Jun 30, 2006

Wait Forever
Gary Valenciano

Standing on the great divide
I feel the sudden need to fly
Underneath the open sky
And the river down below

I could keep on running now
I could keep on cheating death and yet somehow
It all ends up the same
And I don't want to be the one who's blamed

Can you see that I don't really have a choice at all
If only for a taste of flight
I'd gladly take the fall

So, I say I love you
I don't wanna wait forever
Just to say, I need you
Doesn't even have to matter
If it really matters anything to you

I'd gladly take this ride
As long as you are there on the other side
Not making sense at all
Of making sense of it all

So while I can, I'll take the chance,
I'm diving in
If you need me, I will die --
To feel alive again

So, I say I love you
I don't wanna wait forever
Just to say, I need you
Doesn't even have to matter
When I say I love you, yeah yeah

I'm falling like
I've never done so before
I'm flying against the wind
And here I go

So, I say I love you
I don't wanna wait forever
Just to say, I need you
Doesn't even have to matter
I don't wanna wait forever,
So, while I can I'll take my chance
So, I'll say, I need you
Doesn't even have to matter
When I say...

I love you so (I love you), I need you
It doesn't really matter (no, it doesn't really matter)
If it really matters anything to you
I love you...

plain coincidence. my (the one in the middle), ate emma's and ate mai's bags for duty are all in orange. teehee! orange rules!

Jun 25, 2006

The past few days had been bad days. Hopefully, this week will turn out better than the previous week. I've read somewhere that "Happiness is dependent on the events in your life". Im praying for better things this week.

It's almost 4 in the morning and I am here in the office. Yes, I am back to graveyard shift. It's my first day on the new shift and since I was not able to sleep this afternoon, Im getting sleepy already. Pero, kaya ko ito! It was difficult to convince my parents to allow me to take this shift. Paiyakan...as in para lang payagan ako. And my dad had his conditions. First was that I have to start drinking vitamins and second was that anytime I feel na hindi ko na kaya, I should resign. Touched ako that my parents really look after me (and my sisters plus Borgy), but matigas lang ang ulo ko that I be allowed to work. Anyways, I have decided that I will resign before the year ends. I would have to start reviewing for the nursing boards na din naman while I finish my last semester for school. Hmm...But sayang ang Christmas bonus!

My weekend was short. I was having a bad Saturday, good thing my ate asked me if I wanted to go to the mall--Shopping (kahit window lang) is FUN! Very therapeutic talaga ang malling. teehee!

I woke up early Sunday morning for church. I was up before 6:00am because I was planning to go back to sleep after but I was not successful as the afternoon was spent watching dvd and tv.

On our way to church, my dad told me that the place where we live in now was only bought for Php50,000 by my lolo. Wow! The property would now sell for millions. Dati pa daw only three houses were on our street. And right from the garden, you can see the UST Church. I live in Quezon City and UST is 30 mins travel time from my house! Tapos my Great grandfather bought my dad's eldest brother a volkswagen for Php12,500. How I wish I could buy a car for that price! Most probably I will be changing cars every year or every six months even.

I have 2 new discoveries over the weekend. First is lipton's red tea and second is kitkat cappuccino flavor. Uh-oh, Im planning to lose some weight nga pala. sheesh!

Before I went to work last night, I was able to watch Pinoy Meets World at ch 7. They featured Korea for the pilot episode. I have always wanted to go to Korea. Because of all the koreanovela's I have previously watched, super impressed ako sa country nila. They featured pa their theme park na super ganda. One of my friends from school who recently went to Korea though said na very expensive daw dun. I have an ex-officemate from ibank who now works and lives in Korea...paging Divine! Ampunin mo nga ako even for just a week.

Im expecting this week to be a crazy one. With classes and clinical rotations for the whole week (and weeks to come) plus work. Isa lang masasabi ko, Bring It On! ;P

Jun 22, 2006

It was Amboy's 9th birthday yesterday (opo, 9 na sya!). Bheng, Amboy and I met up at megamall to celebrate his birthday.

amboy and bheng

amboy and me (mukha ako bagong gising)

donuts i bought that served as the birthday cake =)

amboy with his birthday cake

birthday food!

amboy with my gifts.

