Aug 24, 2009


Learned about this freebie through someone else's blog and then visited the website to register, got the coupon on my email and then headed to a National Bookstore of my choice to claim my freebie. Post-it's are love! Visit this website to register. I want more of this freebie!

Aug 23, 2009


Powerplant Mall's baker fair is love! I always get to discover good pastries. Two Friday's ago, I made a quick trip to the mall to buy some groceries and found some really yummy cupcakes I brought back to the Condo to give to my Aunt but I ended up eating both. I think no amount of weight loss pills would work on me since I'm such a sucker for sweets.
I bought vanilla and red velvet. Cupcakes were so moist and really yummy. I guess I'm still lucky I don't have extra set of hands to carry a dozen of this cupcakes.

Shoe Shopping

I planned on taking a nap for an hour or two but shoe shopping has prevented me from doing so. I didn't have the intention of buying new shoes. I'm on a shopping ban but I can't help myself from buying Naot shoes. I would have to say that it was i have to buy it on first sight feeling. I just knew had to put it on my cart and click on the check out button. Good thing they still have it on my size.
It's such a cutie right? Perfect to wear with shorts or jeans! I know, I'm trying so hard to justify my purchase. Teehee.


I love vacations, who would not? Just a last month, T and I had a grand time in Cebu and then Boracay. We didn't even want to go back to Manila anymore. But of course, we had to. This early, we are already planning for our next getaway. This is to happen in January and if things go as planned, we'll go to HK and then Cebu. We are to attend a wedding in HK and will take this as an opportunity to take a vacation. I'm still on the look out for "promo" tickets or we might end up using his mileage points from PAL. I'm not so keen on booking anything this early as plans might still change. I have done my research already and so looking forward to this trip.

In the near future, we hope to take a family vacation in El Dorado Seaside Suites – Riviera Maya. We have heard so many good reviews about this resort and we are have promised ourselves that this is on the list of resorts to visit for us. I love planning vacations and travels with T and so does he that is why we already have a list of places to visit.

We work hard, we play hard. :D

I Won!

In celebration of Kikay Exchange's third birthday, they had a birthday contest on their website. All one has to do is to leave a comment on a certain post. I have been trying for the longest time in winning something from this website and finally I did. Im so happy since the last time I won an online contest was when yen gave out a Belle de Jour planner on her website.

To my surprise today, I got an email from Jill asking for my address since I won. Here's what I won...

I won not just one but five tubes of this wonderful lipstick. That's a lot especially for someone who hardly wears lipstick.

Thanks to Kikay Exchange for the wonderful gift and for starting my week with some good news. I pray and believe that this week is going to be a really good one.

Aug 19, 2009

Bindi @ 11 months

My little niece is turning one in less than a month. I got to see her again the other day and everytime I see her she just gets bigger and bigger. Here are current pictures of the little princess...

Everyone is now excited as the little girl turns one.


I honestly don't need any extra stress right now. Im in the middle of a review for the biggest and toughest exam I have to take. I had to quit my work from home job to concentrate on review and then now Im being asked to do a business plan. I knew it was something I won't be able to do and there was no way I could do it but I had to help out and Im glad I was able to come up with a great solution. Instead of stressing myself and working my a@s off, I suggested that they get business plan writers. For one, they have experience in doing a business plan and we can just help with the review and revisions but the writers would do most of the research. Good thing my dad agree to it so now Im off the hook.

Home Sweet Home

My mom's sister arrived from the US last week and before heading to Dumaguete she stayed for a week here in Manila. She had errands to do in Makati and she didn't want to stay here in QC so she decided to rent a condo unit in A. Venue Suites. I stayed with her for the whole week so the QC girl was a Makati girl for a week. The condo she rented was fully furnished but since we didn't like the hassle of cooking, we always ate out. Good thing the condotel is right beside a mall so we had plenty of options.
I missed home cooked meals but had trying out new restaurants too. If you happen to be near Makati Ave, you might want to go to A. Venue and try the restaurants Fluke and Foccacia. Foccacia for their pizza's and pasta. Fluke for the close to home food they serve. They have really good mini burgers, tacos and other rice dishes. Got to try Botongs also and OkiOki. All the time I was there I was thinking I'ld need fat burner pills with all the eating I was doing. Good thing I brought a swimsuit so I was able to do some swimming to burn all those calories.
I'm now back at home and eating what home cooked meals. Hopefully, I get to continue with my "diet".