Feb 22, 2006


Last week was midterm exam week. I am just glad it's over. It is hard to balance work, tutoring, school, hospital rotation and living a life, hahaha! I have not been to the malls for weeks. I have not had the chance to watch a movie. The dvd's I bought almost a month ago, I still have not had the chance to watch. I have not even gone to the salon for some pampering.


we had a party to celebrate my dad's birthday last Feb 14. It was a small party with family and friends from church. We played pinoy genio (thanks to p.james for facilitating the game). It was a fun party!


I was able to get to enjoy a basketball game I watched with my dad. Thanks to Ate Emma for the free tickets of game 4 of the fiesta conference. I had sooo much fun. It was a post valentines date for me and my dad. Of course purefoods won that night (I have been a purefoods fan since grade school) but they eventually lost the series (red bull won 4-2). Oh well, till next conference.


happy birthday TEMS! I will ask mommy to either buy pansit (pansit nanaman!) or pasta tonight to celebrate your birthday with cake. It has been a while since you last celebrated your birthday with us. I do hope though that you have fun on your day. Hope to see you soon....pag nurse na ako, teehee! I miss you and I love you.

Feb 13, 2006

i was prepared to start duty at the OB ward saturday morning. but to our surprise (dismay), the hospital's chief nurse told us that she is moving our duty assignment from OB ward to the ER and DR.

i hate ER. for one i do not know what to expect. ER is the busiest department in the hospital. cases vary from very simple colds and flu to stroke cases or patients who got into accidents (stab wounds, gun wounds and the list goes on). plus i am not ready to assist in delivering babies either. but i don't really have a choice. we were assigned to stay at ER every satruday and then DR on sundays.

good thing saturday was a breeze. cases were not as difficult as what i imagined. nurses and doctors on duty were all nice. We were allowed to go home early. I had time to read my books on delivery and childcare. trying to prepare myself for what can happen the next morning.

sunday, at exactly 6am we were at the hospital already. before 7am, our clinical instructor has instructed us to proceed inside the delivery room and change to our scrub suit. had our orientation and 20 mins after orientation--our first mommy is being wheeled to the delivery room. my whole group was excited ok scared and excited. it took patient # 1 almost 30 mins before she actually delivered the baby boy. after 10 minutes another mommy delivered a healthy baby boy, this was handled though by st jude. after around an hour my whole group was called back to the delivery room for yet another delivery. this time we felt more excited than scared. we more or less knew what to expect. a healthy baby girl was again brought to life. we all offered to be Godparent's to the baby girl. it was also the first baby for the mommy so you could just imagine the joy and excitement inside the delivery room. happiness abounds!

i had one reaction as all these unfolded right before my eyes--GANUN PALA YUN and GOD truly is amazing. imagine a woman carrying a baby on her womb for 9 months (at least) tapos seeing the baby come out of her. it was truly an experience i would never forget. the joys of being in the medical field! knowing that you helped and contributed to the delivery of the baby is one thing but the smile on the mother's face as they see their baby is another.

imagine the patient has to endure the pains of labor as they do not have money to pay for anesthesia. to quote my clinical instructor "pain more since they pay less. it's painless if they pay more". it was scary...yes it scares me to have a baby. not to have a baby of my own i guess but to go through labor and delivery.

but my hospital exposure last saturday makes me realize that i "might" actually like nursing. this profession gives you a different level of satisfaction. that everyday is a learning experience. that everyday offers you something new. i am still not looking forward to the ER exposure on saturday but i am so excited for the DR exposure on sunday. bring it on!

SHOUT OUT: Happy Birthday,POPSIE! (feb 14)
Belated Happy Birthday,
MYKE! (feb 9)

Feb 5, 2006

what happened to my weekend?

duty on saturday morning...

lloyd and janis's wedding at Twin Hearts in QC and reception at Gazebo Royale that i was not able to go to,sayang! anyhoo, happy married life to the both of you!

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team building on saturday afternoon--late afternoon to early evening...more pictures posted here.

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may katangahan na nangyari sa akin dito....

duty again on sunday morning. our last day on the medical surgical ward...

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study for monday exams entire sunday evening...

ang bilis naman ng weekend!
i pray for comfort for the families who lost a loved one because of the ultra stampede.

i know times are hard and people went to ULTRA for they thought they could be overnight millionaires or atleast they get to bring home some money.

may this serve as a lesson and not just a tragedy we will forget after one week.

we should realize that giving away prizes at a snap of a finger will not alleviate poverty in our country. i think it will promote laziness amongst our countrymen.

i pray...i pray....

Feb 2, 2006

i got tagged!

ang tipo kong lalaki....

1. someone who i love and loves me.
2. someone who makes me smile and makes me laugh.
3. someone who completes me.
4. someone who would love my family (as in everyone!) as his own.
5. someone i could talk too.
6. someone like my dad (*apir* tayo dito annabs!)
7. someone who would make me lambing on my "sumpong" days.
8. someone i could grow old with.

you are next: sassa,jaja,and myke (im tagging single ladies lang!รด)
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Feb 1, 2006

a heart surgeon does bypass procedures...

my dad's brother is a heart surgeon in the states...

he had a bypass a yesterday in ohio...

i am assuming that the team that he works with is the same team that will do the procedure for him this time...

i pray that the bypass is a successful one...

bilog talaga ang mundo....


i was FINALLY able to watch a movie again over the weekend. watched Cheaper by the Dozen at greenhills. the movie was funny and very entertaining. Hilary Duff looked so thin though--make that super thin. it was a great break after a very tiring week. i bought dvd's (memoirs of a geisha and prime) two weekends ago at 168 but i haven't watched any of them yet. my sister bought season 2 of DH and i haven't had the time to watch also. ugh! i so need a break


February 2, 2006 5:15 am
police mobile QC-23--HULI KA!

quezon city pick up girls were right infront of you as you parked your mobile car infront of them, you did not do anything.
they were trying to get customers, it was as if you saw nothing.

as police officers i know that you know that they are not supposed to be there. i wonder when will city government do something about quezon city prostitution. it is very rampant and if you pass by quezon ave at night till early morning you surely won't miss them. i hope someone does something about this (wishful thinking).


hospital scene for the week:

a patient was confined bec of a carbuncle (you would not want to know what it looks like,i swear!). the doctor then asked us (nursing students) on who would want to help him dress the wound. classmate A was very excited and offered to help the doctor. the doctor then asked her to grab a mask and to follow him. we all then followed the doctor (usisero ang pinoy!). when classmate A saw the patient i was so sure she wanted to back out. doctor told her she needed clean gloves, she then went out to get one. we were all waiting for her to come back when i suddenly saw classmate B going inside the patient's room. he looked clueless on what he had to do. he asked us on where the doctor was and he then approached the doctor. he then assisted the doctor on cleaning and draining the carbuncle (you would not want to know the details of it). it kept me wondering on what happened to classmate A. during lunch break, one of the classmates explained that classmate A told classmate B that doctor needs him. classmate A also informed classmate B to wear a mask and gloves. so he was really clueless and was left without a choice as he assisted the doctor with cleaning up the patient. smart move for classmate A, hahaha!

shout out: happy birthday,jingkydu!