Aug 30, 2005

The Contender

contender is coming back! the mark burnett produced boxing reality tv show is returning on april (8 months of wait!) and will know be shown on espn. espn has rights not only to contender 2 but also to two more seasons. PLUS, on sept 16 their is a scheduled rubber match pitting alfonso gomes against runner-up peter manfredo. great!

Aug 27, 2005

friday top ten...
1. had my trip to the salon for a foot spa and pedicure.
2. eating yummy banana que.
3. the smile on amboy's face after buying him a kiddie meal at jollibee. it was the toy that made him smile.
4. went to market2 with edsel and had fun time shopping clothes for him.
5. edsel saying yes when i asked him to buy a bright colored shirt--a big change for him as his shirts are all dark colored.
6. it was a day of shopping for him but i ended up buying the skirt i super want at adidas for a discounted price (half the price).
7. went to glorietta to meet his friends but before meeting his friends i went shopping again while waiting for them and ended up buying 2 shirts and toiletries
8. fridays with friends of edsel for drinks that turned out to be super fun. talked about anything and everything.
9. super late dinner at terriyaki boy with edsel (yummy food as usual).
10. 3 musketeers!!!

Aug 26, 2005

FINALLY! after months of searching i found a store that still sells 3 musketeers. horray!!! so happy! so happy! so happy!

Aug 24, 2005

.::new sideline for me. starting next month i will be tutoring a schoolmate of amboy. it will just be an hour a day. will be teaching the same things i teach amboy everyday. i will just have to wake up earlier than usual but that's fine. its extra moolah for shopping!

.::the whole department is moving to a new floor in a few environment, same job--still is exciting.

.::the start of second semester is so near. back to school for me. i honestly still don't know what to do. is it to go back to school full time. quit work. be a full time student (and a part-time tutor). work part-time. i am only sure of one thing, that i have to go back to nursing school next semester. im just not 100% convinced in resigning. bec of the good things happening in the office. sometimes i wish making decisions is not this difficult.

.::looking forward to going to the mall...panalangin ko lang na may makita na ako na tatlong muskitero. hmp!

.::if you read this you know i am addressing this to you. promise me you will never do it again. but i do appreciate your honesty. and you know that i will always, always be here for you. i know that sometimes we get to do things that we never really mean to doing and that we are just lead to doing it. i have been through times like that also and it is tough. but i guess it is knowing that it is not right and as long as you know what is best for you--that is what really counts. it is normal to be abnormal at times. did i make sense. kung sino ka man *apir*

.::2 days without work...payday on friday...need i say more?
The Joys of Riding The Jeepney

cast of characthers: me, bheng, jeepney driver, ate ne (di ko sya kilala. alam ko lang pangalan nya), a kinder or a grade 1 student (tawgin nating bata) and ang mga iba pang pasahero na deadma lang sa nangyari pero alam ko namang natatawa din.

sakay na ako and si bheng ng dyip. nauna ako pumasok tapos si bheng tapos andar konti ang dyip (ng sobrang bagal). nagbayad na ako at nag aantay ng sukli ng sumakay si ate ne.

ate ne: ma bayad ho

ng bigla na lang may sumisigaw sa background ng...ate ne! ate ne! ako ay lumingon sa labas at sabay nakita ang isang bata na tila hahabulin ang dyip na mabagal ang andar.

ate ne: ma para ho. naiwan ko si bata

huminto naman ang dyip

me: nak ng teteng...nakasakay ka na ung bata naiwan mo!

dala lang ni ate ne ay ang payong nya at ang stroller bag ni bata.

bata: ate bakit mo ako iniwan

ate ne:akala ko kasi nakasunod ka sa akin (hmp...bata ang kasama at nauna pa sya na sumakay sa dyip--natawa ako dun).

lumipat ako sa tapat ni bheng na katabi si bata

me: (nakita ko na naiiyak na ang bata) bheng, nakakatawa. akala ko sa pelikula lang nangyayari yun. imagine mo kung mabilis yung dyip. sigurado hahabol ang bata

(opo,sadista ako and i had the intentions of making the kid cry. BAD ME!)

bheng: (tatawa-tawa at pabulong na sinabi) psst..iiyak na ang bata.

me: lam ko (nakatawa pa at patuloy pa din tumawa. i only had 3 hours sleep and my imagination went wild. i was imagining na humahabol na ang bata sa amin)

after mga 5 mins baba na ang bata at si ate ne

me:uy, baka maiiwan ulit si bata.
patakbo na bumaba ang bata...siguro gusto na nya sakalin si ate ne sa nangyari.

yun lang...natatawa pa din ako. kaya nga masaya na sumakay ng dyip paminsan minsan e.

