Jan 31, 2008

increasing traffic

im not talking about the metropolis traffic here but traffic in your sites. when i started blogging, my main purpose was just to write anything and everything. i thought of it as a perfect outlet of my thoughts.it was a place where i could share a 2% of myself to the worldwideweb.

things have pretty much changed over the years and increasing traffic to my site has become important already. i have recently signed up with Buzzfuse which is to help me increase the traffic to my site for free. yup, for free. the sign up was really easy and at any time you want to unsubscriber, you can. this will really help me in a lot of ways. i get the chance to "market" my site without really doing much work as they will do it for me. with this, i really hope to be getting more tasks over the next few weeks.

2nd month 2008

january seemed like a breeze. imagine this, we are on the second month of the year and the hot summer days is just around the corner.
i think for this year february is the month i dread the most, for now atleast. anyhoo, many good things to look forward too also like my dad's bday. my dad's bday is the 14th and Pastor James has thought of a way to celebrate it differently. give love on valentine's day...we will be feeding the streetchildren! they still have to finalize everything and in the coming days i will have to pack the goodies to be given away. yep, apart from feeding them will give them goodies that they could share with their families. we have boxes of noodles and canned goods in the house already but will probably deal with them after they finish renovating the second floor (yup,ongoing renovation which means the house is a mess. will do a seperate post for this.).
farewell,january. it was an ok month for me. welcome, february! hopefully it will be a good one.

Jan 27, 2008

eye glasses

i have one Great Discovery: Zenni Optical for their huge selection of frames. imagine this, Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses. truly fits the budget but does not compromise in style. The Secret to Zenni’s Low Prices
is that they sell only their own manufactured frames direct to the customer, with no middlemen and virtually no advertising budget. Best Thing Found: Zenni Optical for those who want new glasses but has a limited budget.

Jan 26, 2008

give back

i often talk about how God has blessed me in so many ways. He always does and He is really faithful not only to me but to my entire family. cousin T last year celebrated her bday at an orphanage. my dad is celebrating his bday this year differently as well (more details on this one next time). i have always thought of how i could give back. my friend J in the states has an ongoing fund drive called donate car. i thought at first that i should get that car because i didn't have one. but when i realized what it was actually for, i understood why people would actually go the extent of donating their old cars because it really is for a good cause. this is spearheaded by car angel-www.carangel.com-which is a non profit ompany that uses car and other donations to make videos for kids and teens. They have given away over 2.4 million videos. check out one of the videos they made. maybe you to can help them.

Jan 24, 2008

to work or not to work

i have been thinking of what i should do. staying in the house is no fun. all i do is watch tv, go online, play computer games, eat and sleep. i know im wasting precious time. i could actually start reviewing already but i can't seem to concentrate because every time i get hold of my books and notes i can't help but think of the board exam result.

i was really planning of working and i have recevied emails and calls for interviews but a part of me does not want to work right now because if i do pass the boards i would want to practice my nursing profession. that only means i would have to resign and that would be totally unfair to whoever is going to hire me right now.

all that i am really waiting for right now is the results of the board so that i'ld know what to do. but it seems like the results are not coming out anytime soon. argh! im really so confused right now. if i don't pass the boards, i will have to start reviewing immediately. if i pass the boards, i will have to start working in a hospital setting and pursue plans to go abroad.

so, should i work or not? i have 2 interviews scheduled next week with two really good companies. one of the other fears i have of working is i might like it and postpone plans of practicing nursing which is sayang naman and would only complicate things. hay. life.

home theater

my aunt in nueva ecija recently had their room renovated. the master's bedroom is our favorite part of their house next to the kitchen. we are so used to hanging out in their room since it's airconditioned and it can get so hot in the province. what makes it more exciting now is because they have bought home theater furnitures for their room. my aunt and her husband are both doctors and on the days that they have no clinic or operations they just stay in the room and watch dvd. she sent me a message this morning that we should visit them soon and dad said yes. woohoo.

