Apr 30, 2008


i had my Lasik done in 2002. i never liked wearing contacts or eyeglasses so lasik was the perfect solution to my very bad eye sight. it was great to be able to see clearly again without eyeglasses. i felt really happy i didn't have to go through the process of wearing contacts. the procedure was fast and in one day i was good already. i'm sure glad i decided on it.

Apr 28, 2008

online friends

i have met a lot of friends through the blogging community. in the process of reading their blogs, i do not only get to know them more but i also get to learn a lot from them. for the past 4 years that i have been blogging, it has been fun especially during the past year (blogger friends, you know what i mean here).

blogging is only one of the many ways where one could meet new friends. a good friend in highschool has been a member of the 3gb community for quite some time now and it was through here that she met his husband. they have been married now for more than a year and all good as she said. apart from the chance of meeting a life time partner http://www.3gb.biz is also an avenue to meet new friends,old friends, upload your photos albums, join groups,blogs chat with other members,and hear the latest mp3 hits.

for the fun of it, i tried looking for a childhood friend through the website and luckily i found her. she is now lives in the province with her parents. through the website i was reunited with a friend i have not seen nor heard from in years. it was so good to be catching up with her and to be able to know she is doing really well. we agreed we should see each other soon. either i visit her province or she comes to manila. now let me try to search for a church mate we have not seen.

Apr 27, 2008

qc to makati and back in an hour. nice!

Apr 25, 2008

brian girrard

my favorite kid in town (currently)...
brian at 2 or 3 years old
brian playing the guitar
brian now at four...super cute congressman! teehee.

wii or/and ps3

this was a discussion i had with my cousin the other day. he bought a wii 2 months ago and just the other day he was telling me he wanted to buy a PS3 also. i asked if he was to sell his wii but he said he won't. i asked then on why he was going to buy a PS3 since he had a wii already. and he answered "because". i told him to just be satisfied with his wii (since i like it too) and don't buy a PS3 anymore. he said he can't sleep anymore for the past week but he'll think about it. this morning i saw him and asked him if he has decided on what to do. he had a smile on his face and told me he bought a PS3 already yesterday. if girls are in to bags and shoes, boys are into wii or/and PS3.

what to do...

i have been thinking of upgrading the laptop memory instead of buying a new one. it's cheaper that way i think and the laptop i currently have is not really that old yet. oh, well. i don't really know what to do. i want to be reasonable and i don't want to just buy a laptop since the one i have is something that i could still use. what am i to do also with the laptop i have now if i do decide to but a new one. i can't sell it since it was given by my dad. sheesh!

Apr 24, 2008

greys 4x12

now downloading the new episode of grey's anatomy. eeek! excited!


suppose to be a happy day because it's the last working day of the week. but it has not been. i woke up this morning not feeling well. major headache and a slight fever. but i had to get out of bed and make sure everybody (remote staff) is to login for work. i thought it was going to be an easy day but since this morning i have already received 9 emails from my boss of things he wants me to do and supervise. i had no choice but to drink medicine because i will have to work. feeling much better right now and hoping that after i finish what i have to do by 1PM.

i need a glass of coke zero!

Apr 23, 2008


carly was today voted out of american idol.

syesha should have gone home. all the girls are going...my top three are the 2 david's and jason. the two other girls are to gome home in the next 2 weeks. they should.

best friends in school

my best friends in nursing school were my nurses pocket guide and my drug guide. i don't know how i would have survived clinical rotations with out this best friends of mine. it helped me through doing my case studies and my nursing care plans. life without them would have been a total disaster. i remember going through my drug guide even during past time. i think every household should have a drug guide. it's important to know more information regarding the medicine we drink even if it was prescribed by your doctor. it's a must to know what the medicine's possible side effect. reading a drug guide doesn't make one nerd. it makes one informed.
“This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.”


love the new episode of gossip girl. for this weeks episode though i hated jenny and i pity blair. i can't wait for B to get back on those girls. that is something to watch out for. I'm wondering though on who is messing up with S. i'm so glad it's back and i can't wait for next weeks episode.

and tonight, Grey's anatomy is back! LOVE IT!

