Sep 23, 2009

Beach Mode

Was reading about Fort Walton beach and then I remembered I have never blogged about our Boracay vacation last July. My bad!

We came from Cebu on this trip to Boracay and stayed there for 2 nights. This was my 3rd time to Boracay and I still had fun. We stayed at The Tides on our first night and then at Swipers Inn on our second night. We discovered Swiper's Inn as we were just walking along station 1 in search for a place to stay in on our second night. We were not even sure if they were renting the rooms but we just had to ask because the location was perfect (beside Ambassador's hotel and Discovery Shores) and it had a beautiful view of the beach from the room. Good thing we asked because they were indeed renting the rooms, it was within budget and it was beautiful! Atleast I now know of a place on where to stay the next time we go back. Here are some pictures of our The Tides and Swiper's Inn for those who might be interested.

Bindi is O-N-E!

Before I forget and before I check on some acne treatment for my cousin, let me blog about Bindi's first birthday party.
It was a PowWow party for the little princess. Her actual birthday is Sept 11 which her parents celebrated with a mini party at home. It was raining and we could only wish for no rain on the day of her actual party which was Sept 13. The venue for the party was the clubhouse of Royal Palm Residences in Taguig. My cousin told me that we had to be in costume so I had to prepare for one the day before the party. I felt like I was a contestant on Project Runway trying to come up with something to wear for me, my sister and my mom. Good thing my cousin made one for my dad already. It was a fun party and Bindi enjoyed it to bits! She never cried even when everybody forgot on giving her milk or just anything to eat. She loved her costume/outfit too--and I must say she was so cute! Everyone obviously had fun and thank God for a nice weather. It was raining Sunday morning but by early afternoon the skies cleared up already. Here are some pictures of the party
Invitations made by her mom and Chachi (Aunt) Peewee
Let's Party!
Clubhouse of Royal Palm Residences
Birthday cousin ordered a plain cake from goldilocks and then she just added the decor
The Aswani's
Bindi With Papa and Mama
Cousins in costume
Everytime you ask her on how old Bindi is, she does this O-N-E sign

Time Flies so fast indeed. The little baby is now one and she is bringing so much joy not just to her parents but to everyone around her.

Happy Birthday Bindi Athena! We love you!!!

What Now?!?

I hate it when I can't make any plans. I used to believe that I'm a patient person but looks like my patience has been growing thin the past few weeks. All the waiting and the uncertainty is killing me. I know I have other things to worry about (like my upcoming NCLEX, that I had to again reschedule!) but at times I find myself not being able to concentrate and just lost and frustrated. I even forgot to get the air filters for my room from my Aunt's house. Apart of me is thinking I should not really stress out but then again since I don't know on what is to happen in the coming months, I end up stressing again.
I know, I'm crazy like that.

Sep 20, 2009


Woa! I just realized I have not posted anything in 13 days. Just so many things to do and my review has taken up so much of my time. Im such a bad blogger! I have not update my other blog for close to a month now and to think that blog does not only need updating but I have yet to finish the layout as I changed it about 2 months ago. I'm hoping to find time to do that soon. If not for the health insurance leads I need to look for, I don't think I will even remember updating my blog.

A few more weeks and then I'll have time to do anything and everything I want.

Sep 6, 2009

Thank God

I almost lost precious files and photos! I would have never done on what to do had I lost those files. For sure I would never be able to recover them and I would totally hate myself for not doing the free online backup. I have been having problems with the desktop computer and I have been delaying having it checked. I have totally learned my lesson and have now made use of the free online backup. The desktop is now ready for repair/reformatting.

Long Weekend

Long weekends are always nice and is something we all look forward too. No out of town trips for us and I don't even have plans of going out today. Just staying home today and hopefully be able to do some readings. I'm hoping to finish off a few chapters and make a lot of progress with my review.

I had fun shopping with my aunt (who went back to the US yesterday) and my sister last saturday. Shopping is always fun. We had a family dinner after and then went around the mall again to check on some netbooks. A cousin has been wanting to buy one but has not found one that has a reasonable price and would have the specifications that she needs. I told her to just have someone buy it for her in the States since it's a lot cheaper there.

Had a fun weekend with the family again and looking forward to next week as we celebrate the princess's first birthday.