on what is most suitable for them. they would also provide families with forums where they could join so they could gather information that they need. at least this is better than really doing nothing or leaving the sick at home with no one to attend to them.
i was finally able to go to the malls after the board exams. didn't really buy anything but just the idea of going to the mall and doing some window shopping is therapy for me already. i saw new flip flops at havaianas that i'ld like to get. checked out the new style's of crocs and i still don't know if i would get myself one. i liked the alice designs and the one for kids fit me but im not so sure if i should get one. still undecided. i checked out the melissa shoes at serendra but they didn't have the design that i want which is good because i don't really have the budget for one right now. teehee.

i also got to check out the nintendo wii and i really liked it. i know we'ld have fun playing with it so i will be putting it on list of things to buy and hopefully i could get with one with the money i earn online.

ohh, and i was able to watch one more chance. nice movie. cutie and super relate ako, teehee. i was out the whole day friday, which was good. i basically stayed home mon to thurs doing nothing so atleast i was able to do some walking yesterday.

today is going to be a busy day as it's julia's 1st bday so we are headed to montevista after lunch for her party and then i will meet with friends at ate emma's house tonight for a get together of my nursing school friends.

hope you guy's have a fun filled weekend too!

espanol hotels

do you guys know how to speak spanish? i remember having elective units in college but i don't remember anything. maybe just a few only because they are the same as our tagalog words.
anyhoo, my friend recently encountered a problem when her mom has been bugging her to find a hotel reservations website in spanish that she could go as she was in the states and was having major problems with communicating. her mom lives in spain and only know basic english words. she is currently on vacation in the states and has been experiencing major problems in terms of booking her hotels. good thing a friend of ours who works for the hotel industry knows of a certain website that caters to travelers who prefer to book in spanish. ofertas de hoteles not only provides a spanish bookling website their but they also have a dedicated customer service number for spanish speaking travelers. The site has been designed specifically to meet the needs and interests of spanish-speaking individuals in the united States.

Dec 5, 2007

ordinary day

not only is the movie for one more day to watch out for. you should hear the soundtrack "Ordinary Day" written by diane warren and sang by nick lachey. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

let me do something different here and im tagging friends for this one.

here's the instruction:
1. watch the video first and you could go over the lyrics below.
2. answer the question mitch albom throws on oprah : "How would you spend one more day, with someone you loved and lost?"

i wish i could tell you the things i never got to chance too.
i wish i was with you now to see you smile again.
i wish we had more time, but time goes by so fast.
a moment comes and then a moment passes by, in a blink of an eye.
and if i had one wish...

i wouldn't ask for money.
i wouldn't ask for fame.
i wouldn't ask for the power to make this world change.
if i could have one thing,
that one thing that i would choose
is one more ordinary day with you.
with you.

i wish i could see you.
here where my arms could reach you.
i wish i could let you know how much you've touched my life.
maybe a little time is all the time we get.
the words belong to say are the words that go unsaid.
you can't go back again, but if i had one wish

i wouldn't ask for money.
i wouldn't ask for fame.
i wouldn't ask for the power to make this world change.
if i could have one thing,
that one thing that i would choose
is one more ordinary day.
just one more ordinary day....with you.
with you.

my answer for the question is...
first is im to spend time one more day with my wowo and wawa

i'ld spend one more day with them at victorias. i would gather all my aunt's, uncle's and cousins. i will share my one more day with them. we'ld eat inasal, barbeque and pandesal with my grandparents. my wowo would usually bring us such for merienda everytime we were in victorias. after merienda we'ld all go to the golf course, my wowo's favorite place and play some golf. i miss them both (tears streaming down now as i am writing this,haha!). i will spend my one more day with them with people they love and who love them most.

now it's your turn to answer the question: mommy chi, emmyrose, dianne, hailey,jane, peachy,jean, jenny, jody, karen, kathy, kc, nice, nikki, pepe, rich, tami, thet and toni.
i love mitch albom. my favorite books of all time are all written by him. the past two days were spent watching on you tube tuesday's with morrie (which was produced by oprah winfrey) and the five people you meet in heaven. love them. of course the book is better than the movie but just the same still loved them. as i was browsing through oprah's website i discovered that mitch albom's latest book for one more day has been turned into a movie also and is to premier on sunday. God how i wish i could watch. i would just have to search for it online i guess after sunday. the trailer alone would make you cry! if you have not read the book, you might want to add it on your christmas wish list or maybe buy yourself a copy. it is a must read. im posting a trailer of the movie, grabbed from you tube. you'll love it.

from the movie:
When someone is in your heart, they're never truly gone. They can come back to you even at unlikely times.

Dec 2, 2007

thank you to all those who prayed for me. finally, after months of preparing tapos na ang board exam. i don't know if i will pass. i am hoping i do.

for now, life is back to normal.

i went to the corinthians bazaar yesterday to support my cousins. my mom was able to buy a dress. i was not in a shopping mood and just took pictures of my cousin who had a stall at the bazaar with her boyfriend.

after going to corinthians, i met up with friends from school at gerry's tomas morato. we promised not to talk about the exams but we ended up still talking about it. we also planned for our christmas party which is to happen on saturday as ayette is set to go to the states by the 15th. i am to meet up with them tomorrow to go to world trade for some shopping.

all i have to do now is to fix "my junk".

the picture above shows the materials i used for the review. i plan to keep them for now and just enjoy Christmas. hopefully, i won't need them to review for the local boards again (LORD, pls let me pass!). maybe i will do the organizing next week. for this week all i am to do is watch tv and dvd till my eyes pop out, go online to blog, blog hop and grab opps and go out with friends.

life is indeed back to normal.

clothes...more clothes

it's bad that i can stay online all i want again. having to be online means one thing for! i really don't know what to buy my guy friends and cousins. that has always been a problem because it's so much easier to buy gifts for my girl friends. anyhoo, i found a solution for this year. i bought their gifts from port authority clothing. it saved me a trip to the mall plus i got a good discount. woohoo.

baby clothes

julia ( my niece) is turning one and a she is going to have a strawberry shortcake themed party on saturday. i got her some baby clothes online. what they have are statement shirts. i loved online shopping for birthday present as i was able to customize it. you can get either a onesie, a short sleeve or a long sleeved shirt. the designs they have are really cute and funny. they even have onesie's for twins! super nice. i got 2 shirts for julia. one will serve as her birthday gift and the other as her christmas gift. at least one name has been crossed out of my christmas list. here's a picture of the shirt i got for her.