Apr 22, 2008

The Men Hunt Tag

was tagged by jody and jane.

1. Patrick Dempsey aka McDreamy - one of the reasons i watch grey's anatomy.
2. Rovilson Fernandez - i know most of the girls like marc nelson, but for me it was rovilson who caught my fancy. i found him really funny and such a cutiepie. i don't care they lost the race because of him. teehee.

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1. Aggie 2. Thea 3. Litzie 4. Joy 5. Jody 6. Jane 7. Macy

Tag all the people you want!

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Tagging you if you have not done this tag!

stag party

with my cousin getting married and with us (the girls) preparing the bridal shower, our male cousins are all preparing for the groom's stag party. i told my cousins we want to attend their stag party. he says they will let us attend if they get to attend ours too. he said they promise to make our bridal party exciting and funny as they are thinking of arriving in sexy costumes. turns out the stag party they are preparing is to gate crash our bridal party. ending, we have one party for the bride and the groom. this is going to be super fun!

i hate it

i hate it that i am sick again. i was just sick with cough and flu last month! it must be the weather, nothing else to blame but the weather. for the past 2 days my throat hurts like hell. i had a hard time sleeping last night because of my stuffy nose. add a major headache to that. was in bed by 10PM but got to sleep past 1 in the morning.

i don't want to do this but i will....WISH FOR SUMMER TO END. used to love summer but not anymore. it gets hotter and hotter every year. bring in the snow! oppps...no snow pala for the philippines. teehee.

drink lot's of water everyone and vitamins (i don't kasi) for you guys not to get sick like me.

Apr 19, 2008

web hosting

we need to put another website for our company and i am now reading Web Hosting Reviews, Web Hosting Guide to help me decide on who is to host our new website. the 3 websites we currently have, 2 of which are for our clients are all being hosted by one company. we are happy with them but we just want to explore the market and see what else our options are. i have received a lot of proposals but with like all the other things i buy and subscribe in, i am so used to reading reviews and guides to help me decide. i like and enjoy reading what other people have to say. it is very helpful especially since they have first hand experience. just reading through the companies website or proposal submitted always would just try to impress the consumer. reading through reviews or guides gives you a better idea of the service and the after sales service they provide which is very important for me.

Apr 18, 2008

this is going to be a really long weekend for me. happy weekend all!

gps tracking

my friend who is in the trucking business is thinking of investing on a gps tracking system to make monitoring easier for him. in the past months, he has been having problems with his drivers and have been encountering a lot of delays. he has been receiving a lot of complaints also from his clients of late delivery. with the gps system, he'll be able to trace where his trucks and drivers are. it is going to be a very expensive investment but will be worth it in the end. technology really makes a big difference in the world of business.


Since we don't really have an accountant working with us we 100% rely on a budget software to keep us on track with our daily operating expenses. The software is easy to use and since i do have accounting background, i am able to do this without a problem. This is outside my scope of work already but since it does not really take up much of my time i don't have any problems of doing this. We do see a need to hire an accountant once we open our office here in the Philippines, but we have decided that we are still to use the same software. That's how effective it has been for us.

Apr 16, 2008

sassy is 30

i remember summer vacations in victorias had been fun because of you. we would always fight when we were kids but that was of course because batang isip pa tayo. i remember nagsusulatan pa tayo dati. teehee. that was super cool! we turned out to be really close especially during the years you were living with us here in manila. you were more than a cousin, you were a friend and a sister. with mimi and bheng, we have shared a lot of unforgetable memories. our midnight trips to malate, our videoke sessions, our jogging sessions, atbp. when you left for dumaguete, i lost my partner in crime.

thank you for all the times you have been there for me. thank you for always making me laugh at times when i don't feel good. thank your for your encouragement and for being a great cousin.