Amboy told his mom na ang saya daw ng birthday nya. Happy naman ako na happy sya. happy birthday, kiddo!

Jun 18, 2006

good thing we had reservations kasi super dami ng tao. i think, this is the first ever father's day that we celebrated (my dad being abroad). my other sister was with us, camera shy lang. parang kuya ko si borgy (my younger cousin) sa picture! teehee.

we went to makati med hospital last night to visit mica (get well soon,cuz!) and something really funny happened. me, my ate and tita was dropped off the entrance of the hospital by my mom and dad because it was almost 10 in the evening and visiting hours of makati med was up to 10pm only. when we got to the room, mica's mom told me that the patient on the other room (right beside mica's) was dying already. we went outside and a priest was already inside the room with the relatives of the patient. the door though was half opened. we went back inside the room and after a few minutes my mom, dad and mica's dad went inside the room. my mom was laughing. she went straight the other room (with the dying patient) thinking na yun ung room ni mica. my dad naman was outside with mica's dad. my mom started praying with the relatives of the patient. inisip na daw nya bakit may priest and she got really scared (the last time mica had dengue, it was a really bad case of dengue). tapos pag tingin daw nya sa patient, hindi si mica. she went out agad. teehee! sabi agad ng tita ko, "kami nga ni macy sumilip lang ikaw naman pumasok pa talaga.".

gotta stop blabbing and start preparing for bed. i have orientation at the hospital tomorrow for hospital rotation and i have classes after. i am excited kasi i have a new bag (babaw!). do you still remember back when you were still in school and you get all excited during first day because you have new school stuff? i still remember super enjoy kami ni sassa buying school supplies (diba cuz?). excited pa din ako but not much because i paid for it,teehee! great week ahead everyone!

Jun 15, 2006

at dahil tamad nga ako, i ended up buying mint chocolate chip ice cream (sarap!) instead of baking. oh,well may bukas pa naman. teehee.

Jun 13, 2006

daddy: macy...macy...
me: dad, it's Sunday. I don't have work today.
daddy: hindi, bp mo lang si mommy mo kasi nahihilo daw.

I thought my dad was waking me up because I had work. I immediately got out of bed and when I checked, it was only one in the morning. I got my mom's bp which was normal. Dad decided to bring her to St Luke's for check up. ECG and blood tests were normal. Doctor's diagnosis is vertigo. My mom was allowed to go home at about 5 in the morning.

Sunday morning was spent catching up on sleep. I woke up before lunch and started my grey's anatomy marathon. I bought the second season dvd at metrowalk Saturday evening. I was not able to do anything for 2 whole days (Sunday and Monday) and all I did was watch the series. It was so bitin but so much better than the first season. I can't wait for the third season. I am a McDreamy fan!

Tuesday afternoon was time for me to fix my schedule for school. After preparing the schedule I suddenly realized I don't have time for work anymore. Ever since I graduated from college, I have been working already. I stopped a month after I resigned from RCBC Savings and transferred to Ibank. I was able to take a month break from Ibank to RMH but that's it. Aside from the leaves I take in between I have practically been working so having to decide to quit work is difficult. If I quit I will have to live by the allowance my parents will give me...No unnecessary shopping/purchases for at least a year! nyikes!

I want to bake. I was blog hoping and found a recipe for banana and chocolate chip cookies and lemon poppyseed loaf. Sounds yummy, I just hope I give justice to the recipe. I hope I don't get tamad. I will post pictures if I get to bake.

happy weekend everyone!

Jun 5, 2006

Im sick again. The last time I remember I got sick was Holy week....And now I have coughs and colds AGAIN! I have never been sickly. A year can pass without me getting sick. Not the past year though.
I blame the weather...One minute it is summer hot and before you know it starts raining. But then again I guess I am partly to blame since my mom always--always tells me to drink vitamins (I can already hear her telling me how I am not drinking vitamins later when she sees me and hears me barking like a dog!). I refuse to do so--tigas ulo eh! Ako lang ata ang nurse na laging may sakit (hahaha!).