dell memory

i have been thiniking of getting extra Dell Memory for my computer. i am into downloading tv series and movies but i don't have enough space on my computer anymore. i also share this computer i use so the memory we currently have is really not enough. i would have to consult my cousin first on how much i should get because i really don't know much about computer hardware. hopefully i get to buy one soon.

red box

it's one of the most wonderful time of the year...chinese new year that is. all because of tikoy! i always, always look forward to this. it's early this year though as we already have tikoy.

i like the brown tikoy better but i don't like the flavored tikoy they recently came out with. i like when it's really hot and with coke light. yum! can't wait for afternoon snack as i told the maid to cook some. tems, this was something im sure you would have wanted when you were here. chinese new year is to be celebrated on the 7th of february so i bet i'll be seeing more tikoy in the coming days. is there another way of cooking tikoy apart from dipping in eggs and frying?

online shopping...again.

i really don't like staying infront of the computer because i almost always end up shopping. i have been meaning to my dad a birthday/valentines gift and thank god gor online coupons. CouponChief has always been my bestfriend when it comes to online shopping. i was able to get good deals since i used oldnavy coupons. well, since i was at it i checked and they have available target coupons i could use as i buy my wii.

on chicken nuggets and amazing race asia

im again craving for mcdo chicken nuggets. i actually planned on having some delivered again. for that reason i only ate 2 small pieces of lumpiang shanghai for dinner. but i thought of just saving the money and i remembered i was on a diet. maybe tomorrow.

argh! i thought marc and rovilson will finish last! good thing they didn't and that they have managed to still finish second. they were super funny on their way to the pit stop. i like their team because they really work well and they try to enjoy the race as much as they could. can't wait till next thursday!

Jan 20, 2008

happy to be 29

i celebrated my 29th birthday yesterday. others would always lie about their age, but i won't. im proud to be 29 because i don't look like my age naman (and most of the time i don't act my age din. teehee!). i opted not to have a party (as what mica said, we are both saving up for the 30th!). i was just really planning to eat dinner out (with immediate family) but my relatives from my mom's side of the family came to our house before dinner and brought food so it was an instant dinner with the tuaño family. i had a special guest pa, si brian girrard!

i have a lot to be thankful for and a lot more good things are to come for this year i know. i have a lot of plans for 2008 but i will all leave it up to God. His will be done.

Jan 18, 2008

where was cousin D?

cousin D was not able to attend cousin J's birthday last week as he had to go to a friends stag party. at first, i didn't want to believe him. but then he showed me the pictures of the stag party and i must say it was one of a kind. i have never been to one of course but the party they prepared for their office mate was really great. they even hired a girl dressed in a lingerie and was wearing platform shoes. nothing naughty happened though according to D. but, i don't believe him!


OWN stands for oprah winfrey network. she recently tied up with discovery channel and will launch her tv network next year. after her tv show, her movies made for tv and her magazine--i think she can really do anything. she first thought of it in the 90's and look her dream is soon to come true.

perfect proposal

not mine! teehee. i have been watching the show on discovery home and health and one of the episodes was when a guy proposed to her ladylove in one of those Hilton Head rentals. the place was super nice. im pretty sure the girl felt she was really special for the guy to go out of his way for the wonderful proposal. even if she didn't feel like saying yes, i guess the girl would have still said yes because of the breathtaking view.

i want! i want!

i want to watch this play.

ps i don't love you

i was so excited upon hearing that a movie was to come out based on the book ps i love you by cecilia ahern. i even downloaded the movie as i could not wait for the philippines showing. after watching the movie though, i was really disappointed. maybe because i was expecting the story to be like the book but it wasn't. i mean the whole plot was like that in the book but some of the parts in the book that really made me laugh and cry was not in the movie.

overall, it was a nice movie but not a to die for one as i wished.

pay per play

i know that a lot of people are thinking of how to earn extra money like me. times are hard i would have to admit. so, if you are thinking of other ways to earn this 2008 i think i have the solution for that. no catch here. the opportunities that you get are free. you earn from your own website and you earn for every referral that you make. what's so great about it is you earn weekly. to any one who is interested just go to http://www.audioadhosting.com and sign up. it's that easy. audio ad hosting revolutionary new form of advertising. Clients include all national companies like Taco Bell, HBO, and Harley Davidson among others. how do you actually earn? you earn for every visit made on your site. all your visitor has to do is to listen to 5 secs of audio ad. it's just like they are listening to music. this is really great. you are hitting two birds with one bird. you get to keep a blog or a website and you earn from the audio ads. sweet!

just imagine the extra money you will be earning. you could use it to buy something you have been wanting to get or use the earnings for a well deserved vacation. woohoo, more money for online shopping.

