Feb 4, 2011


Finally, it's the weekend. It was a super busy week at work for T. He's been so busy that he has been going home late. So, It was just me and the little one at home since his been coming home close to midnight and he has to go home to work again early the next day. I was busy too because other thank taking care of the little one, I had to look for a car insurance. A cheap, good and realiable one. Thank God I found something online,estatecarinsure.com. Even T was very happy with the quotation we got. Atleast that was one major to do on my list I can now cross out. I still have a lot of things to do for next week but for now, we will enjoy our weekend. Happy Weekend everyone.

It's that time of the year

for Proms! I never had a formal prom in high school. I graduated from an all-girls school and what we just had is the high school dance and then the senior dance in 4th year. How I wish we did have a prom back then, I'm sure it would have been fun. Seeing all the display at the mall for the prom dresses 2011 makes me want to go to one. The dresses are beautiful! If I had a party to go to, I would totally buy one, lol.


One of my favorite channels is HGVT. I love the houses they feature and the tips you can get from styling a house to buying a house and even to selling a house. I can stay at home all day and watch the shows from this channel. This is exactly what happened to me yesterday and I totally forgot about my Aunt's request for me to look up on massage therapy program online. The only time I remembered about it was when she called me. My bad! I'm such a HGTV lover. Now if only being a fan of HGTV would win me the HGTV dream home 2011.