Sep 24, 2010

Growing Family

And soon we will be three.

In less than a month, we will finally see "tornado". Long wait is over. I am blessed I didn't have a hard time during my pregnancy. The nine months flew by so fast. T and I have talked about having a need to start saving up for "tornado". We thought of saving money for now and then eventually investing it and the best investment is to buy gold bars. The value of gold has increased by so much in the past few months. It is indeed the best investment one could get into right now.

I'm praying everything goes well in the coming weeks and that I don't have a hard time with the labor and delivery. I'm praying my little tornado is a healthy baby. Can't wait! Can't wait!

Sep 20, 2010

Online Shopping

I should be finishing the thank you cards that we need to send out but I've been side tracked again. I've finished 7 and then I remembered I wanted to check on something over at amazon so instead of finishing up on my thank you cards, I spent the last 45 mins doing online shopping. I was able to buy a few things online for "tornado", anti aging products for my mom and a book for me. Online shopping is therapy. I have been feeling low today so it got me a little happy. Lucky me I didn't really need to pay for anything since I just used the gift card we have. yey for online shopping!

Vacation I want!

With everything that has been happening and with a month more to go before the little one arrives, all I can really think of is to when we could take a vacation. We would ofcourse probably have to wait till the little one could travel and enjoy but right now a vacation to of those Outer Banks vacation rentals with carolina designs is really tempting. It would be nice to just get out there have fun and relax. Something we can't really do for now since we are busy with a lot of things. I know that things will be back to normal or maybe not with the baby coming I'm pretty sure "normal" is going to be different for us. Anyhow, that vacation is going to be on my list to do and hopefully we could go on one if not by this year by next year.

Busy Weekend

It was a busy but fun weekend for us. Saturday morning was spent doing more cleaning in the house and waiting for the delivery of our cabinets. Saturday afternoon was our baby shower hosted by our families. It was nice to be with family and friends of course. We are also happy with all the gifts we got for the little one.
For a change, it was a late start for us last Sunday. For the past weekends we always start the day early but yesterday we went out already at past 10 in the morning. We just did a few errands and a few shopping. Too bad I didn't see the moisturizer for face my cousin has recommended I use. Maybe later when we head back to the mall for a little more shopping. I'm hoping to buy a few more things for the little one, for me and for T.

Sep 17, 2010


Yey for friday's and weekends! This week was really busy and it feels like it was just Monday yesterday. Been busy doing errands this week. I had a slow day today though. Other than going to the house this morning to clear out the medicine cabinet in one of the bathrooms, I had a chance to go to the mall this morning. Was looking for the colon cleanser that I need to send back home. I was not able to find one but good thing I was able to buy one online with free shipping.
It's going to be a busy weekend for us but we will have a fun Saturday for sure.

Sep 15, 2010

Bai Plu

Chicken curry powder Fried Rice
Thai Moo Yang
Tiger Roll
It was about a month ago when T and I first tried the restaurant Bai Plu and now we are hooked. We have been going here at least once a week and we love the food. They serve Thai and Japanese food and so far everything we have tried is good. I can't wait till after I give birth so I can eat sushi again. I think we can eat here more than once a week but if we do so I will have to also buy best diet pills for women. The pictures I've shared are what we ordered 2 weeks ago. We went again last Sunday but didn't have a camera with me. We ordered green curry and it was really good. Now I'm craving for more green curry. Yum!

Acne Treatments

This early I'm already reading on acne treatment reviews just I don't lose mine after I give birth. I'm currently having the worst acne breakout ever and I'm blaming the hormones. It has been really bad the past few months and no amount of washing the face and keeping it clean has helped. I'm hoping I won't need any acne treatments but who knows and I just want to be prepared for the worst that is why I'm researching this early.

Busy Week

The home renovation is in full swing! After months of procrastinating, looking for people to do the job, looking for tiles and furnishings. It took us months to start this big project and I must say I am might proud of T for all the hard work he has done. I believe we are also blessed with wonderful contractors. They did the kitchen demolition in less than 30 mins. It was really fast--well we do have a small kitchen but still I didn't think it would be that fast. How I wish we have installed wireless cctv cameras though so we can see them while working without staying in the house. I've been busy doing errands since Monday but looks like I'm getting some rest from that today. I would still need to go to the house to clear out a few things but after I get to go back to our temporary home. Will post pictures soon.

Sep 11, 2010

Good Morning Saturday

It's rare for me to wake up early on a Saturday especially since we are not going out. Today, I was up before 7am and could not seem to go back to sleep. A number of things are on my mind esp with the kitchen renovation having to start on Monday, we still have a ton of things to do. I wish I could just sit around, surf the internet, finish the gold coin research I am doing and enjoy the weekend. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to do that. Maybe in the coming days when the renovation is in full swing I could but I doubt it too as I need to hide in the room to keep myself away from all the dust.
Have a good weekend everyone!

Sep 5, 2010

Garden Shed

Our backyard is pretty much empty. We someone take care of the grass once a week just to maintain it and for it not to look like a jungle. We are convinced though that it needs some work and we can also renovate the patio so we can make use of our backyard. We have to do all this though after we finish with all the renovation projects we have. T is looking at Duramax Garden Sheds to replace the one we currently have to store all the gardening tools. So many things to do, so little time. One step at a time and I know before we even realize it, we will be done with all the house renovation.

Long Weekend

Hooray for long weekends!

We didn't really have anything planned for this weekend. I know a lot of people took advantage of this weekend to go out of town and enjoy the last few days of summer but we never really got to plan anything plus T is busy with work and home stuff. I did look up online on the Branson vacation packages, it was really tempting but we had more important things to do so we have to cancel that for now and hopefully we can go again some other time. It was really best to stay home and I'm glad we did. We got to have dinner at LA last night and their was no traffic. No traffic on a Saturday night. T got to finish a lot of things around the house to while I sleep, read and surf the net. Hopefully we get to do some fun things later today and tomorrow though. At least he gets to enjoy his long weekend too as cleaning is no fun.

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