Jan 17, 2008


im currently craving for chicken nuggets. im so lazy to pick up the phone so i ordered online. teehee! i sent my online order and they called within 3 minutes to confirm it (my dad confirmed the order via phone). fast no? they will deliver the food in 30 mins. woohoo.

Jan 16, 2008


migraine has always been a problem for tita L, one of my mom's closest friends. i remember her not being able to go out with them because of migraine. she is also not able to work at times because of this. she is now in the states to visit her daughter G and was advised by one of the doctors she saw to go to NY headache center. she is currently undergoing treatment and medication. hopefully she gets well soon.

land for sale

a friend from graduate school I is moving from alabama to vermont because of work. she couldn't really let the opportunity pass as she was given an offer she could not refuse. she worried at first since she had recently bought a property and since it looks like she's not coming back to alabama for a long time, she has no option right now but to sell the property. she was given only one week to relocate so she is really lucky to be able to post an ad online for an Alabama land for sale. thank God for online sites that provide as your market place. sure is a big help instead of getting a realtor.

Jan 15, 2008

december 2007 nursing licensure exam results

until now all 60,000++ nursing graduates who took the exam are still waiting for the results. i would really not like to talk about it as i think my chances of passing the exams are not so high. but i have to let this all out. with all the text messages i have been receiving about the results of the exam. my head is already spinning and about to burst. im still hoping and praying that i make it and be a registered nurse, who wouldn't?

the waiting game is killing me. it has been more than a month since the exam and we have no idea as to when the results are to come out. from the prc website, the results are set to come out early february. their is also a slim chance of the results to come out by the end of january. all this of course are speculations.

i did some math today. the june exam results came out august 26 (a sunday). that's exactly 54 working days after the exam date. if i am to count 54 working days from the december exam, the results are to come out feb 20. but i really have this feeling it will come out earlier than that. i have been dreaming of the results coming out already. i just want to get this over and done with. argh!

Jan 14, 2008


i have been thinking of getting a book shelf for the past few weeks. it's just that a shelf takes too much space in the room. what i just did was to get bookends that i could put on top of an existing table that i have. it's perfect because it does not take too much space plus the design of the bookends that i got was really cute. im planning to get another set, the noah's ark bookend for my godchild J for her birthday.

weight loss

cousin-in-law B has been fat since birth. well, that's what we tell him. he has always been on the big side. after B and cousin J got married, he has gotten bigger and bigger. we always tell him to lose weight for health reason. he loves playing basketball but has been having difficulty running and playing. he then realized that he has gotten so big already and that he really has to lose weight. he started excercising late last year. he walks one hour in the morning and another hour in the evening. he has not eaten rice and to help speed up his metabolism he has been taking diet pills. to date he has lost 80 pounds. even with the christmas season and all the parties, he has still managed to lose weight. his target is to lose 40 more pounds. he is happy with his weight loss progress and everybody has been really happy for him.
i have been neglecting my blogs for the past few days. bad blogger. i have been playing my computer games and today, i started watching gossip girl. i have been told by a friend before that the series is nice and they tetet mentioned the series again last friday. after church sunday, i bought the dvd and started watching it this afternoon. im now hooked!

Jan 10, 2008

i bought 2 back issues of yummy magazine a month ago because the receipes they had seemed easy. i wanted to do some cooking (as if!) since i am not really doing anything. i have read the magazines already but i have not done any cooking yet. my mom has been asking me on when i will cook. she has been telling me that i should know how to cook especially since i have plans of going abroad to work (sounds family, tems?). probably next week. probably not. teehee!

