Aug 31, 2010

Dead Tired

First step of home improvement started today with the installation of new windows. It only took half a day for them to finish and it took me 3 hours to clean up. So tiring! I couldn't afford to wait for T to get home before I start cleaning up because the house was so dusty. I was so tired mid-way the cleaning but I knew I had to finish. This are the days I miss being in manila and having people around to help in cleaning the house :D. I told T I won't be able to cook dinner anymore and for us to either just eat out or for him to bring dinner home. I'm glad I was able to finish cleaning and still have time to rest while looking online for pool filters for my aunt. I'm glad I moved my doctor's appointment from this afternoon to tomorrow morning because I don't know how I would have finished cleaning early enough to make it to my appointment.

Aug 26, 2010

Family Dinners Are Easier than an Online Casino

If your family is like most today, chances are your weekdays and weeknights are a blur of school work, sports practice, music and dance lessons, and barely any time for dinner or quality time with your loved ones. While it is great for kids to be busy and active, studies are now proving it is equally important for them to spend downtime together as a family. Nightly family dinners are a great way to ensure everyone gets the balanced meals they need, while still managing to catch up with family members throughout the evening. Luckily, planning meals for the whole family for a week does not have to be as difficult and tedious as losing at an online casino. In fact, it can be a great family activity for the weekends or any free evening.

One great trick to try is to spend one weekend day – either Saturday or Sunday, whichever day typically allows you more spare time – to meal plan. Sit down with the whole family and allow them to each choose a night. If one child loves tacos, make it a fiesta. If one is crazy about chicken, have that one night as well. Create a menu for each night and then a master grocery list from there. Having every necessary ingredient on hand will reduce your likelihood of running to the drive-thru after school or practice.

Even easier, you can create frozen entrees on Sunday inspired by your kids’ favorite dishes. Taco casserole freezes perfectly and can be reheated in just minutes. Serve with chips and salsa and you have dinner without having to cook!

Dining together, at least on a semi-regular basis is something every family should make a priority. Certainly, it is difficult for active families to do so every night, but even a few nights a week will make a difference in the cohesive calmness and happiness of your loves ones.

Aug 12, 2010


I was craving for Tiramisu last Sunday, and T being the good husband that he is said yes to us having dinner at cheesecake factory so that I can have my tiramisu after dinner. We both ate only half of our dinner entree to save room for dessert. That was totally perfect since I had food for lunch the next day. Most of the time it takes time to get seated especially during dinner time at cheesecake factory but for this visit we only had to wait for around 20 mins. We were pretty prepared for the long wait though and bought research material about the bullion investment that T wants to invest in. We have been in discussion about this for the longest time and we both feel that now is the best time to do so but at the same time we are still apprehensive so we are both doing our research. You can't really blame us if we are careful with all the expenses and investments that we make especially since we have a growing family.
It was a wonderful sunday dinner. A perfect way to end our busy weekend.


I badly need a haircut. My hair is so dry and so long. My last haircut was December 2009. I don't really need anything major, I just need to have the ends cut. The only thing is I don't know where to go and it's kinda expensive here so I'm really having a hard time convincing myself to go to the salon to get a hair cut. I asked T if he can cut an inch off my hair and he said yes and grabbed the scissors immediately. I told him I won't let him cut my hair with ordinary scissors. hell no, teehee.


I was craving for adobo the other day and lucky me it's so easy to cook adobo. One of the easiest dishes to cook as all you need to do is put all the ingredients, let it simmer and then your done. The thing with adobo is I don't really have a standard measurement for the ingredients. I just make sure I put in the same amount of vinegar and soy sauce. I sometimes add a bit of sugar or oyster sauce in it, sometimes I don't. Depends on my mood but surprisingly every time I cook adobo, I do a pretty good job at it. Love your own cooking of course.

Ikea Addict

It's been a trip to Ikea for me and T for the past 3 weeks. I personally love Ikea. So many things to see and so many ideas to get. We have pretty much decided on getting a few stuff from there. Although trips to Ikea are fun I must say it's very tiring too. Just too much walking :D
Looking for items for our kitchen is like looking to buy gold bullion. Cabinets are very expensive and since we are looking at wood cabinets we don't really have much of a choice but to increase our budget. The laminate cabinets look really good too but since we are more for items that will last longer we had to scrap that off our list. It's weekend again in the next 2 days and I have this feeling that a trip to Ikea is again on the list of must do.

Aug 11, 2010

Master Chef

I'm a reality TV show junkie. A new addition to the list of TV shows that I now watch is Master Chef. This is the first season it's shown in US TV but I believe it has been existing in other countries. It came at a perfect time as the latest season of hell's kitchen has just ended and then this show has started. Watching this show and Top Chef makes me want to be a chef though. Add that to my long list of "what i want to be". lol.


I miss Bindi!
My sister celebrated her birthday early this week and they as usual went out for dinner. Of course, Bindi was there and she's so big already. Bindi is no longer a baby. She is turning 2 next month. Time flies and a month after she turns 2, I shall be giving birth. My cousin (Bindi's mom) has been telling me that you can now talk to her like an adult. So cute! Here are current pictures of the little girl taken during my sister's birthday.

She is such a cutie!

Beauty School

I've been surfing a lot the past few days. Looking for things for the house, things for "tornado", and a lot of other stuff. Good thing is I have not really bought anything :D I also have been taking the chance to look at cosmetology schools in Wichita as a cousin back in the Philippines has been thinking of attending classes there. It looks really promising and I think it's something she'll need and enjoy. Now the only thing she needs to do is to save up for it and find time to fly here in the US, drop everything she is currently doing back home and enroll. That's not going to be easy though.

Aug 4, 2010

Costco on a Weekend

We love going to costco during weekends because we get to try a lot of foodies for free :D We went last saturday to do some grocery shopping. I had a list of things to buy including nuphedragen an order of my cousin in the Philippines but ended up buying more than what's on my list including hagen dazs ice cream. Blame it on the $4 coupon we had.

10 weeks

Let the countdown begin!

I could honestly say we are not yet ready for the "tornado's" arrival but we are very excited. I guess you'll never really be ready for something like this. Our not being ready is more of our house is not yet ready for the baby but we are getting there. I hope I won't need to buy the best eye wrinkle cream in the market anytime soon. I have so many things on my mind I know same with T especially since he's been really busy with work too.

Aug 2, 2010


gold, always believe in your soul.
you've got the power to know.
you're indestructable, always believe in

I've been singing that song for the past hour while look at where I could buy gold coins online. We are not yet buying but we are actively looking as we know that the value of gold coins has increased and has been very stable in the past months. We are still looking at where we could possibly buy some and get a good value for our money. We feel that it's the best investment especially since bank interest for savings account is not really not high and investing in stocks is not really not good either. Gold is said to be the best investment one could make right now. Hopefully, we find a good market and invest on them.