Aug 30, 2007

GOD is good. all the time.

woohoo. im so happy!

Aug 29, 2007

i went out a few minutes ago and realized that i don't feel safe walking outside our house anymore. i used to be walking outside with my cousins when they were still living in the compound. where we live is relatively peaceful and quiet. we'ld usually go out after dinner for a stroll or to buy beer or go around banawe looking for something to eat. i went out around 7 in the evening with our househelp and for some reason i felt really scared. i have never felt this way because this is where i grew up. weird.

Aug 28, 2007

read a few chapters yesterday.

went through a few tests to see of how much of what i read i actually absorbed,

and i did a pretty good job.

can now spend a few hours online for my opps.

will have to go back to reading in a while after the househelp finishes cleaning my room.

i think i can survive the next few months.

Aug 27, 2007

grey's anatomy season 4

i can't wait!

an online store

doing business online is highly probfitable and the daily expenses is less than having a store. and that is why their are a lot of online shops selling everything and anthing you might need. doing online shopping is also very convenient that is why a lot of people have preferred to do so rather than going to shops. when you buy stuff online your get it right at your doorstep. no need to hassel yourself of going to the store. saves you time and gas!

i myself, have opened an online store. i have yet to fill it up with stuff but atleast i have started.

an online store is easier to manage and design. all you will need is a shopping cart software that could support your business and prepare your for the ecommerce world. the website provides with such. the ecommerce software allows you to presonalize and customize your website. the website could very well represent who you are and could create a very good impact to the online shopping community.
today i cooked lunch. hooray!

i seldom go to the kitchen. i eat (a lot!) but i don't cook. i don't because i don't know how too. i have tried and i have to admit i have not been successful so i just stayed away from the kitchen as much as i could.

anyhoo, i was craving yesterday for a pesto based pasta with chicken strips. as i was at the grocery yesterday, i saw an instant pesto mix. i bought it and some chicken breasts for my chicken strips. i wanted to prepare it last night but i got so busy with the nursing board results i just prepared it earlier for lunch. it was easy. with the pesto mix i just had to add water and cooking oil ( i used olive oil). i had to ask the househelp to fry the chicken for me after i prepared the batter.

final veridict? it was ok. in short pwede na. it is way cheaper compared to eating at a restaurant and my family ate it naman so i think pasado. teehee.

Aug 26, 2007

christmas shopping

five more days till september and that only means christmas is just around the corner. how time flies! i have already made a list of my christmas gift list. why so early? i will be busy the coming months and since i am without a job, i need to come up with christmas gift ideas that are nice, something everyone will love but most importantly reasonable. right now i have thought of giving relatives a photo canvass. the list is still long but it surely pays to start early.
the results of the june 2007 nursing board exams came out this afternoon. i knew it was to come out already and i was even planning on waiting online tonight but i didn't know that the results are to be out as early as 4PM. anyhoo, im happy to share that all 3 cousins (jason,sha-sha and anna) passed the exam. all of my friends also passed the exams and one student from my school is part of the topnotchers. all good news for the day. and parties in the coming weeks to celebrate their success.

i opted not to take the exam because cousins were taking the exam and i felt i could not handle the pressure. but now that they passed, and i am to take the exam soon i have realized that i SHOULD pass because they did! double na ang pressure. OMG!

Aug 25, 2007

bogart is back!

bogart is now up and running! hooray!

my dad brought him to a different hospital that a family friend has referred us too and they did wonders with bogart as he is now well. it even came as a shock that no hardware was to be changed. they just made a little tweaking, he is fine na! my dad paid a not even more than Php500 (that's including the tip). but we told my mom that my dad spent Php350(teehee).


a wedding shower gift

a friend is getting married soon and we are organizing her shower party. she has requested for a party that is not naughty but nice. we will give in to a not so naughty party but we have found a perfect gift for her. she has always complained that she does not look got wearing pants because of a flat ass and so we are getting her a padded panty which she would surely love. its a nice and a not so naughty gift plus it is something that she could really use.

Aug 24, 2007

on monday, i need not wake up at 5:30 in the morning.

i will miss the morning rush and traffic.

i will miss seeing my friends at work.

im not going back to work.

i will have to concentrate on "something".

things will change for a few months.

hopefully, it will all be worth it.

Aug 22, 2007

collection agecies

i could only imagine how difficult and stressful it is to work for a commercial collection agency. it would also be difficult to find a collection agency that would suit your needs if you are a business who runs on credits. other debt collectors could come up with very poor performance. a good collection agency should be able to provide expertise and professionalism on the job as it is not an easy one.

