Mar 30, 2008

girls night out

It all started with a text message that Arlet wanted to meet up. I had nothing planned so I agreed. I then asked her to go online so we could tell Ate Emma and we agreed to have dinner in Tomas Morato. So, I picked up Ate Emma from her house then we met Arlet at chilis. Had a wonderful dinner with lots of stories. We even planned of going to Macau this April.

After dinner we went to Bonifactio High. We took some more pictures and then bumped into a well-known public figure. We immediately thought of having our pictures taken but we felt "dyahe". Then we saw people going up to her to have pictures taken. So, i ended up approaching her and asking her if we could have our pictures taken also. She was so nice. Very down to earth.

And here are few more pictures we took...

Till next time, girl friends! Hmm...let's see if the trip to Macau would push-through.


i have so many things to blog about. our trip to baguio, our easter sunday, good things happening, relatives trip to manila, and work. i have been itching to blog since last week and now that i have finally regained access to my blog i can't seem to blog about it. hopefully within the day or the next few days i'ld be able to do so already. for now have a great week my friends--April na!. will blog hop later today.

on sale

my parents are planning to sell a property we own but is thinking if we should sell it through a broker or just have it advertised on land for sale. i say we have it advertised online as it will surely attract more buyers and it's going to be cheaper that way since we don't have to give broker a commission. selling stuff online has been convenient and a lot of people go online every time they would have to buy something. i told the parents to just try posting the ad online and then we will see on what responses we get. if it doesn't work for us, then maybe we could consider getting a broker.


the faucet in the bathroom at the master's bedroom was changed over the weekend. i never thought a faucet could make a big difference on how a bathroom would look like. it is really nice. it has not been changed for years and my mom thought she wanted new faucets so she had it changed. the thing is, she now wants to have the bathroom remodeled. oh, no!

cover letters

with the interviews i have been doing for the magazine staff i need to employ, i have been coming across a lot of cover letters. some are really good and have managed to catch my attention while most of them are just the ordinary cover letters. i would suggest though to those job hunting to make sure that your cover letters send out a really good impression. try to research and look online for ways to make an impressive cover letter. the cover letters speak alot about the applicant. it could also help for you getting the job.

im back!

soooo good to be back. i had problems with my login that's why i have not been able to blog. but all is well now and i have to do a few opps left that has not over the past week i have been gone. i missed my blog and i missed blogging.

Mar 16, 2008

my new favorite

this is what i had for my afternoon snack...

yummy! i better go to pricemart before thursday (they have this sa galleria grocery but much expensive by Php30.00) so i could bring some in baguio.

coin collection

over the weekend, for the first time i finally got to see my uncle's coin collection. he has been collecting coins for more than 10 years now and he has collected a lot and included in his collection are rare coins he was able to buy online. he deals online to trade some of his coins and he gets most of his online as well. he has a trader who does this for him. someone who is really knowledgeable when it comes to coins. he has spent a lot for his collection but i was told by one of his friends that the rare coins that are part of his collection are world class and if he decides to sell them, he would surely earn a lot.

Mar 13, 2008

busy me

the week has been super busy. i promise to visit blogs and blog tomorrow. right now, i have to finish work. i will be back!

Mar 8, 2008


David Brian Tuaño Valladolid, graduates from college on Tuesday with a degree in Avionics (mekaniko ng eroplano in short!) from Airlink College. He is not only graduating, he is CUMLAUDE! yeaboi! we are all so proud of you!

Borgy grew up with us and then when he was 7 years old he went back to Victorias to be with his family. He then came back to Manila for college. He is not my brother but he is my brother. gets? labo ko nanaman! My parents sent him to school and they are sooo happy with his achievement. Who wouldn't? He never gave my parents any major problem and he has been a good student. So for my parents, it was all worth it. And even if he was not cumlaude, the fact that he is finishing school already makes them happy already. I told my mom over lunch that she should get a new dress as she is to go up on stage during the graduation ceremony,teehee.

I know Manang Melo is very happy with this achievement of yours. How I wish she was with us to celebrate this happy milestone in your life but she has always watched over you and Bgurl. I'm sure she is very proud of you too. I'm getting senti already...this is a suppose to be a happy post.

anyhoo, we now have all the reasons to celebrate on Wednesday night. My passing the boards and borgy's graduation from college. It's party time!

Bulk, What?

As I was doing my online shoppping the other night, My dad was also bugging me to get him some bulk cable. Don't ask me what he is to do with it because I do not have any idea. He says he will need it to rewire the cable TV in the house. Well I got him his cables the other night and he will get it with the rest of the items I bought online to be brought by a relative coming home from the US.