Aug 20, 2005

it was my day of rest from work yesterday. my mom (who didn't have work also bec it was quezon city day), tita cecille, bheng, amboy and i went to 168 mall. i came from shift meaning NO SLEEP. pero dahil shopping ito, i went with them. and the mall is a shoppers haven (MICA--para sa iyo ang mall na ito. tatalon ako sa ilog pasig pag umuwi ka ng isang plastic bag lang ang dala). everything was super mura and the mall is airconditioned. i haven't been to a mall na super bargain ang prices. you can practically buy everything and anything--all you need is money. i suggest also that if you are going, be there early bec kulang ang half day para ikutin ang buong mall and wear a comfortable footwear (flipflops would do).

we were home by 5PM. had a short nap and then edsel picked me up at 7 for our movie date. the last time we watched a movie was when we watched star wars at greenhills cinema. for a change we watched a movie at galleria (but i still prefer greenhills) bec of the free movie tickets i have and because we wanted to see a movie that has been shown a few weeks back and is not showing at greenhills anymore. the island, was a nice movie. i didn't like the ending though. i would have wanted the movie to end on a different way.
after the movie, we went to caltex starmart in greenhills as i was still in search for my 3 musketeers chocolate. as usual, no 3 musketeers available and edsel told me to just buy big bang. pareho lang din daw kasi yun. i believed him and bought three bars along with a cadbury chocolate to satisfy my craving. we shared one big bang bar on our way home and he told me it does not taste the way he remembers it (i think palusot lang yun kasi hindi pareho ang lasa ng big bang and 3 musketeers). so, im still in search for a 3 musketeers chocolate bar.
was finally able to sleep at 2AM. but i had fun. it's back to work for me for the next 5 days. pero ok lang kasi double pay daw bec of holidays. hehehe!

Aug 17, 2005

for the past 3 months i have been craving and searching for 3 musketeers. help me pleassseee!!! message me if you get to see a store that sells them. parang awa nyo na! hehehe....

Aug 13, 2005

The Different Faces of Amboy

before you go any further and admire amboy's pictures, i swear (kumulot man ang buhok ko,amp!) i never asked him to wear the make-up and the accessories. i was preparing to go to work and he was all over my kikay kit asking for what the specific make-up was for. he asked if he could just put a little and i gave in to his request. so technically, im not to be blamed for how he looks on the pictures. i am not to be blamed either for the poses in the pictures bec he is a cam whore--in every sense of the word.

here are more pics of the boy who could also do the masculado dance and literally brought the house down during my parent's anniversary party.

Aug 10, 2005

last saturday was a busy day. from the office, i attended cora's beautiful wedding in makati and then had to rush back to st lukes to check on my mom and then be at the office by 8pm. sleep?!?! i didn't have sleep. i was so tired that i asked workforce if they could just send me home--lucky me, they gave me e-out. the wedding as i mentioned earlier was beautiful. as i saw cora walk down the aisle, i was teary eyed. i know what she has been through a LOT and i am truly happy for her. i know that a lot of her friends were happy for her also. vince (cora's son) was so funny. he was ring bearer and as he was walking he kept on saying "i can't do this". so cute!. i don't know if she reads my blog but i know that she knows that i have one anyhoo, i just want to remind you sis that i will always be here for you, for bulilit and now for your hubby. i hope that even if you are married already, we still get to go out. watch a movie, eat out or have coffee. we have super daming funny times together. i will always be you "kaladkaring" friend. teehee! i know that even if we haven't gone out the past months we know that we will always be there for each other. basta, miss ko na kayo ni bulilit. we should go out soon with sheila and daisy *wink* (hehehe!). i hope that even if married ka na, you get to keep the crazy cora.

Aug 5, 2005

.::went to shangri-la thurs morning with bheng to buy gift for cora. it was tiring because i came from the office but super worth it bec it was fun. thanks for going with me, mamasan!

