Dec 29, 2005

goodbye 2005, welcome 2006!

2005 is coming to a close. today, in fact is my last working day for the year (yoohoo!). i had ALOT of learnings in 2005. im praying though that 2006 would be a better year for me. im looking forward to many things for 2006.

Top 10 Things to look forward to in 2006

1. Dad coming home for good.
2. Hospital Exposure + Nursing Care Plan=more sleepless night
3. My nth birthday....uhoh, im getting old.
4. Capping and pinning ceremony in February
5. Work slacking at work though. have to shape up.
6. A boracay trip or a vacation either in bacolod or dumaguete
7. Passing revalida with flying colors (im not gonna settle for a pwede na grade hehehe!).
8. ate mai coming home for a vacation ( come home! come home! dad is here).
9. A fruitful 2006 (kick ass year sabi nga ni len)
10. A paskong pinoy in 2006 ( ulit!)

with all this in mind, isn't 2006 something to look forward too?

Happy New Year to ALL!!!!

Dec 27, 2005

on my post christmas and birthday wish list

i want this phone!!!!

wowo and wawa

December has always been special. Aside from Christmas, December is also the birth month of wowo and wawa.

it's has always been nice to see old people in love. i love seeing my wowo and wawa together. wawa would not eat if wowo was not yet home. wowo would not eat if it was not wawa who prepared the food or at least supervised the cooking. wawa would be waiting for wowo if he goes out to play cards or golf with friends.

i had a groovy wowo. a grandfather who wears levis maong jeans, colehaan shoes, benetton,ralph lauren and lacoste shirts. not only was he groovy but also he was the best golfer his age. i remember during my cousins wedding my wowo was so tensed as he was to walk her down the aisle. he kept on asking me if he looked old with his barong and i kept on telling him that he looked 60 and could still pass as my cousins dad.

i had a wonderful wawa. the best cook! she had the best stories and she was someone you could just sit with for hours and you’d never notice time pass by. i remember her bringing us to the "palengke" every time we were on vacation and of how proud she was of her apo's. my wawa had a big heart...a very big one.

i miss having my grandparents...i uberly miss going to Victorias on summer break or Christmas break. i miss wowo going to manila every so often. i miss going to sm city and eat halo-halo with him at icebergs. i miss bringing him milk at night. i miss the inasal and pandesal he would bring home every afternoon every time we were on vacation. i miss wawa's afternoon stories. and on how she supported us when we were selling mais con hielo one summer vacation. i miss her love and affection. i miss going to church with her.

my wawa had a battle with liver cancer; wowo had lung cancer. wowo had a stroke during wawa's wake. he was never able to recover probably mainly due to depression. he left us a year and 3 months after wawa.

often times i wish i had the chance to spend more time with them. and that i have told wowo and wawa how much i love them and how special they are to me. i sometimes think on how great it could have been if my children to be could meet their great grandparents. but all i have now are stories/memories to share and values to impart.

in my grandparents i saw what real love is (well, aside from my parents). i saw in them how it is to be old and in love. what we are now i know we owe to them. they have instilled in us the importance of family.

i heart you wowo and wawa. i will see you both again.

Dec 17, 2005

after completing the 21 stickers and gaining 20 lbs (exagerration!), i finally got hold of my starbucks 2006 planner yesterday morning.

now my sister is asking me to help her complete the stickers....and since christmas season naman i think i have a reason to gain a few more pounds, hehehe! cheers to more toffe nut latte and hot peppermint mocha!

shoutout: happy birthday to mama grace and dennis!

Dec 15, 2005

i cried the other night...

the other night's end to the amazing race family made me cry. and by far, this season though the most boring (for me) is also the most heart warming. i would have wanted the gaghan's to win, but since they lost early on the game, i thought i would not find any group that i would want to win. i was wrong! i saw myself cheering for the bransen's and hating the weavers (good thing they came in last!).
the linz finished the last task first and ended up winning but i guess the real winner of the day was the bransen's. they are winners bec at the end of the race they have realized how special their dad is to them. and how much their dad treasures them and how much he tried to finish the race with the girls. at some stages of the game he did have a hard time catching up with the girls. i was so touched when the three girls with their dad was running to the finish line, holding hands and reminding him of how proud the girls were of him. awww....such a touching scene. how i wish they would have won the million dollars but then again it's not all about the money.

Dec 11, 2005

THIS IS IT!!! i will hopefully graduate by 2007. long way to many things to study, accomplish and complete but i know with God's help i can finish.


chimpmunks roasting on an open is so near! i had my first christmas party last saturday for 2005--NCO's white christmas at party central. haloween party was more fun though...but more friends came to the christmas party. after the party we went to guilly's for some more partying. pictures posted here.


PANIC MODE. malls are packed everyday and i have not done any christmas shopping yet. goodluck sa akin. ugh!


Clinical rotation has started already. first on my rotation is community rotation. i had to miss work for 2 days because the schedule was moved 1pm to 8am. so thursday morning, i headed to Caloocan community health department. ate emma (classmate and school partner in crime) and i got there early, had to wait for the instructors to arrive, wait again for the other students to finish their orientation, wait some more and finally at 10 am orientation started. we didn't have a hard time going home thursday so i was pretty confident that we won't have a hard time going home the next day either. i was SO wrong. from the city hall of caloocan we took a tricycle since we could not find an available cab. we asked the trike driver to bring us to where we could get a cab. in 10 minutes we were in God know's where, 50 pesos poorer but still no cab in sight. but meron ulit trike! so we asked again where he could bring us na may cab and the manong driver said he could bring us to 5th ave. that sounded good because that would be near c3 already. so we rode the trike again, this time on our way to 5th ave. 40 pesos poorer, we got to 5th ave. but with the rain to blame, wala pa din cab. ate emma was in a hurry bec she still had to go to work and i too. but i guess a bit of luck was still on our side, a tricycle was again in sight!

me: manong, hanggang saan po ang biyahe nyo?
driver: saan ba kayo?
me: sto domingo, quezon ave po kami e.
driver: sige, sakay na. hatid ko kayo dun

shocked, i rode the trike and in 10 minutes i found myself along del monte. ate emma dropped me off, manong dropped her off sto domingo corner quezon ave. para kami nasa amazing race!


due to lack of sleep and so many things to do i made my things to do board....

things are sometime still left undone but atleast i do have a reminder board to keep me updated and to remind me of things. schedule is crazy and i can't wait for the semester to finish...opps, i have summer classes pala.


since hindi ako kasya sa ppg umbrella ko...i decided to hang it sa bedroom ceiling ko. right above my bed. so cute!


i better stop blogging and get back to doing my case presentation for school....atleast we do have a christmas break. that is something to look forward too.