Jan 9, 2008

i posted a story about an accident a family friend suffered yesterday.

to all those who drive especially during night time, i do hope you all take extra precaution and try not to drive if you are sleepy. you could read it here.
new blog is now up.

it took time to transfer the blog under my own domain name but after a few tries, success! patience is indeed a virtue.

pls visit my other home at here. see you there! =)

im keeping this blog and the new one so to my blogger friends, just add the other one on your links. thanks!

Jan 7, 2008


the dvd player i have in my room died. i have been using it for 3 years now and when i woke up this morning it wouldn't play the house dvd thati was just watching last night. i tried the dvd with my mom's player and it worked. i tried a different dvd on my player and it still won't work. my dad said to just get a new one instead of having the dvd player repaired.

with that, i am now on a lookout for a dvd player recorder. i want to get a player and recorder in one so i could also record my favorite tv shows. super many brands available and i am currently in the process of reading all the reviews just to make sure i get to buy the one that would give me the best value for my money. oh,let me just rephrase that...my dad's money. the one i had was unbranded so im planning to get a branded one this time.

online degree

my high school friend P had long wanted to get a graduate degree in business. she was actually the one who convinced me years back to enroll in graduate school. we took the entrance exam together, i enrolled and she ended up not enrolling. i didn't get to finish my graduate studies as i shifted to nursing school.

anyhow, the company that P is working for is willing to send her to school for free. the company is willing to shoulder all the expenses but the thing is P does not have the time to go to school as she is swamped with work. i suggested that she enroll on an online university that offers graduate degree programs in business. she couldn't believe that their was such a school. she recently inquired with capella university. she is scheduled to participate in a week long online seminar for her to know the school more and the requirements that they have. if things go well, then she could process her admission application already and get to start school by feb 2008.

This blog post is based on information provided by Blogitive.
anyone here who likes mariel?

well, i don't! i never liked her even before she became a houseguest for pbb. i would suggest that you watch this video. im not judging her with just this video but if you got to watch pbb you'll really come to know that behind the sweet image is a not so nice person. being drunk is not reason enough to curse at someone. it's such a shame that those who didn't have the 24/7 access was not able to watch this. i guess abs was trying to protect mariel since she is a kapamilya talent.

first tag for 2008

grabbed from jane.

1) Where did you begin 2007?
Function room of BSA suites in makati with my tuaño family

2) What was your status by Valentine’s Day?
uhm. complicated (so friendster!)

3) Were you in school anytime this year?
yes. nursing school.

4) How did you earn your money?
first 5 months of the 2007 i was unemployed and was receiving allowance from my parents, may i got employed again and then started on paid blogging. sept i resigned from work to start with my review but im still do paid blogs.

5) Did you have to go to the hospital?
yes. every week in the first half of the year for my clinical rotations.

6) Did you have any encounters with the police?
yes. traffic violation.

7) Where did you go on holidays?
boracay and baguio

8)What did you purchase that was over $1000?
didn't spend that much on a single item. i didn't have that much money to start with.

9) Did you know anybody who got married?

10)Did you know anybody who passed away?
baby martin

12) Did you move anywhere?

14) What concerts/shows did you go to?
20M grand draw of hope cigarettes. hahaha!

15) Are you registered to vote?

16) Who did you want to win Big Brother?
PBB? riza simply because mariel and ethel didn't like her

17) Where do you live now?
quezon city

18) Describe your birthday.
dinner with tuano family and school mates

19) What’s one thing you thought you’d never do but did in 2007?
take the licensure exam.

20) What has been your favorite moment?
boracay 2007

21) What’s something you learned about yourself?
i can actually study straight for weeks

22.) Any new additions to your family?

23) Your best month?
i want to say november because of boracay but i also hated this month because i spent days studying. so maybe it's december because of Christmas but then it was also december when i took the licensure exam.

24.) What music will you remember 2007 by?
at your side by the corrs

25) Who has been your best drinking buddy?
friends from school

26) Made new friends?
blogger friends and orchid friends

27) Best NEW friend?
gen, mae, bel and maricel

28) Favorite night out?
every night out with family and friends

29) Something you look forward to this year?
passing the licensure exam!