you know that you are missed here in manila and your last visit was super short but i was glad we got to spend some time. you better come back soon though.

enjoy your being 30 and tell us (mica and me) all about it as we are soon to follow. and don't worry cuz, even if you turn 30 today, you don't look your age at all. like what you said you are 30 but isip 3. happy birhthday cuz!

bongo board

when one of the cousins told me she bought us a bongo board i thought it was a game board. but it is not. Bongo Board Balance Board is the hottest balance board on the market today. it is a great fitness workout that is fun and challenging. it develops balance and coordination skills essential to almost all sports and activities by toning core muscles used to maintain balance and stability. the Bongo Board teaches each user the proper distribution of body weight to achieve a consistent equilibrium balance which doesn't hurt for sports performance either. i tried it and it was really cool. it was difficult to use at first but once you find your body balance, you'll get the hang of it.
i wish the summer would end. usually love the summer months but it has gotten so hot the last few years. i don't remember the weather being this bad before. the afternoon's are totally not bearable without the a/c on. i hate going out of the house (im lucky i work at home) as it is too hot. even if it rained a few days ago and it was just one day of rest from the scorching heat of the sun. right now, i just really want summer to end.

it's about time

i have wanted her voted out even before ramiel but it seemed she had a good following in the US. finally though, america decided to send kristy lee home.
next week, i hope syesha goes home. that' leaves brooke, carly, david a, david c and jason on the top 5. can't wait to see on what happens next.


you might want to inform friends or family who are taking or have taken Trasylol (Also known under the name of Aprotinin) which is a drug used to reduce blood loss and the need for blood transfusion in patients undergoing heart surgeries of the danger it might bring to their bodies. recent studies have shown that it can cause amongst other damage to the liver. Trasylol claim attorneys are now working closely with patients who might have taken this drug. Those patients are entitled to a compensation and could actually file for a law suit too. It is important that we are aware of our legal rights. To avoid such a hassle, if you or any loved ones are to undergo a heart surgery, you might want to make sure that this medicine is not prescribed by your physicians.

i smell like fresh laundry

i have been using gap so pink for the longest time. i first discovered it when one morning a good friend and client went to the office and she smelled so good. i asked her what her perfume was and she introduced me to gap so pink. it has been 4 years and it's still the same perfume i use. well, i do use colognes but for perfumes it has always been so pink.
the other day though, we went to duty free as my mom wanted to buy perfume and i ended up with a bottle of clean perfume fresh laundry. love the scent! it's way cheaper at duty free too compared to rustans. will get the orginal scent soon.

it's back

something i look forward to is the return of grey's anatomy with all new episodes. it's about time! i'm excited with what is to happen with meredith and derek especially since mcdreamy is to dating a nurse. 8 more days and i get to watch my favorite tv series again.
oh, and new episode of gossip girl on the 21st. woohoo!

Apr 14, 2008

auto recycling

my uncle's old car was sent to midwest auto recycling. he had bought a new car and since he had no use for his old one he had decided to send it there. he is doing so because when he first got to the US with no money and he needed a car, this was where he bought his car. it was a car that helped him go around, helped him find a job and helped him settle in the US. it was not his dream car but it was a useful one. he is very sentimental that is why even if he didn't want to part with this car since it is taking up space in his garage he just decided to send it back to the auto recycling as someone else might find a use for it.

asus eee pc

ordered for one through my mom more than a month ago. we ordered it with my sisters laptop. when my sister got her laptop, i was told that they didn't have the color i wanted ( which was pink) and that if i wanted to get my unit asap i could just order for a white or a black one. i ended up ordering the white one with the hope of getting it the next day. i didn't though. they said no white unit was available either (major bad trip) and that i would have to wait a week. i have been waiting for more than 2 weeks now. no asus still. if i don't get the my laptop this week im definitely cancelling my order and will just buy the 8 gig asus in the US.