.::a very good friend of mine, cora is getting married in less than 4 hours! super happy and excited for her. wedding will be at union church in makati and reception will be at new world hotel (both the bride and the groom work at new world). i am going to her wedding later with MSO. can't wait to see her in her wedding gown (and can't wait to wear my dress,hehehe). BEST WISHES, CORA!

.::mom will be having her operation later. i asked her if she wants me there but she told me to just go to cora's wedding. it would be a simple procedure and will be over in 30 mins. but please pray for her...she was suppose to undergo the procedure last weekend but at the last minute she changed her mind.

.::been watching starting over and super bitin this afternoon because i will have to wait for two weeks to know if sommer will be asked to leave the starting over house. what i did....went to the website and now i know what will happen to her. ha!

.::amazing race family edition to premiere on sept 27 and survivor guatemala to premiere on sept 15. can't wait! can't wait!

happy weekend to all!!!!

Aug 2, 2005

highschool life

was reading a testimonial of a high school batchmate on our friendster account and it brought back so many memories of high school. im posting some of what she wrote and adding a few very memorable things/events/persons remembered most about SIENNA...

1. PERMIT TO LEAVE! - you have to carry this cardboard everytime you go out of the room. one permit to leave card per classroom only. minsan pwede ka mag trip at itago ang permit to leave...wawa nga lang ung mga super ihi na to go to the bathroom.

2. THE TIE - we are to wear a red tie with our uniform and the tie is suppose to be 5 inches long. but we would adjust it to 5 inches long if may mag check but it goes back to 2 inches long after the flag ceremony.

3. RED PLASTIC BELT - belts are worn on the waist but everyone (except for the new students) wears it sa hips. oppss...who could forget the tube PE uniform.

4. RED JOGGING PANTS and WHITE RUBBER SHOES - PE outfit. pag PE class classroom lang magbibihis. i wonder how they fo it now kasi di na exclusive girls ang school.

5. Ang wlang katapusang projects sa T.H.E.- Every week ba naman meron! from the TISSUE HOLDER hanggang
s HAM plus the knitting whatever pang pagkakagastusan.

6. HIGHSCHOOL DANCE - hmmm...i think this happens around feb sa sienna hall. B-O-R-I-N-G naman.

7.RESPONSIBLE TEAM - this started mga 3rd year highschool. a class has 6 RT's and every RT has a leader,secretary and treasurer. In 3rd year, i was the foundress of my own RT--RT 7! pasaway talaga!

8.FIRST FRIDAY MASS - everyone is happy because of classes are cut short. teehee!

9. INTRAMS - who would not remember the annual intrams. FUN! FUN! FUN!

10. TAMING OF THE SHREW - a play we watched at then pci bank auditorium in makati. Memorable bec of the LIVE KISSING SCENE. hahaha....

11. PISO ALAY KAY MARIA - one peso collection for the completion of sienna hall. in fairness malaki naman talaga ang naging improvement. from the bulwagang sienna with industrial fans only to an auditorium na airconditioned na. dito namulat ang mata namin sa pagigikil. pag wala ka pang meriends after dissmisal, piso alay sa akin ang drama.

12.Ang Gate s Sto. Domingo sabi me rebulto ilalagay dun pero
hanggang ngyon wala pa din - yes ate charo after 10 years wla pa rin

13. STAIRWAY - off limits to students...parang staircase ng hotel. i just wonder why they don't let students use it. pag may special occassion lang.

14. si LOLA SUNGIT - ung nag babantay sa photocopy area. ang sungit to the max!

15. COLLEGE FAIR - jail booth, kiss mark, wedding booth at kung anu-ano pa. syempre pa ang boy watching at octopus ride.

16. SIDE A CONCERT - i was the one responsible for this concert. and one of the most memorable events from high school. i even had my shirt signed by joey G, joey B, kelly, Naldy and the drummer (limot ko name!).

17. `Sang Linggo N APO Sila - out ang school mo pag di kasama sa campus tour nila.

18. TAKESHI CASTLE sa convent area - i guess very memorable ito kay Grace. teehee!

19. TACO PARTY! - an event we had (highschool barkada) a few days before graduation. dito din nagsimula si MARY POPPINS.

20. MY FRIENDS - without them highschool won't be fun. I miss you guys!

and the list could go on...HIGH SCHOOL ROCKS!