May 30, 2005

10 Signs You Work in a Call Center:

10. CSAT and MPI are very common.
9. You know the US States, Capitals and Postal codes by heart.
8. Lipovitan, Red Bull and Extra Joss are one of your favorite drinks
7. You go to work in casual clothes.
6. You love mini stop's fried wanton.
5. Sleep at night is a luxury.
4. You work at night, you party in the morning
3. You don't have eye bags but you have "eye maleta".
2. Lunch time is at 1 in the morning
1. you start your day not with unang hirit or alas-singko y'medya but with saksi or TV patrol.
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May 25, 2005


carrie underwood bested them all...happy!happy!happy!
American Idol
i loved carrie's performance on American Idol, and i totally agree with simon's coment that she has done everything to win the title. i just hope she does. i was teary eyed as she was singing "Angels Brought Me Here". i really hope she wins..i love her voice...i love the way she sings...Can't wait to watch tomorrows finals.

SPOILER ALERT: The Contender
Sergio Mora is THE CONTENDER! It was a unanimous decision and im happy that he won the fight. Im happy too that alfonso won the bronze match against jesse. Too bad though that anthony bosante lost to ishe smith on their "fan favorite" match-up. i would have wanted an ishe vs ahmed re-match. It's just sad i can't watch the fight on TV tonight because of work. I will have to wait for tomorrow afternoon's replay. ulalal, i just love boxing!


i have to prepare for friday's final exam fo product training. I got the schedule i like and i'm happy for that. From 25 trainees during accent we are now down to 20. 1 had to stop training because of health issues, atleast she could go back after she has been medically cleared. 2 of my co-trainees were not asked to join product training anymore and the other 2 were cut at the middle of the product training when they had a re-take of the communications exam and failed it. Out of the 20 trainess, only 5 will go on A-bay next week and the other 15 will go on an extended classroom training. I hope that all 20 of us would make it and be able to hit the floor. The exams, even if we take them with our notes and computers open are really hard especially since we take them on the last hour of the shift and by that time you are tired, sleepy and close to being brain dead already.

Kuya Mayo is getting married tomorrow. i won't be able to attend since the wedding will be in island cove in cavite and for obvious reasons, i can't miss work. Congrat's kuya mayo!

and could i just say this...i love my hair! i had a haircut yesterday because i got so sick of my long hair. i use too much shampoo and hair takes so long to dry...i have had my hair long for more than two years already and i wanted to look different. now i have shoulder length layered hair-do (as if, i had a really make over) and i love it. it looked better yesterday but it looks nice also after i took a bath even if i didn't blow dry it, fan dry lang.

i miss my ibank officemates. hay...sometimes it is hard to move on even if you are equally happy with what you do now. i just got so used to my "old routine" that i miss it. i saw a client pa last sunday and she was asking on how i was, that she wants to move banks na because im not with ibank anymore but that she is happy for me. wha!! which reminds e, i have to call another client tomorrow because i was not able to say "goodbye" properly to her.


May 22, 2005

I survived my first week of graveyard shift...Hurray!

I never thought it was going to be very difficult..but it was. I am pretty much ok early on the shift but by 4am, 2 hours before shift is over i get REALLY sleepy and my eyes get really heavy (sasa: im so eyes are getting heavy...haha! i know you know what i mean here).

After my shift saturday morning, i went straight home took an hour nap and then took a quick bath and i went to school. I was out the whole day, went home around 7PM. We had family (tito's, tita's, cousins) dinner that evening with uberly delicious lechon from dumaguete and i was up until 12 midnight. By 12 midnight, i really could not take it anymore. i went to my room even if my cousins were still in the garden ( sorry guys, i was very sleepy and tired na talaga) and hit my bed. i was thinking, just a few minutes and then i will get up again to take a shower. lo and behold, when i woke up it was 6am already. this was the first time i slept in my jeans and a shirt i wore the whole day ( yuck, i know). when i woke up, i took a shower and then hit the bed again. i was in sleep mode up to 9:30. when i woke up, everyone was dressed already and they were ready to go to greenhills. wha! i would never miss a trip to greenhills. so i took a bath (again!) and then in 15 mins i was ready for a trip to tiangge land! im so proud of myself. i wanted to buy so many things...skirts, shirts, flip flops, bags accessories and kung anik2 but due to budget constraints, i had to content myself with just looking and i ended up not falling into temptation--i didn't buy anything! i know in a month i can go shopping na ulit. i will just have to wait...and when that time comes na--i'll hit the shops like crazy!

im happy...MSO and i will be working for the same company. he start's training tom. hopefully, we get to go to the office at the same time and get to go home at the same time also. coolness!

and to my surprise, i enjoyed loved star wars III. now, i can't wait to watch IV, V, and VI (i have to go to the video shop to get copies).

May 18, 2005

Bo Bice swept me off my feet with his performance in AI earlier. Im rooting for vonzell and Bo for the final two, but i still do like carrie. Tommorow's show will be really exciting. And this is one of the very rare times that i am happy i am not allowed to vote because all three of them are really good.

Since november, i haven't been eating rice and i swear i have lost weight. i know that my diet is not at all healthy but it worked for me. the thing is, now that i have started working on ungodly hours, i have decided to start eating rice again for lunch (since i don't get to eat breakfast). i really would want to maintain my weight now but i know i have to eat rice again since i am not getting enough sleep anymore. of course i get to sleep when i get home but it is still different when you get to sleep at night. i really hope not to gain all the lost weight back.

