Jul 28, 2004

awanti load?
i have ventured into a new business---auto load for globe and touch mobile subs and eload for smart and talk and text subs. text me if you need load...pwede utang, may interest nga lang.

im now into buying korean dvds.....you can rent my dvds for a very reasonable fee. i highly recommend my sassy girl.
school work is killing me...midterms in a few weeks...i miss going to the malls and just doing nothing.

ice monster
a new branch opens along tomas morato!!! yipee.....

i haven't played badminton in a very long time. i hope i can make time for it on weekends.

i think i have to stop blogging now and start on reading for a graded recitation tom. till my next blabb.


Jul 22, 2004

i hate being busy....

Jul 16, 2004

Tita Tess

she was confined and was in the icu for the past 2 days...she has been sick for a long time...and this morning, at 5am she has joined her Creator.

i cried when i read the text message -- i have been telling friends how much i miss having grandparents and with her physically leaving us, i lost a lola again. i will miss her terribly! i will miss her jokes, her laughter, her beautiful singing voice, i will miss her playing the organ, i will miss her cooking--i will just miss her.

it is time for you to rest and be reunited with your Creator and tio celo. when you finally see him tell him i miss him too. and when you bump into nanay,tatay,wowo and wawa could you hug them for me?

thank you tita tess (i call her that even if she is my lola) for you have given me wonderful memories. i know that you are now at a much better place. we will always remember you though. reunions and family gathering will never be the same without you.

no goodbyes....i will see you again.

Jul 11, 2004

i miss blogging....

work and school is taking up sooo much of my time. i miss the malls, i miss going to the movies, i miss watching primetime tv, i miss going to mama san's hse after dinner, i miss going out after work and i miss all the other things i do after work. i have only been going to school for more than a week but it feels like ive been in nursing school for a year already. and since i was a super late enrollee, i have a lot of catching up to do. i have a paper to finish(and i thought sa grad school lang ang term paper), report to prepare for and take home quiz to answer. but so far im having fun...that i must admit.

it was mommy's birthday yesterday and we had a small party..it was a great break from all the things i have been doing....i love videoke! hahaha...sayang walang RH!

it's E's birthday tomorrow and ang bad ko kasi i haven't bought him a gift yet. hmmm....i really can't think of a gift to buy.

hmmm...i want a magic mic!!!

Jul 1, 2004

today was no ordinary day for me...

i have always been a kapuso so being a kapamilya even for a few hours felt weird.

i was just going to look and inquire...but now i am enrolled! yup..after a few mba units, i have decided to make a major shift. i am now enrolled for my second degree. Bachelor of Science in Nursing at KESTER GRANT COLLEGE. i hope i like it...i hope i enjoy...i don't hope i pray...

im tired and sleepy...will blog again tomorrow. TGIF!