30) Where did you start 2008?
same as where i started 2007, BSA suites again. we always spend new year's in makati.

credit cards

i have a few that i got when i was still working with a bank. we usually just get credit cards at that time even if we didn't apply for it. friends say i was lucky since they still had to complete forms and provide for financial documents before they actually got a credit card but i say not really so lucky.

i cancelled and paid off some of my cards already and i just have two now that i don't really use anymore. i decided to keep them for emergency purposes but since i have to pay for the annual fees i am thinking of just keeping one. i decided on keeping my citi card. why? bec their company offers Best Cash Back Credit Cards. at least if i do decide on using it, i still get a certain percentage back because of the cash back credit. it is very important for me to choose a company that offers me a better deal since their are a lot of credit card companies. comparing the companies with always land you a good deal.
i am so close to completing my other blogsite with my own domain name. it's taking time for me to complete this project of mine, but i have learned that patience is a virtue. i just have to complete the look of my other blog and viola. can't wait to start earning on it. yun pala yun.
i should be doing my online tasks but i always end up window shopping. i haven't really bought anything buy my list of things to buy is getting longer and longer.
i still can't find any $250 nintendo wii available, lahat sold out. sheesh!
as i was browsing the amazon site. i saw a videocamcorder, flip. i also want this one. i love taking videos and i usually just use my camera. this is a perfect gadget for me!
i think i better sleep na and stop my window shopping. all the gadgets are making me drool.


having been exposed to public hospitals, i have seen first hand the needs of our hospitals. not all hospitals get the funding that they need and most of them lack the equipments that they need to be able to provide treatment or care to patients.
the hospital where my uncle works for in the states recently sold the defibrillators that they have been using for less than 2 years at a very low price since it was hospital protocol to change equipments every 18 months. what my uncle did was to buy 18 defibrillators and sent them to a hospital in bacolod as his donation. instead of going on a trip for his birthday, he spent the money buying the equipment. the equipment is still in tip top condition and still looks brand new. the hospital director who is a best friend of my uncle was very happy as they really needed the equipment.
my uncle says he may have spent his birthday without going on a trip or without a party but the money he used to buy the machine was money well spent. not only was it money well spent but it surely is to be used to save lives.

Jan 6, 2008

i love torrent!

everything and anything i need i could download from torrent. i get the games i play from torrent. i get my weekly dose of grey's anatomy, house md, pushing daisies, and private practice from torrent (not the past weeks though bec no new episodes are being aired bec of the writer's strike). apart from my tv series, i was also able to get a copy of for one more day movie which is super nice. AND right now, as i write this and finish all my tasks--im already downloading the movie P.S. i love you. im keeping my fingers crossed though that it's clear. three more hours of downloading to go!
when the cat is away, the mouse will play.

my mom is back to work. my sister went to work. borgy is still in bacolod. my dad is out playing golf. that leaves me in the house with the helpers. im not the one playing though. it's the helpers. i either stay in front of the computer or in my room when im home so that leaves the maids with nothing to do. i can hear them outside though laughing and singing with the other maids sa neighbor. i dont mind it, because they have finished cleaning the house. hopefully though they have cooked something for lunch.

businesss management

since it is 2008 most of the companies have set new targets, goals for the new year. this is what i miss the most. having worked for the bank, i miss those sessions we had when all we did was plan, forecast, and set new goals. i was talking with C last week she was telling me that for this year they are actually using PROPHIX business performance management. it is a automated, and secure business process manager that ensures the highest level of accuracy, reliability, and consistency throughout all of your planning, consolidation, and allocation processes. if this works for the account she is on, they will be using the same process for all the accounts in their company by next year.
how was your weekend? mine was ok. i was out saturday and sunday which i think is good. if i stay home i end up playing computer games and eating. teehee.

sunday, we went to trinoma. sale everywhere! promod, mango, zara, debenhams, lacoste, charles&keith and even the newly opened gap. topshop sale is to start on wednesday though. i still think the mid-year sale is better because most of the items on sale are off season items. but if you are dead set on having something new in your closet, you would still get to find one or two or three items to buy.