The Patio

Every time my mom starts with renovations, she can't seem to stop. Now she wants minor changes in the patio area and want new outdoor furniture. We do need the furniture's but the patio just needs landscaping--i think. teehee. She is still undecided as to what to do but she has to decide soon because the people we can hire are only available until next week then they head off to a new project. Knowing my mom, She will only get to decide what to do after the carpenters are no longer available.

American Idol

Are you guys watching american idol? I'm happy because all my bets for this year made it to the top 12. Ramiele Malubay made it to the top 12 but she is up against really good singers too so I wish she makes it atleast to the top 5. My American Idol for this year though is David Archuleta he is really talented and cute. Yeah, he is my crush. teehee!

Direct Buy

When I saw this their ad in a magazine, I thought it was an online store. But it's not! directbuy is a members only showroom and home design center that offers merchandise at manufacturer-direct prices. DirectBuy charges membership dues to join, thereby enabling members to purchase merchandise at manufacturer prices without traditional retail mark-up. You really get good deals so the membership dues is worth it.

Setting Up the New Office

I got an email from my boss that it's all systems go for the magazine staff. That means I will be setting up an office here in Manila this month. By far, this is the biggest responsibility and project I will handle. To be honest, im scared and excited. I have one month to complete the project and I pray to pull it off. I have already talked with internet providers and I have told them that the Australia office is to provide us with a KVM switch. One provider has already provided a really good quotation for their service and I just have to submit the proposal to the Australia office. It's going to be a very busy march!

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Home Sweet Home

I sometimes tend to think too much far ahead in the future and over analyze things. Last month I was worried sick if i was to pass the boards and what to do if just in case I don't. After receiving a really great gift of passing now my thoughts and worries are on what I am to do next. I am happy with the work that I have now but I know I have to practice my nursing profession. I have been weighing my options of where to work. I have been looking at the Branson real estate website because I want to be able to buy a property in 2 years. I sometimes wish life was as simple and as uncomplicated as a 1 year old kid.

New Clinic

Since we were already in Nueva Ecija this morning, we took time to visit another relative's new clinic. It's not actually a new clinic bec they just had it renovated. I was not able to take pictures though as I left my bag in the car. The newly renovated clinic is really nice and patient friendly. My uncle used a tv wall mount to get rid of the antique TV table they had before and to save some space. They might said we have to go back for the blessing of the clinic after Holy Week. That means another reunion party to look forward too.

Am I Chinese?

I have always been asked that question. I don't think I have "singkit" eyes because I even think I have big eyes. My sisters look more chinese than I do. That's because I look more like my dad. My mom's side of the family has chinese blood because they told us that the Tuaño last name was suppose to be Tuan Yu. Then this morning, at the cemetery we were told that my greatgrandmother is a Lim. And that we are related to Mayor Lim of manila. I guess, I can now say I do have chinese blood ( I think everyone has, kahit 1%) and that I am Chinese. Ohhh...maybe that's why i like chinese food. labo!

pocket watch

One of my fondest memories of my Wowo was his pocket watch. He was the first person i met who owned one. As a kid, i even thought he purposely destroyed his wristwatch and placed a chain on it. But of course, that was not the case. My wowo always had it with him and i remember asking him where he got it but i never really got an answer. All he'ld do was smile and i was left to admire his watch. Now, I wonder where that watch is.

Drug Treatment

I saw a lot of relatives this morning that I have never seen and some I only met today. One of whom was my dad's cousin who just came back from the US. He was a problem child from stories I have gathered and spent sometime in a rehabilitation center here in the Philippines before migrating. God moves in mysterious ways though as the problem child now works with people who are going through a tough phase in their lives. He is now working for drug treatment centers as a counselor. He has been doing so for 5 years now and the experiences he has gone through is helping other people move on. It's really great to see on how God works in our lives and how He uses each and every one of us to bless other people as well.

Frustrating Friday

Friday's are always fun days, but not yesterday. I had a lot of things to do work related and I wanted to be able to finish my blogging tasks but at 12 noon we lost internet connection. Phone line was down too. It was so frustrating as I wanted to finish everything i had to do. Plus, I was not feeling well so my target was to have everything done before 6pm. I guess it was God's way of telling me to take care of myself first and rest. Rest was what I did after countless times of trying to go online. At 3pm, i gave up already and took a rest. I'm feeling better today after drinking my magic mini pill this morning before going to Nueva Ecija. Hopefully, I get everything done tonight so I could rest and sleep tomorrow as Monday is another crazy day.

