Apr 26, 2006

I filed for new work schedule after I have finalized my school schedule. After the new work schedule was approved, my professor decides to change the time our classes start. From 10am to 9am...i get off from work at 9am. kaasar!

I hate, hate the idea of going to school pag summer. Suprisingly, I am SO FAR enjoying my class. My teacher is super funny and even if our lectures are during hours wherein you would rather sleep, he tries his best to have lively classes. Para lang ako nanonood ng cartoons while he lectures. Why? he looks like shrek according to one of my classmates. In fairness, ang cute nya (cute in the sense na parang cartoons)!


TV Shows

I am predicting that Kelly will be voted out of american idol later. Time for her to go. I think that this year's winner will either be Chris, Taylor or Elliot.

Shoot Me! I watched PBB Teen Edition last monday and tuesday evening. And have decided not to watch it anymore. Feeling ko lahat ng bata doon iiyak and will reveal something about themselves to get attention. My mom calls one of the girls "laglag balikat". She always wears off- shoulder shirts. Parang lagi daw may party. I know they will all end up as "artista" as they get out of the PBB house. And as all newspaper write-ups put it, lahat sila "artistahin". I wonder what's next after the teen edition. How about PBB Retired Edition? teehee!

I have not been watching amazing race because the racers are boring. Weird because I have always loved the show. I just don't know if it's with the racers and the show or it's just me.


Shoutout: Welcome to this world George Spencer!
Congratulations to cousins John and Milka.

Apr 24, 2006

i have been up since 2am.

i have to stay here in the office for a few more minutes and then i have to go to school for classes. i have classes up to 4 in the afternoon. i have a feeling this is going to be a long day.


went out with cousins to cena and sake lab. my cousin from my dad's side, ritchie got drunk at sake lab and it was joss's fault again. he is the waiter who got tetet drunk during mica's birthday. i wonder who's next.


i so love shakira's new song and mtv hips don't lie. how i wish i could dance like her--wishful thinking!

Apr 19, 2006

I think I have been in my laziest mode for the past 2 weeks. I have not done anything school related even if I still have to finish my return demo for school. I have to start fixing my things for school. Books and photocopies are all over my room (ok, kindda exaggerated bec my mom will kill me if my room was in a mess). I have to sort the photocopies and put them in brown envelop and keep them. I will be needing them as I start reviewing for the board exams. sheesh!

Inspite of being in my lazy mode, I have enrolled last Monday for summer classes. So, as much as I want to be in this state of doing nothing I too have no choice but to get back to my senses--SOON!

Anyways, I went out of town over the weekend! I had the chance to spend time with relatives from my dad's side. It was so much fun. Traffic going home was terrible as we went back to Manila Sunday afternoon. I was not able to take too much pictures though, kasi nga tamad. Anyways, pictures are posted here. During the short stay, I was able to meet long lost relatives. I met 2 of my second cousins who are in Nueva Ecija from Boston for a vacation. I promised to bring them around before they leave, but I haven't actually called them. Bad! I have not met their mom. And their lolo who is the brother of my lolo got lost daw dati. They didn't really know where he went. Tapos my greatgrandmother had a dream that he was buried in a certain cemetery, I can't remember where. But when they (my greatgrandmother and greatgrandfather) went there, that lolo of mine was buried nga doon. Parang ang labo ng story ko. teehee! Anyways, my tito's and tita's were talking about a reunion that they want to have. As in have everyone in the states go home. That would be fun! I hope it pushes through.

I had a great time watching AI yesterday afternoon. I think this is the best show this season so far. I look forward to watching the results show later as Rod Stewart is performing. Im so happy I don't have school and that I get to watch later.


Apr 9, 2006

When my sister left for the states, I felt really sad. But I was happy for her because I knew that she was doing something she really wanted. And that she was going because she had to live her dreams.

Someone really close to me has moved. Actually, two people very close to me. It’s weird because I never thought it was going to be this difficult. We have talked about it in the past but now that it is actually happening, it's really not easy.

Bheng and Amboy are moving.

