Aug 29, 2008

Not my will but Yours be done

I started this year hopeful and praying that I pass the nursing board exam. At the same time, I was also preparing myself on what to do just in case I don't pass. I had plan A and plan B. I had so many things planned and after I passed the boards, I was so excited to do things I have planned and was looking forward to it.

Little did i know, that God had better things in store for me. That I can plan all i want but in the end it is His will and plan for me that is bound to happen. I have things in my mind that I wanted to do but He has grander things for me. He has plans for me that will actually make me happier. Plans that was way better than what I had planned for.

A lot of things has changed and this year has truly been filled with so many blessings. 2008 is far from over and I know that so many more things are to come and that 2009 is going to be an even better year. I only have God to thank for because He has been faithful and generous. He has given me more than what i have even asked for.

a wonderful wednesday

i don't usually go to glorietta because i get lost there. any mall that is farther than ortigas is a no-no for me. last wednesday though i had to go to glorietta with my dad for an errand. we went there early because we wanted to be heading home after lunch. when we got there, we immediately did what we went there for and finished it in less than an hour. i bought myself a magazine and a book i have been wanting to buy since last month. they were also giving out free audio books so i got myself 3. it was for free! i love freebies, teehee. had lunch (i had korean beef stew,yum!) and desert with dad. by 2PM we were on our way home. it was a fun day with daddy and suprisingly, i enjoyed glorietta.

i miss school

i miss cramming for an exam. i miss having to stay up late at night to read, understand whatever and memorize stuff. i miss meeting my friends in school. i miss our car pool. i miss interacting with patients and clinical instructors and hospital staff. i kinda miss clinical rotations too (i can't believe im writing this!). i remember that one time we were talking about one patient we had who asked about DNA testing because he was thinking of undergoing such after finding out that his wife had an extra marital affair and he wanted his new born son tested. i remember thinking that his life felt like it came straight out of a telenovela. teehee!

weird feeling and i guess it does not help that 2 of my closest friends from school are abroad right now. this time last year i was busy reviewing for the boards already and i never thought that i will ever say that i miss school.

Aug 22, 2008

long weekend...again

have a fun and safe weekend to everyone!


my friend from college A has been working abroad for close to 10 years now. the last 4 years as a flight attendant. im happy for her because this month she was able to buy a house. she is the breadwinner for her family and when she went home a few months back she told me that she needs to start investing as she knows she can't be a flight attendant for long. anyhoo, they have started moving to their new house. luckily, one other friend from college arranged for a truck rental to help A's mom with the move. A is still abroad but is coming home soon for the house blessing. i can't help but be happy and proud of her. see you soon A!

Aug 21, 2008

“Happiness is like peeing in your pants. Everyone can see it… but only you can feel the warmth.”

Aug 19, 2008

money talk

my cousins and i were talking about business last sunday. since Christmas is just around the corner, we were thinking of other ways to earn extra money. joining bazaar's are one of those things we are considering. a cousin-in-law though is looking at franchise opportunities they could invest on. he used to have a stall in glorietta but had to close it after the bombing last year. he is toying with the idea of renting a stall again. i think that opening a business this year is good for them since baby B is arriving soon.

the long weekend

i had one tiring weekend! not a two day weekend, for it was a four day weekend for me (no work in qc yesteday as it was qc day).

-went to the mall to buy a gift for cousin T's baby shower.
-cousin T's baby shower in makati. super fun! went home close to midnight already.

-galleria with cousins and tita and tito. window shopped till the mall closed. dinner at mr choi and then desert at crazy crepe.

-divisoria with the parents and ate.
-lunch at chowking
-duty free! cousin P bought acne scars cream at a discounted price. i bought a nice but cheap red bag. my sister bought 2--it was that cheap.
-afternoon snack at le coeur.

-did errands in kamuning and san juan
-got lost in pasig and my sister almost got a traffic violation ticket. almost because we got away with it. for one, we didn't really know the area.

im glad i could just stay home today and rest. i hope you guys had a great weekend too!

Aug 13, 2008

the news of master rapper francis magalona being diagnosed with leukemia is so sad.

Aug 8, 2008

mimi in vegas

i am happy that mimi (a cousin from the father side) has finally signed up for her own email account. i was super shocked when one aunt gave me her email address and told me that mimi told her to make sure to tell me of her new email address and to email her asap. it was so nice to be exchanging emails with her. she has been telling me to visit her soon. she now works in a hotel in vegas and she was telling me we could book a Vegas vacations package if and when i visit her. i sure hope i can visit her soon.

Aug 5, 2008

tv lifts

i went to my cousins house over the weekend and she asked me to visit her clinic as she had it renovated recently. she had installed tv lifts to sve some space in her clinic. true enough, it looked bigger and it saved a lot of space as she was able to get rid off the table she used for her tv. i love her new clinic. looks brighter and cleaner. i actually thought she had it extended because it looked bigger but she said she just changed furnishings plus the tv lift. im sure she'll attract more patients with her new and cool looking clinic.

oh no

i have spent the past 30 mins reading diet pill reviews. not for me but for an aunt who has been bugging me to check on what is the best diet pill for her to take. since i am in the medical profession, i would not really suggest for her to drink diet pills but since she has been very persistent that i read reviews, here i am doing so. weird thing, as i am reading the reviews i started craving for frapuccino and banoffee pie of starbucks. i can actually walk to starbucks and satisfy my craving but i am resisting the temptaion. let's see if i can really resist not going to starbucks.

Aug 2, 2008

i miss blogging. i miss sharing my thoughts and the things that have been happening to me. i miss writing. not that im a good writer because i don't think i am but just the same i miss it.

i am okay. super okay in fact. a lot of things happening, but all good. i hope i find time to blog again. if you friends have multiply,add me up. but keep on visiting this site as i will be back here. soon i hope. super soon.