Jan 29, 2009

What to do?

With the ongoing economic crisis, im worried for a good family friend of ours. His main line of income is selling business insurance. we all know how insurance companies are doing right now--Not Good. He has 3 kids, all going to school, the wife is not working and is all in school. The wife texted me a few days ago if i can refer them to friends as the husband has not made a single sale for the month of January. If the same thing happens for the month of February, he might lose his job. That is something they can't afford to happen. Im not really inclined to giving out my friends number, as first i don't do that and second, i don't think any of them would be interested in getting an insurance this time of the year. But at the same time, im thinking that the type of insurance that our friend is selling is not really bad as it might actually be your safety net if your someone who has a business. hmmm...what should i do?

new room

about a week a ago when i transferred to a new room. im still in the process of fixing my things. the room is smaller than my old room so it is easier to clean, teehee. i will just try to look for area rugs tomorrow. the walls are in pink so i would just get a color that would compliment or match the room. when i finish fixing the room, i promise to take a picture of it.


it's friday tomorrow and i have a few things i have to do. im praying and keeping my fingers crossed that it won't be traffic so i can have everything done after lunch. i will have to check if my cousins dermatologist in greenhills have stocks of the acne treatment cream she uses, so i can get her some and send it to her. they didn't have stocks when she was here 2 weeks ago. good thing all my errands are near greenhills area.
happy friday, everyone!

Missing Television

Im a self confessed TV junkie...i should say used to be a TV junkie. Since i transferred rooms and sadly my room has no TV i have not been watching much television. I have missed out on American Idol and all the other TV shows i used to watch. Hmm...this is good, right? I have to get used to a no television environment again since I am planning to start my NCLEX review. Let's see on how long this is to last.

Jan 27, 2009

back to business

i have been wanting to put up a business. i guess even if i have shifted career path a few years ago when i took up nursing, a part of me would still want to have a business of my own in the future. i proud of a college friend who has taken over their family business. it was a business that was put up by her dad and was later on managed by her older sister. that sister got married a few years back and after getting pregnant last year has announced her retirement. they thought of either selling the business or just closing it down since my friend was too scared to manage it. with much convincing though and with the support of her family and friends, she has decided to manage the business. she has been doing so and has been making a lot of changes which is definitely and improvement with a new digital signage in their shops. six months into managing the business, and i can say she is doing pretty well. it has not been an easy road for her, especially with the economic crisis but it has not been all bad either. she serves as an inspiration to us her friends.


i have to stop eating. i think whatever weight i have lost in the past two months, i have gained back in 2 weeks. it's that bad. i missed my "junk" food that's why i have been buying chips again. right now, im craving for teriyaki boy's Tempura Tuna Sashimi, fluke's mango mallow pie, a really good pizza and a really good burger. I also want to have frozen yougart. i have to eat all of this by January. By February, i will go on a diet again, teehee. maybe i should try one of the best diet pills recommended by my friend. hmm, will see.

Jan 24, 2009


im a flipflops girl. where ever i go, most of the time and if i could get away with it, i'ld be wearing flipflops. i don't even remember the last time i bought shoes.

last tuesday, T and i went to Shangri-la to meet up with some friends and to go "shopping". we both could not find anything we wanted to buy and then i remembered i have wanted to try melissa shoes. i have read that it's really comfortable and light weight. since rustan's was on sale, i got mine at 10% off.

i am now a happy owner of melissa campana. i've worn it twice already. for some reason, it's not really comfortable for me but im guessing i just need to get used to wearing shoes. just the same i love it.

im back!

for the first time since i started blogging i was not able to post a Christmas and a New Year message. im such a bad blogger! i missed on finishing a lot of tasks too, tsk!

it's sooo good to be back and to be blogging again.