Feb 27, 2005

i want a new "home" for my blog....but this will have to wait since i have to finish a report for my health care class.
great week ahead to all!

Feb 25, 2005

a pleasant day

a recap of my day...

*woke up at 8am and called sassy ( took advantage of PLDT's 10 peso per call charge) and kwentuhan muna tungkol sa mga buhay-buhay. it was nice talking to you my sassy girl!

*went to linao with emma, judy, paul and edsel to do interview of 5 families for my health care class. it was a fun and a very humbling experience.

*had lunch with them at han pao.

*edsel and i went back to my house to rest and wait for popsie's arrival (welcome home!). my pop's phone is so cool. now i want a new phone...but i can't. i cannot afford a new one right now.

*edsel and i went to the barangay hall to take pictures of the place and lucky us, the barangay captain was there and was able to assist me with the other things i need for our report.

*we then went to look for someone who could transfer the video we took to a cd but the one we saw was too expensive. edsel would be the one to transfer it na lang using the data cable we got from Pastor James and he (with my help,hehehehe!) will edit the video (ang bait!)

*we went to market-market to meet up with my family for dinner. we had the film processed and the pictures for me were nice na, but for edsel the quality of the printing was not nice (super perfectionist when it comes to pictures!).

*went to gonuts to buy donuts...

now i am home blogging/blabbing...it was a very tiring day and i have to go to school tomorrow (but i am tinatamad as of now). i still have a lot of things to do especially with the project that is due on monday. hopefully, we (edsel and i) get to finish with the editing by sunday.

signing off....

Feb 22, 2005

happy days are here again

first of all...HAPPY birthday to my sister! i hope you have a great day--we had pansit for you today, even if you are not physically present..hehehehe!

i don't have school for the next 3 days because of kester grant's first ever sports fest. plus, it is a holiday on friday. pure bliss ahead!

i can't wait for february to end and for march to start--hopefully things will be less stressful. a lot more decisions are to be made but im just looking forward to greater and brighter things ahead.

but i have to admit, that inspite of all the trials GOD has truly been faithful and present in my life. He has helped me restore relationships, He has guided me in everything i do, He has given me wisdom and encouragement and He has given me people to help me through.

i promise to be posting more "happy" things the coming days,weeks and months...

truly, life is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

Feb 13, 2005


Motivation gets you started
Discipline keeps you going
Character helps you finish well

as i go back to work tomorrow and face the realities of life, i was reminded today that my reputation is not at all important. this is only how other people see me. what is more imporatant is my character because this is what God sees in me. And that character is revealed in the midst of trials and crisis.
Blessed week to us all and till my next post....

TO ALL THE SINGLE LADIES:Seven Tests To Do Before Marrying Your BF's

i got this from church this morning, it was part of the Pastor's message and i just want to share it with everyone...

1. Watch him drive in heavy traffic
-this activity should test his temper...atleast you would get to know how he is when he is mad...
2. Play s sport with him.
-you will get to know on how he will treat you in good times (winning moments) and bad times (pag natalo ang ginebra).
3. Listen to him talk to his mother (or brother or sister) when he doesn't know you are listening.
-this would probably be the way he would be talking to you when you get married. wala nang pa cute at pa sweet.
4. See how he treats those who serve him.
-how he treats the maid, driver, waiters, etc. tandaan, ikaw ang future na magsisilbi sa kanya!
5. Notice on what he is willing to spend his money on.
-very important because you will know on what his priorities would be.
6. Look at his friends.
-tell me who your friends are and i will tell you who you are...
7. See how he reacts to criticism.
-after you guys get married, you will be his biggest critic kaya yngat lang.

i don't know if i made sense with what i just posted...but i just find it very helpful in picking you lifetime partner. Goodluck na lang sa atin!

welcome to the club

my sister has her own blog...

atleast now i could tell friends or relatives asking on how she is doing in the states to just visit her site. hehehe....ang tamad ko din naman.