So far, i honestly am enjoying work. i am enjoying the company of my co-trainees and i have been learning a lot the past two days. i am really glad that i am not having a hard time keeping myself awake. i usually feel sleepy aroung 4am but all in all i think i am coping well. It is just hard since we have exams every day right before going home and for every exam you are allowed to only make one mistake. I hope though, i get pass training and abay. i hope to be hitting the floor by mid june. can't wait...can't wait.

May 16, 2005

im so happy that tom is the palau ultimate survivor--he truly deserves it.
im glad that uchenna and joyce won the amazing race 7--it was one crazy race!
im rooting for vonzel on american idol...i honestly don't like bo bice.
im sad i can't watch contender tonight...thank God for replay's.

hay, in three hours i should be in the office. this is going to be my first time to work in a night shift and i really don't know if i can survive the shift without falling asleep. i will be missing my bed and pillows for tonight but im looking forward to being reunited with them tomorrow morning *hehehehe*. THIS IS IT!

May 15, 2005

long time no blog...
i have been very busy with both school and adjusting with my new work. for the past two weeks i have been waking up very early because my shift starts at 6am. eventhough i have to wake up early im really fine with it because i get to go home early also. we had our accent exams last friday, and since i didn't get a call over the means i passed the accent training *yehey*!

my new work is very interesting and i cant wait for training to finish. so far i am having FUN with my co-trainees. i really hope i made the right decision of making this big move.

even with my crazy schedule, im happy that i still get to spend time with MSO. i am very thankful also that he supports me in everything that i do. he surely is making things a lot easier for me, because he advises me on what to expect and what to do. hay, feels so good to be with someone whom you know will be with you through good and bad times.

i had a very difficult time last april career wise but i know that things happen for a reason. i learned a lot from everything that i have been through. it wasn't easy but i thank God for the people whom he sent to be with me. i thank God also for how He has guided me in everything that i do. for how He has been my comfort and my strength. He has always been with me, and He has never failed me.

my dear cousins, lets get together...swimming party at mica's condo!

May 7, 2005

HaPpY MoThEr'S Day!!!

to all nanay's, inay's, mama's and mommy's whom i know and love dearly i hope you enjoy your day.

to my wawa...eventhough you are physically not with us anymore, i know in my heart that you are always with me. i miss you summer vacations to victorias with you. i miss you. thank you for all the wonderful memories i will forever treasure. i always, always remember sunday lunch with you and wowo...nilagang baka, pansit and inihaw na bangus.

to my nanay...i know that you are at peace wherever you are. thanks you for everything and for showering us with love. i miss you,nanay. and i will always be your "angel" apo.

to mommy...thank you will never be enough for everything you have given not just me but also my sisters. i know that i have not been a good daughter...that i have done things that have hurt you but you have still been there for me. this place is a much better place to live in because of you and daddy. thank you for always bringing me to work...for driving me around...for giving me things i like, want and need...but more so, thank you for your love. i love you.

May 5, 2005

currently hooked to:

1. diner dash - a yahoo game i read on yax's blog last week. i installed it yesterday. played one full hour and it was super fun.

2. poker superstar deluxe - been watching this on TV. MSO told me that yahoo games has it. downloaded it and it is now a fave past time. how i wish the earnings in this game is for real. just the earnings.

3.six questions - MSO introduced it to me. he is addicted to it. it is very educational though because of the many things you learn. i hope we (me & MSO) gets to exchange points for an item really soon.

May 4, 2005

.::work has been FUN so far.

.::im having a hard time waking up very early in the morning but atleast i get to be home early also.

.::first day of community work will be friday, im excited to wear my uniform.

.::it has been very HOT the past few days. thank God for airconditioning.

.::birthday celebration of P.James yesterday at montgomery. swimming party (kahit ako lang nag swimming ;P)

.::merdith and gretchen were eliminated from TAR7. im now rooting for uchenna and joyce.

.::looking forward to arrival of tita benj and tito moxy from the states.

.::sasa, mimi and bheng....i mishyu na.

May 1, 2005

very bad that i took a very loonggg nap this afternoon, i can't sleep but i know i have too sleep already as i have to be at work by 6AM tomorrow.

yep! 6AM--i am now with a new industry. i have been very busy the last week in getting everything ready for this new job. after 4 years, i am leaving ibank. it is sad because i am not only leaving work but i am leaving friends and clients who have become so much a part of me. but this is life. and i have to make this move. i have to take chances and welcome changes. hopefully, this is a right move. i prayed that God give me this job if it was really for me and in 3 days, i got the job.

starting tomorrow i will be working for RMH Teleservices Asia Pacific,Inc. it is a call center and office is in ELJ communications center (abs-cbn compound). work will be something new and i have to admit that i am excited but at the same time scared. i am looking forward to being with new people, the environment would be very different, work hours will be very weird, and work even though it is customer service will be different in a way also. the next 5 weeks will be training and i'm looking forward to learning new things. it really felt weird last friday as i was filling up forms for submission because one of the forms i had to fill up was an account opening form of ibank for our payroll. nyikes! used to process those forms but now i can't anymore.

i pray that things work out to my advantage. 4 years with ibank is no joke, so i am taking this new job as a challenge. hopefully as i hit the floor, i will be ready for my work schedule ( which i expect is graveyard) and that it would not interfere with my schedule at school.

speaking of school, community duty starts this week and it is something i am looking forward too. can't wait to wear my uniform! hehehehe.....

nyikes, i really have to sleep now or else i will be sleepy the whole day.