Jan 4, 2008


i was thinking of going to the mall today to buy nimh batteries for my digital camera. i have 4 i currently use but i have been having problems with them already. the battery life is now shorter. i have been using the batteries for more than a year now and i really do need to change them already. i found cheaper batteries online though and have opted to buy online instead of going to the mall.

looking pretty good

i saw my friend I the other day. she is here on a vacation and the moment i saw her i knew something was different. she looked different, she looked prettier than when i last saw her. as we were talking, she asked me if i notice anything different. i immediately told her i do but i don't think that she had a nose job she has been wanting to get. that made both us laugh. she then said that she had her teeth done. she went to charlotte cosmetic dentist and had them fix her teeth. she says she now has teeth like those of beauty pageant contestants because she used to have really small teeth. she could now pass for a toothpaste commercial with her pearly white teeth.

Jan 3, 2008

today's breakfast

regent tempura chips (can be eaten as is or dipped in vinegar with fish sauce) and oreo double stuff. i love the combination, something sweet and something salty. for my first drink of the day, coke light. yes. i drink soda or juice when i wake up. i am not so fond of drinking water. talk about healthy eating. i know and i have studied that i should be drinking water. i really can't just drink water for some reason. oh, i drink naman pala. 2 glasses the most in a day. hopefully, someday soon i will learn to drink water. for now, coke light or pepsi max it is.

time to do business

my cousin and i are venturing into a new business. we areto sell statement shirts. she does all the work though in terms of designing and the actual production. i am tasked to do the selling and marketing of the shirts. we should have started the business before Christmas but we weren't really ready yet and we didn't want to push it just because of the season. anyhow, we are determined to be able to launch the business within the first two months of the year.

part of our marketing strategies is to put up a website as our online store so that we could also capture the international market (yes, we are going and dreaming big!). i got an ashop commerce shopping cart software to start us with our online store. the software is really easy to use and customisable which is really important with us. since our business is statement shirts with really funky designs, we need to come up with a funky website too. the ashop plan we got is also affordable even for starters like us and we get the support that we need.

hopefully, everything will go well from here on. we are just keeping our fingers crossed we get to meet our targets within the first two quarters of the year. will keep you guys posted as soon as the site is up.


for all survivor's fan, here is a sneak peak of the cast for survivors micronesia.

it's going to be
the favorites(past survivors cast)

11 — Cirie Fields, 37, Survivor: Panama
12 — Jonathan Penner, 45, Survivor: Cook Islands
13 — Amanda Kimmel, 23, Survivor: China
14 — James Clement, 30, Survivor: China
15 — Ozzy Lusth, 26, Survivor: Cook Islands
16 — Yau-Man Chan, 55, Survivor: Fiji
17 — Eliza Orlins, 25, Survivor: Vanuatu
18 — Jon Dalton (aka Johnny Fairplay), 33, Survivor: Pearl Islands
19 — Parvati Shallow, 25, Survivor: Cook Islands
20 — Ami Cusack, 24, Survivor Pearl Islands

vs the fans

1 — Michael Bortone, 34, a writer/actor from Los Angeles (originally from Boston)
2 — Tracy Hughes-Wolf, 43, a commercial builder from Frederick, Va.
3 — Joel Anderson, 32, a firefighter from Avondale, Ariz.
4 — Kathleen Sleckman, 45, a golf course vendor from Glen Ellyn, Ill.
5 — Erik Reichenbach, 22, an ice cream scooper from Ypsilanti, Mich. (works in Hell, Mich.)
6 — Mary Sartain, 29, a small business owner from Emeryville, Calif.
7 — Chet Welch, 48, a beauty pageant coach from Ford City, Pa.
8 — Natalie Bolton, 32, a personal trainer from West Hollywood, Calif (orig. from Houston)
9 — Jason Siska, 22, a student teacher from Fox River Grove, Ill.
10 — Alexis Jones, 24, a motivational speaker from Beverly Hills (orig. from Austin, Tex.)

the show is set to premier on Feb 7. can't wait!