I have seen Amboy grow up. It was just like yesterday when we visited Bheng in the hospital as she gave birth to Amboy. I was witness to his baptismal, first hospitalization, birthday's, first day in school, field trips, recognition day, graduation day, atbp. We do fight. In fact we always do. Lagi ko din sya inaaway, but I know that he knows that I care and love him dearly.

After Mimi went to the States and Sassa left to go back to Bacolod, it was just Bheng and I left in the compound. Of course I equally felt sad when the two left but it's different now that it is Bheng's turn to leave. I guess it's because she is doing it with a heavy heart. Bheng has been there for me in all good times and bad. She is my videoke partner and for more than a year we have both discovered are fondness for RHB. She has been there to hear on all my rants. We would laugh together and cry together. She is a sister to me and I am to her.

I know that she has to do this. Her heart might be against doing it but right now if she thinks that this is what's best for them, all I can do is to support her.

They have only been gone for a day, but it seems like they have been gone for weeks! My mom during breakfast this morning said that she was so used to Amboy going home to the province on school breaks and it was sad since sya lang ang bata sa compound. But now that we know he is not coming back in June just makes it worst. And then she said “Ngayon nga lang ako nagkaroon ng apo na mabait, umalis pa”.

They are just a phone call and text message away. I can visit them but nothing beats to just having them next door. I will miss you both dearly...I am actually missing you now. It will take sometime before I get used to not having you next door. After 8 years ba naman! Wala na akong screen door na hahampasin…wala na akong tambayan…wala na akong kasama sa mga mcdonald’s midnight snack…wala na ako pupuntahan pag ayaw ko ulam sa house namin. It will be one quiet compound.

Amboy, you stay good. Study hard and kick a** in your new school. I may not be around to tutor you, but I will always be around to pray for you.

Bhenggay, no words will be enough to express how much I appreciate you. You remember this, the hell with what other people might think or say. People who love you and truly care for you understands and that’s what matters. I will always be here. Sabi mo nga, text-text aww na lang.

I love you both and miss you badly. Till our next inuman session.

Apr 6, 2006

Katie Couric, one of my favorites is leaving the "Today" show. It was so sad to watch her say her goodbye on TV yesterday. I love watching today. I remember that I used to think that Matt Lauer and Katie Couric were dating (I know, so Filipino!). She will anchor a 60 minute evening news program in CBS--the first woman to do so in the states. She is leaving the show in May and I am pretty sure that it will be exciting to watch the today show in the coming days as they cook up surprises for Katie. It's nice that they could actually say goodbye to viewers and say straight on where they are actually transferring. So unlike here in the Philippines, magugulat ka na lang lumipat na ung talent.

My cuzz, Tetski celebrated her 20th (*winks*) birthday Wednesday evening at 6 Underground. She had a theme for her birthday--statement shirts. I was not able to buy a shirt for her birthday and decided to make use of the iron-on paper I have at home. But, the iron on paper didn't work so I ended up taping my statement on my shirt. And my statement for the night, "ang pinsan ko ay isang rockstar!" it was so fun, and I too had a mini concert (teehee!). And since it was Pashy's bday the next day, we had dinner at the condo courtesy of Pashy. Will post pictures after my cousins post them. I was lazy to bring a camera.

I was chatting with a friend about a week ago about American Idol. One of my favorites is Mandisa but that I knew she would not win. I felt that she was not "American Idol" material. And I was right. She was voted off the competition last night. I did not expect her to be voted off so early in the competition though. I guess it was the song choice that got her. Oh well, that's life. My favorites now will be Katharine McPhee and Chris Daughtry. I want Bucky out next.


Amboy went with my dad to get the van my dad bought. After they got back, we had this conversation:

me: amboy, san ka galing?
amboy: kasama ko si Lolo Ben.
me: saan tanong ko hindi sino kasama mo! san ka nga galing?
amboy: bumili ng kotse! (sabay walkout)

hehehe...parang bumili lang sya ng candy sa tindahan?


happy weekend all!