Feb 18, 2010


We have been carefully planning on when and where to go for vacations. I have San Francisco, San Diego and Las Vegas on my list for a must go to places by summer. Atleast the cities I mentioned are just a few hours drive from where we are. As previously blogged, we'll be in Florida in March and then we are hoping to go to another East Coast city within the year. I'm dreaming of a family vacation at Azul Beach Hotel – Riviera Maya but with planned trips to go home to the Philippines this year, that dream would just be a dream for now. Teehee.

Feb 17, 2010

Random Musings

1. I have only done it once, but I have surprisingly enjoyed driving alone. I don't think I'm a really good driver but practice would make me one. I'm hoping to drive on the freeway by next month.
2. My back has been really bad for almost 2 weeks because of a small accident I had when we were on vacation at Yosemite. It's been a bit better though but I'm still not 100% ok.
3. We have our tickets for our trip to Florida next month. It would only be for a weekend ebult sure am looking forward to seeing long time family friends and on meeting T's relatives. Should be a fun weekend.
4. We are off to get some snow again this weekend. This time we go to June Mountain with T's friends and co-worker. I don't think I will be doing any skiing though because of my back. Will probably just end up taking pictures and just enjoying the view.
5. Loving American Idol! Thank God for DVR's as I can just record the show and then watch it after a few hours. Atleast I get to skip on watching the commercials about the hemorrhoid relief cream.
6. Valentines Day the movie was great! We celebrated our valentines weekend by watching movies and eating out. From Paris with Love was also a good film.
7. Missed my Dad's birthday celebration in manila and also missing out on Tikoy this year.
8. I never realized it was hard to fill a balikbayan box with stuff to send back home till now. Especially if the cargo company gives you two small boxes to fill as part of their promo.
9. Cebu Pacific has an on going promo but since we are still not sure of our schedule, I can't book any tickets yet.
10. I am sadly gaining weight. Need to diet and exercise.

Sushi Iki

Early January when T invited his cousin for dinner at Sushi Iki. T in the past has told me that Sushi Iki is the best Sushi restaurant ever. The restaurant is a small one a but is a very busy one especially on weekdays. It was my cousin who first introduced T to Sushi Iki.
Eddie owns Sushi Iki and if you sit by the bar you don't only get to eat good food but get lots of stories from Eddie himself. We had Omakase for the night. Omakase is when the chef just serves you anything and everything until you say you are done. We had about more than 10 different kinds of sushi that night and I must say it is the best Sushi I have ever had. The produce used were all fresh. I got to take pictures of some of the food we had but my pictures don't do justice of how good the food was.

For that night I totally forgot that I was trying to lose weight! The sorbet was a good way to finish the meal. It was worth the one hour drive to LA and we will surely go back.

Feb 16, 2010


We have been receiving a lot of mail lately with regards to gold investment. Honestly speaking I know nothing about this form of investment and I don't think I will ever know on when is the best time to buy gold bullion. All I know is that keeping your money in the bank is not the best form of investment. That is the same reason we are looking for the best market to invest the very little money/savings that we have. I need to find time to read the letters we have been receiving from all sorts of investment company to know what's best to do right now.

First Time

This morning for the first time I drove alone. I have to get used to driving and badly needs to cross it out of my to accomplish list. I have had that goal for years! To drive is a must and I am so proud of myself for having done so this morning. No freeway driving yet though. Just driving to the grocery. I even parked and I think I did a good job at that too. Good thing I had to get some of the pills I saw online at appetitesuppressantreviews.net to be sent back home to Manila for a cousin. Tomorrow I should drive again.

Winter 2010

I only have one work for Yosemite...B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! The 6 hours travel was so worth it. I had my first experience of snow too. I got to try skiing but since I had a minor accident the morning we went to badger pass, I didn't really get to do much skiing. Hopefully my back feels better this week as we are going to June Mountain for some more snow. We have to make the most of what's left of winter. After this trip, our next one is by end of March when we go to Florida for Sheena's wedding.

Anyhow, back to Yosemite. Not all the hotels and restaurants were open for the winter season. I loved it because it was not as crowded as Big Bear mountain would be at this time of the year. The loft condo we stayed at was also beautiful. i love how we would wake up and just see snow outside our window. I love snow but I don't think I would want to have it for 4 months. I'm pretty much happy with Winter here at CA, lol. Imagine how hard it would be to get out of your driveway everyday even if you'ld just need to grab a far of an acne scar removal.Our 4 days/3 nights stay was just right. On my fourth day I have had enough of snow and was all ready to go home.

Feb 4, 2010

Long Weekend

It's a long weekend for us as T took a 2 days off from work and we are heading to Yosemite with his sister for the weekend. Finally, I get to see and experience S-N-O-W! I have my snow gear all ready and I will try to learn either snowboarding or skiing. It's a 9 hour drive and that's the only thing I am not looking forward too. We will also take this opportunity to check Outer Banks rentals for one of his uncles. After this weekend we have another snowboarding trip scheduled for the 3rd week of february this time with his college friends. Looking forward to my first snow experience.


We have to stop going to Target as we almost always end up buying a lot of things. Just to many nice and affordable items at Target and not to miss are the clearance items. I'm just saying this now I know but I will end up going to target again when I think of something to buy. Thank God for gift cards we have received as we got buy a few things we needed without spending money. We got to buy magazines also that had an article about Ferrari parts that T had been looking for. Not that we are buying a Ferrari soon but he just needs it for work.