Mar 31, 2005

taxi crash

taxi crash
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i survived this taxi crash! i thank God for His protection. I was on my way home with my officemate when we met this accident. it was really just happy we are both fine and no major casualties on the drivers and the passenger of the other cab.

Mar 26, 2005

happy easter!

first of all....happy easter to all!

im B-A-C-K!

it's school break but enrollment again next week. im still not sure on where to enroll for next semester. im just super glad the semester is over and i can't wait to get the class cards on wednesday.

im glad i was able to spend time with family and MB, i was able to fix my school stuff and i was able to SLEEP!

the 4 days break from work is so short (abusada talaga ako!) and i hate it that i have to go back to work tomorrow.

Mar 13, 2005

i had a very relaxing weekend that i really need after the super hectic week at school and at work. i guess i need this also because i have to study for my final exams this week. i actually have to study for two out of my 4 subjects this semester. but with anatomy on the list of things to study, PATAY talaga ako.

work (as usual) and then school for attendance lang. i then went to marina with my schoolmate rogie to have dinner and for a few drinks. we are scheduled to go out again on tuesday with out teacher after our final exam.
after dinner we went to terriyaki boy to buy california maki and then she dropped me off at MB's house. i had to do some school related stuf.
was home by 1am and i wasn't able to review for an exam anymore because i left my books at rogie's car.
i was at school at exactly 10am because i knew we were having an exam before the return demonstration for physical assesment. after the exam only one of my groupmates were able to perform the assesment and then it was lunch break.
we had lunch at max and i will surely miss saturday lunch with my classmates. it is something we all look forward too, and yesterday was my last lunch with them since the semester is over. and i have plans of transferring schools by summer semester.
we were back at school by 1:30 and it was my turn to do the return demo for physical assesment. i really requested that i be second since i had to go home early because we were going to clark to meet my dad's golfing buddies.
by 5:30pm we were on our way to mimosa already. it took us only an hour to get there and went straight to the villa's where we were to stay. the villa's were nice, but the villa's they have in subic are bigger.
8:30 was dinner at four season's restaurant, it was fun and food was really great. i had a few drinks after and before midnight we went back to villa. i was in bed before 2am thus, even if i brought my anatomy book with me, i still was not able to read. B-A-D!
breakfast was at mc donald's and then we went to puregold to do some shopping. i was able to buy ready made oreo and nabisco crust which were on sale (very cheap!).
we then went back to the vila to rest, watch TV and to simply BUM around.
at 12 noon, it was time to eat lunch. lunch was alimango and shrimps plus chicharon. i had to skip my usually diet of no rice! it was one of the best lunches i have had.
my dad and his golfing buddies finished playing before 4pm and by 4:30 we were on our way back to manila. i took some nice pictures (promise nice talaga) and i will post it hopefully by tom. i used the manual mode of my camera and the pictures turned out to be really nice. i have yet to show them to the picture guru but i know he will like it too.

it was great to be able to have a break from all the huslte and bustle of the metropolis. i have to read my anatomy book tonight...i have...i have! hope your weekend was as peaceful and relaxing as mine.

Mar 9, 2005

very disappointing when you suddenly feel you are not needed anymore. when all the things you have done are taken for granted. when you are not appreciated for the things you do and the mistakes you commit are what they always remember.

is it time for a change? is it time to finally move on...maybe im just here because i am so used to it already that i don't want change. maybe the happiness i used to feel is not there anymore.the feeling of fulfillment is missing. that i am just here for the sake of doing something. that maybe this is not where i am suppose to be. that something out there is waiting for me.

Mar 7, 2005

again...i lost my cellphone. i left it sa cab this afternoon. lucky me, our security sa office was able to get the plate number of the cab and i was able to get the name, address and telephone operator this afternoon. im praying i could still get my phone back.

true what they say that when something is taken from you, God gives you something better. in exchange for my lost phone, my group and i got an exemption in my health care class *YEHEY!* atleast i don't have to worry about studying for the final exam. im hoping to get an exemption in my nutrition class as well. if i get that exemption all i have to worry about is my anatomy class and my RLE class.

the semester is ending in a week. it was a good one...but a tough one in terms of things to do and things to study.

*signing off*