"Parang ako nasa amazing race!"

I sent that message to Anna as I was on my way to sheila's house for her bday party. I felt like I was on a race going to their house. I rode a fx, jeep and then a trisikad.

I really didn't know on how to go to her house. Most of them are coming from work (7am!) and I didn't want to wake up early that's why I just decided I will go by myself. Sheila gave me instructions, and I was pretty confident since I had sense of direction naman. I originally thought of taking a cab but decided against doing so as I felt that jeep and sikad drivers know better than cab drivers.

My dad dropped me off quezon ave and I took the FX to morayta. From morayta, I took a jeep to tutuban (I had to ask the barker if the jeep was tutuban bound). After I went down the jeep, I rode a sikad to sheila's hse. I told the driver where I was going and he said he knew. In less than 10 minutes, I was near my destination. Simbahan na my Jollibee! When I asked the sikad driver how much the fare was, I immediately felt robbed. It was for Php80! I didn't have a choice. Paid him and thanked him (sana makonsensya ka for overprinting!). Sheila picked me up and after a few steps we were at her home na. I even told her she could have just given me instructions and I would have found it. After I ate, I asked her on how much I should have paid the sikad driver. She told me Php20--tama nga ako that I was robbed! Side kwento: during the Sikad ride, (right along the tutuban mall) the sikad driver asked me to go down as he had to go on the other side of the street. After we crossed the street I rode the trike again!

The party was fun. Everyone were from the collections department and it was my first time to meet them, but just the same I had fun! Food was great but since I was not feeling well already, I really didn't eat much. Except for the cake and the uloulo.

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Peeps from collections with the bday girl
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me.anna.tating.mommy bea
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me with the birthday girl...deadma na lang sa pimple!
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Anna and I agreed to go to 168 after. So, at about 2 in the afternoon we said our goodbye na. We asked Sheila how much we should be paying the sikad and she said Php30 since dalawa kmi. In 10 minutes, we were shopping our hearts out! We had so much fun shopping. Too bad, short for time since she had work at 1:00am. We left the mall past four in the afternoon. She bought a jacket, 2 tops, sandals, shorts, and umbrella all for over a thousand lang. The jacket she bought was really nice. It was originally priced at Php850 but because of our pagtawad she was able to buy it for only Php550. Super good deal. I bought a skirt and sandals (same as anna's), total damage was 500.
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anna wearing the very nice jacket we bought

We then rode a sikad (the biggest mistake we made) and was again robbed! Prior to riding, because of my earlier experience we asked the driver on how much the fare was up to LRT 2 station. He said "TWENTY". I asked again and he said "TWENTY" again. So we rode but after about 3 minutes, we decided to just ride the jeep to morayta and then take a cab from there. So we asked the manong to drop as off and paid him Twenty pesos as agreed.

Manong: SEVENTY!
Me and Anna: ANO!
Me: Manong, dalawang beses ka namin tinanong ang sabi mo TWENTY. alangan naman bingi kmi pareho
Manong: Seventy sabi ko!

and since I didn't really want to argue, I gave him a Php200 bill. He went around looking for change and then gave me Php60.

Me: Manong kulang ito.
Manong: Tag 70 kayo.
Anna: Manloloko ka pala manong e
Me: Yaan mo na Ann, pera lang yan. di naman aasenso yan si manong.

I know it was mean of me to say that but you can't blame me. No wonder tourists are afraid of going to our country, kasi kmi na nga na Filipinos niloloko what more the foreigners. It gives a bad image to the Philippines. We rode the jeep and spent only Php15.00 for the fare. We could have paid the same if we rode the jeep from 168. hay....I have learned my lesson na talaga. Not to ride those sikad's anymore or atleast check more than twice on how much they are charging.

So, ending...Whatever we saved from all the tawad we did while shopping went to the sikad driver. Nonetheless, I had fun. And we agreed on going back. On my way home I actually realized that if I was just driving, I could have just brought the car or the van with me...I will really practice my driving na!