Mar 6, 2008

anxiety relief

i have in countless times blogged about the anxiety i was feeling with the results of the december licensure exam that i took. it was a common feeling i had with my friends and possibly with the 60K who took the exams. one of my friends had to stay in the Us while waiting for the results as she could not handle the pressure here in manila. She wanted to be away from everybody. She thought that going to the US was to help her, but it didn't. she was telling us that the only thing that helped her were the anxiety relief capsules that she took. A friend of hers was drinking it and she was told she might want to try, and it did help her. That was why a few weeks before the exam she sounded more relaxed on the phone and she was not having sleepless nights anymore.


i want to go watch the "bubbly tour" concert at trinoma. the thing is a family dinner is scheduled on the same night. i can never skip family dinner's just for a concert. meaning i will have to miss on the concert. bummer!
It starts in my toes
and I crinkle my nose
where ever it goes I always know
that you make me smile
please stay for a while now
just take your time
where ever you go.


Even if I said I will never procrastinate, I still do. I was not able to do anything blog related other than one task on my other blog. I don't want the tasks to expire again so i promise to finish everything today since we are going to Nueva Ecija tom for my grandmother's funeral.

Apart from the 101 things to do for work, I'm not feeling well either and I think/know I'm coming down with a flu. I have not been sick for so long and I don't like being sick. My throat hurts like hell--I was not even able to finish my 3 musketeers chocolate bar considering it's my favorite. I know that my only cure to this is to drink lotsa water and rest. the rest i could do on Sunday, the drinking of water i really can't.

Mar 1, 2008


i made a major mistake and that made me lose one blogging task. goodbye, $5.00. nyikes! im logging out now. happy Sunday everyone and don't forget to go to church.

new tenants

it took a month for the new tenants to move in as my dad had repairs made first in the unit. the new tenants are to move in next weekend but i met them this morning. they were suppose to this weekend but they had to canvass with moving companies first and only got booked to one this afternoon. they were lucky to find one in such a short notice. i don't have personal experience of having to move houses but from what i have been told and from what i always see with tenants we have, it is stressful. when i was a kid, i too wished i get to move to a new house and have new neighbors but now that i'm older i don't think i would want to do that anytime soon. i would only do it if i was to move to another country or move to my own house.

Questions of the Week 8

This is from Yen.

1.What is your middle name? Tuaño
2. Favorite new fashion trend? uhmmm..i have always been a pants and shirt girl
3. Did you play with Barbies as a child? YUP!
4. Ever call in “fake” sick to work? used too.
5. What was the last concert you attended? ugh, i can't even remember.
6. What do you needlessly obsess over? Asus EEE PC and the Flip video
7. Who was the last person you called? on my mobile phone, borgy.
8. What is the weather like outside? cool
9. Laptop or Desktop? desktop but i WANT an Asus EEE PC
10. What’s for dinner tonight? i don't know.

2 more

I'm down to two more blogging task and 3 more fillers. I'm so sorry if I have to flood my blog like this on the first day of march but I was not able to do any the past 2 days because of work. In a few days, I'll be working for a month already. It seemed like it was only last week that I started. I have learned a lot of things and I love what I am doing. day is so near already.

accounting blogs

I have been blogging since 2004. Before I even started blogging, I have been reading a lot of blogs already. Personal blogs like mine, food blogs,and travel blogs. Lately, I have come across an accounting blog. I never really thought one was already existing. The blog is very informative. It tackles issues like financial and risk management services, legal and legal support services, communications and technology, human resources consulting, and luxury products. Very helpful to business people and those in the accounting field. The idea of coming up with such a blog is really great because if you need information instantly, you could manage to get one.


if you are like me who sometimes gets bored at a middle of doing something, you might want to try singsnap. it's super fun and if you are a frustrated singer, this is something you might want to try--get to sing and record a song. they have a lot of songs to choose from. sing away friends.

6 Quirky Things About Me

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Six Unimportant things/habits/quirks about myself.

1. I drink coke zero or coke light everyday.
2. I love reality TV shows-American Idol, Contender, Survivors, Amazing Race, Kid Nation, Apprentice and the list goes on.
3. I don't like sleeping that much. As long as I get at least 4 hours shut eye a day, im good.
4. I am at my best when I cram.
5. I easily cry.
6. I can eat fried chicken everyday.

I won't be tagging anyone. Snag away my friends.

mail order brides

mail order bride refers to a woman who publishes her intent to marry someone from another country. It usually has a derogatory connotation and my be offensive. mail order brides from Kiev as they say is different though. They are looking for men who treat them respectfully, so one thing important to them is that whoever wants to meet them learn about their language and their culture first. I have nothing against mail order brides, for one i have no right to say anything about them. I do hope though that they know what they are getting into and that inspite of being tagged as such, that they get to meet a man that they really want to spend their lives with and not just to save them from their current life.