Feb 29, 2004

On the 29th of February which happens only every four years, i know i have to blog on what happened to me....

went out with bheng saturday night to early sunday morning...girls night out. even if it was just the two of us ( we miss you badly mimi and sassa), i could still say we had FUN!

my dad who arrived last friday, left again for cagayan de oro ( lucky him!) for a golf tournament he has been joining for the past 4 years.

cuz desi cooked lunch for us.....

yummy kare-kare

adobong pusit, anyone?

mommy and amboy enjoying the food

went to the parlor for my foot spa and pedicure now i have

happy feet =)

today is a start of a new month. february has been a good month. a lot of things happened to me and the family, but we all survived it...with the help of GOD.

i want to share this with everybody.....

With God, nothing is impossible--absolutely nothing. He holds all our lives in His hands and not a thing will happen to one of God's children unless it is part of His plan and will for our lives

God Bless us all!!!

Feb 27, 2004

what's up! what's up!

havent been blogging for the past few days because i was busy...busy reading, watching dvd's, watching endless love 2 ( im an endless love fanatic and a kapuso diehard!), busy going out and cge na nga kindda busy with work.

what's new?

nikon coolpix 3100

yeah....a new thing to be very busy about...

happy weekend!!!

Feb 21, 2004

....prayers can move mountains
....Faith is the confidence that what God promises, He will do even when we don’t understand.

it's just wonderful to receive messages from bacolod that manang melo has been showing improvements. With what she has gone through, truly it is the Lord that has healed her.

RAIN....i thank God for the rain! does this mean that we will have a regular supply of water now that it has started to rain? sana......sana......sana.....

Feb 20, 2004

how do you like my new blog template? feeling girl na girl ako! =)
to all those who prayed for manang melo...thanks!

we are almost past the 48 hours critical period and hopefully things will be better the next few days. doctor's say it will take time for her to recover, but that doesn't really matter. all that's important right now is that she recovers. please keep on praying for her and for the family.

friday was ok....anne got married and i really pray that she is ready already for married life and in a few months for motherhood.

what am i to do today???? i super want to go to the adidas sale at alabang but im not sure if i could go....the adidas sale kasi means gastos! but according to mashy, dami good items on sale....wha!!!!!

hopefully i get to go out tonight....i wasn't able to go out the whole week, impossible as it may seem but true.

Feb 19, 2004

Manang Melo

to whoever is reading this blog right now, please pray for manang melo, my mom's sister. she suffered from a massive heart attack yesterday and is now in the icu. i believe in the power of prayer and in miracles....

Feb 17, 2004


what do you do if at 9 in the morning you get a call in the office and it is your 4 year old niece? hmm....

nina: tita macy, enge ng &%!#
macy:what nina? i can't understand
nina:enge ng bigas....wala kmi bigas

i didn't think she was serious. but when i talked with the yaya, she told me that nina wanted to eat rice pa for breakfast but she told her wala na bigas. nina then asked for my mom's number so she could ask for bigas. hahaha....yup!yup!yup! she is BOK's daughter.

Feb 14, 2004

happy V day!

happy V day as in.....happy valentine's day to all & happy virthday to my dad! (hehehhe)

i had a very quiet valentine's day. had to go to head office for a seminar in the morning. had lunch with E and watched wishing stairs at glorietta. went home after the movie to avoid the traffic.

last night, i went out with bheng...had fun but it was kindda sad kasi dati 4 kmi na lumalabas....mimi, sassa,bheng and me. now that mimiyak is in the states and sassa is in dumaguete...bonding na lang kmi ni bheng.

got a card from amboy...awww....so sweet!

Feb 11, 2004

ang ngo-ngo!

i read this the other day from mon tulfo's article in the inquirer. Its not everyday that you get to read something from our local newsparepers that would make you smile, that's why i want to share this to all.

umuwi ang isang ngo-ngo sa bahay nila
ngo2: (tinakpan ang mga mata ni misis) nges hu?
misis: (irita!) hoy! *#!*%&!@, pa guess hu, guess hu ka pa dyan! ikaw lang naman ang ngo-ngo dito!

funny diba, o babaw lang ako?

good day to all!!!!

Feb 9, 2004

happy birthday myke!

now we are both 25!
i have shared a lot of memorable birthday's with her...hmm...on second thought, di lang birthday's bec we practically grew up together. im happy for all your success...i hope love will follow soon or meron na? kwento!
we (myke, me and manang) celebrated our birthday last feb 7 at mica's condo unit (can't believe you are living alone now myke!). walang oldies...puro young ones lang. it's just funny how our parties are different now because aside from the usually cousins, kasama na din ang mga special chuava's! hehehehe....
im super happy when im with my cousins, because i can just be myself. im glad to be relatives with all of you....you guys are simply the best! libre nyo ako!

view from mica's condo...galing mag picture ni E, pang post card!

Let's Celebrate!

Feb 5, 2004

Friday's top five

1. What's the most daring thing you've ever done?
daring....nyikes! I guess I'm just not the adventurous type. I guess when I was in bohol and I had to cross a hanging bridge na sira-sira na na super taas--is that daring enough? nah! But I would like to try and win the 50K in fear factor!
2. What one thing would you like to try that your mother/friend/significant other would never approve of?
jump off a plane ;)

3. On a scale of 1-10, what's your risk factor? (1=never take risks, 10=it's a lifestyle)

4. What's the best thing that's ever happened to you as a result of being bold/risky?
wala....I haven't risked anything yet...I have to do something about this!

5. ... and what's the worst?
yahoo! wala din....this week's top five is boring! ;)


nyikes! i wasn't able to blog for 3 days--busy? nah! tamad? hehehhehe......

i forgot..i haven't been bloging because i have been reading =)

i bought the book before Christmas but i haven't had the time to read it. I started sunday, and it is a must read for all!
Read it and it will touch you and change your life.....