things to do today

1. call national bank about credit card applications merchant facilities.
2. continue sending out emails to prospective clients.
3. call pauline of jobstreet regarding getting/buying more job ads despite new company policy of no ads for home based jobs.
4. hire an SEO (you guys might know someone).
5. prescreen applicants for marketing assistant.
6. get in touch with a lawyer to do contracts.
7. call client doctor's secretary to check if i can start training in their hospital.
8. process documents required for nursing work stuff.
9. check with cousin on gown measurements for her wedding.
10. breathe

argh! this is going to be another long day. just looking on my list to do makes me tired already. i have been infront of my computer for over an hour now and all i managed to do was to make this list and send a few emails. i need to get my groove back. no more procastinating.


to exercise is important. the sad part is i have not gone boxing in months. i have been staying home because of work that means i get zero exercise. not even a chance to walk from one building to another. i sit infront of my computer and use the phone for calls i have to make. that basically sums up my day. good thing i got a gift last week, a gift i really needed and a served as a sign that i better exercise. i got a yoga dvd that i have yet to watch and use. i promised myself i will this weekend. i have to start exercising. i really do.

Apr 10, 2008

wedding shower

I am excited for a cousins wedding but we all know that before the big day is the wedding shower. we are now be busy preparing for that. we have thought of a spa themed shower for her. we hope to finish everything by middle of next month. the venue, the guestlist and the program. we are lucky because we found really nice party invitations online that we will be ordering for the shower ( to be hand carried by her bestfriend) and hopefully we get the invites in time so we can give it out at least two weeks before the event. Just looking at the invites makes me super excited already.

Apr 6, 2008

paid opps

i need ok not need but want more opps! the past few weeks has been really slow. a day could pass without me grabbing an opp. it's that bad.

i hope this week is going to be a lot better than the past 2 weeks. bring some opps my way!

remote staff

If you want to know more about what I do for a living and on what working from home is, you might want to check out our company website. Visit us and refer us to friends and family who want to spend more time at home but still earn a living. This is not a paid ad and I do hope you take time out to visit us. If you have any questions about our company, feel free to send me an email at remotestaff.aus at gmail dot com or at the email address provided at the website.

See you there!

Apr 4, 2008


It's summer time and I know that a lot of us are itching to get out of the city for a vacation. Some are headed to boracay while the others are going to baguio to escape the scorching heat of the sun. When I went to boracay during the holy week it was really cold and it was nice. You might want to try and see St. Thomas villa rentals for this summer season for a change. Enjoy the sun and the summer season, everyone!


My friend A is leaving for the US and Canada in June. All the while I thought her major worry was what to do in the US but no. All she is worried about is where to get a good luggage. I told her to visit try Johnston and Murphy as they have a complete line of luggages. I told her to make sure though that she buys something not that expensive but is durable. The reason for this is your luggage is not properly handled in the airport. That is why you don't need an expensive one that would last a long time.

Bitten by the Bug

Not me, you blog friends of mine but a cousin.

Nikki, Peachy and Jane are on the family way but my family are also excited and waiting for the arrival of a new family member. Cousin T, is on her 4th month of pregnancy already and we all can't wait for the arrival of Baby B. Babies always bring joy and excitement to a family. The last baby in the family is Julia, and she is over a year old now so the arrival of Baby B in a few more months is something that really excites everyone. Dami talaga babies this year because i know a few more people who are pregnant.

Cousin T is celebrating her birthday today and i only pray that she have a safe pregnancy and delivery. This year is bringing in good things. 2008 is a really good year. Happy birthday cuz and see you later!


I work from home for an Australian company engaged in events and remote staffing. Our business is able to survive simply because of the VoIP Phone Systems. This is the main tool that we use for communication and one could only imagine the money we are saving because of this. All of our employees are given one after being hired so that they could call Australia at any time and our clients in Australia could also get in touch with them at any time. What makes this system so good is it's not difficult to use. Anyone who can read an instruction guide could set it up. It does wonders for us and we could only thank technology for bring such a system to life because it what keeps our company going and growing.