Dec 9, 2008

under the weather

i hope to feel better soon. i have not drank medicine as i think water therapy would work. i have sooo many things to do but i can't seem to start on any of them. i slept really early last night. was in bed by 11pm and was sleeping before 12. i have not done that in quite a long time.

Dec 5, 2008

dream match

tomorrow is an exciting day for boxing fans. it's the fight we have all been waiting for. manny pacquiao's biggest fight ever and a possible last fight for oscar dela hoya. my dad bought our tickets for to watch the fight tomorrow. we considered watching at national sports grill, but decided to just watch from a mall tomorrow as what we usually do. this are the times that make me wish we have home theater seating at home so we can just subscribe to pay per view and watch the fight from home. i am hoping manny wins the fight. this is a first for me as i have most of the time sided with manny's opponent.

pacquiao is obviously the underdog for this fight. look at how small manny is compared to oscar during this morning's weigh in. i believe that pacquiao has a bigger heart, moves faster and has the entire Philippines cheering him on. i do hope he wins and just in case he does not, i just hope he does not get hurt real bad.

let the fight begin!

december weekends

december weekends is always super busy and super traffic. was out the whole day of yesterday, half of the day was spent inside the car. i love Christmas season and it is my favorite time of the year but the traffic is just draining all my happy energy. im not even the one driving and yet i feel so tired already with just sitting in the car. my mom didn't mind the traffic though as she was willing to go to makati just to get some discount furniture. i on the other hand, promises to make sure i go out only on weekday and before rush hour. i know the traffic could even worsen in the coming days especially with the pump price going down. oh well, it ain't Christmas if it's not traffic.

thank you

i was dead tired when i got home last night. the things i did was not really tiring, it was the traffic that made me feel super tired. when i got home though, i had a nice surprise waiting for me. i immediately opened it and took pictures of it.

got new pens this morning to use on my new planner. love it. thanks again, yen!