Mar 22, 2007

Please vote for my cousin mica as she is one of the finalists for century superbods 2007. Just text CT F10 and send to 2922. You will not only help her win but you get a chance to win a trip to bora for 2! As you send your votes, why don't send your prayers her way.


exams are over,woohoo!

i still have a hundred item exam on monday but that should be easy. finishing nursing school is so near! im so excited BUT then again i would still have to pass the board exams to be able to practice the nursing profession.

the past 2 weeks has been hectic. i have been sleep deprived, super tired from duty and attending classes and taking exams. to make things worst, i got sick. im just glad that the final exams is now over and the only thing i would have to think of now is completing the requirements of PRC.

Mar 1, 2007

i love wednesday nights!

i don't have school and duty scheduled every wednesday. not unless i have to go to school for a make-up class or review classes so i usually just stay home. i consider it my rest day before my clinical rotation day's.

wednesday nights is spent in front of the tv. the tv shows i watch on wednesday's nights are:

6-8pm america idol
8-9pm extreme home makeover
9-10pm hell's kitchen
10-11pm pbb and project runway

eek! i watch too much reality tv shows!


i woke up early this morning for we had to be at the hospital (v.luna) by 6am. our clinical instructor is a colonel and a feedback from my groupmate who got to talk to her was that she was very strict. she wanted us to be at the hospital early, with our shoes super clean ( shiny clean) and hair should not touch the collar of our uniform. she also informed my groupmate that whoever comes in late will have to do push-ups. we were all scared. what scared me most is that we will be assigned at the emergency room. the unit i hate the most. good thing that when we met our clincal instructorit turns out she is not that strict. yehey!

more good news is that....

the head nurse of the unit is a cutie teehee! he is still far from being a mcdreamy or even a mcsteamy, but this is the first time that we will be working with a cutie. and that makes waking up and going to the hospital early in the morning something to look forward too.

happy march and happy weekend to all!