Aug 21, 2007


to those with kids, nephews, nieces, godchildren or to anyone who's fond of wearing crocs, pls be extra careful when riding an escalator. i got this from here (im glad the kid is fine) but first heard of it from daphen osena, when her daughter met the same accident. apparently, the rubbery texture of crocs is highly possible to getting caught in an escalator. i thought it was an isolated incident but after reading this, i do think everyone must be aware of the pending danger.

good thing im not a crocs fan but a havaianas addict.

diet pills

an office mate has been drinking a chinese diet pills for the past 2 months. yes, she has lost weight but she does not look healthy at all. she looks tired, she fels sickly and sad to say she looks dry. im not against drinking weight loss diet pills, but i believe one should research and make sure that the diet pills would provide effective solutions. one of those weight loss pills that have generated a good review is hydroxycut. of course, if you plan on losing weight, diet pills alone would not work. you can only combine the pills with the correct diet and exercise to achieve your weight loss goals.

Aug 20, 2007

boy has a long time girlfriend. they met at work but girl A transferred to a different company because of better opportunities. boy meets girl B. boy and girl B becomes friends. best friend of boy becomes girlfriend of girl B's friend, and that made them even closer. word was out that boy and girl B are now together. but when asked, boy tells everyone she is still with girl A and is still very much in a relationship with her. when you ask girl b though, she'll tell you that boy has dumped girl A.

i too was confused not until one friday afternoon. we were with boy and girl B on an elevator but as we reached the ground floor and when the doors opened, girl A was waiting for boy outside. boy leaves girl B and puts his arm around girl A.

enough said!

Aug 19, 2007

Ashwin's Blog Extravaganza

earning money is not easy, but ashwin has sure made it easy.

Over at Ashwin’s blog, you will find one crazy blog owner!! You can win $2500!! To enter just copy this text and paste it in your blog!! But hurry, this competition will not last long! So get posting!

go over to his site now as the contest ends Aug.20, and you'll never know. you (or i) might win.

my computer

bogart (a name i gave my PC) died a few months back but i am bent on just upgrading him. my dad has been bugging me to just buy a laptop, but i don't like working on a laptop. with my desire to have my computer upgraded, i have also been browsing for a dell memory. dell is a trusted name, easy to buy and install. i will be needing the extra memory as i will installing software's that i will need for review. i need a computer that could launch an run applications faster. upgrading is more reasonable than buying a new one. hopefully, i get this done by the end of august.

a love story

when i first saw the trailer, i immediately made a mental note that i will watch the movie when it comes out. and then towards the end of last week i read about how kathy and rosa enjoyed the movie. i have not had the change to watch a tagalog movie since december but i sure loved and enjoyed the movie. i story was good, something you would not expect. the acting was ok. i loved RS francisco in the movie.

i would have wanted to have a different ending, but like what my mom and tita josie said, the ending of the movie is morally correct. and that what makes the ending nice. a must see movie tagalog flick. (tita benj, if you are reading this make sure you get to watch it!).

Aug 13, 2007


the type of tablecloth that one uses makes a big difference on the dining table. while they are really meant to protect the table, they also sometime end up to be used purely for decorative purposes. my mom is very particular with table cloths. but most often or not, we used one which is red base in color. she says it makes the food look delicious. whatever. teehee.

celebrity duets

i was not able to watch since i was at the party but thanks to you tube i was able to watch video's of the contestants performance. tessa prieto was super fun to watch.

tim yap with gian magdangal

tessa prieto with kyla

hayden kho (vicky belo's BF) with agot isidro

wyngard tracy (galing nya, in fairness) with jaya
i have been addicted to cheetos but i like the twisted puff one's. super yummy. i buy a bag a week. i make sure i don't finish a bag in one sitting but finish it in one week. cheetos and coke light--perfect combination. yum-o!

working abroad

cheers to my former client now friend jek who has is set to leave for the states as he been hired by an EMI Shielding material company. when he first texted me, i was texted him back asking him what EMI was. i thought music company, teehee. EMI acutally means Electromagnetic Interference. i still don't know what he will do and what the company is for. just the same i am happy for him. he has been slaving himself for the past year so he truly deserves it. congrat's and see you on your despidida party.

it's TJ's turn

after my sister's birthday party it's my nephew's turn. TJ is to celebrate his 9th birthday and my cousin mashy has started the preparations for his birthday. mashy has already made restaurant reservations and is now on the look out for party invitations. it's barely a month till his birthday but preparations are now in full swing. everyone is excited already and it sure is going to be fun.

Aug 12, 2007

a not so children's party

here is a sneak peek of my sister's birthday party last saturday. we had to come to the pary wearing our best "totoy" or "nene" outfit.

baby macy

drink muna ako milk

my crazy family

kwento and more photos to follow within the week.


i am now a smorty!

finally after having to resubmit my blog, i have finally been approved to be part of the a smorty.

i do blog advertising and i am so happy with all the tasks i have been given. im not only happy with the tasks im getting but the extra money i get from this has been great. at least the time i spend online has been put to very good use. im now even thinking of getting my own domain name since i know i could get more tasks by doing so. in a few weeks, i will have to lessen my online time since i will have to seriously review for the boards but im still allotting at least 2 hours a day online to do my paid posts.

aside from earning money, i have discovered great sites and products. the products i have encountered are useful.

cheers to more online tasks!


i have read that manny pacquiao, after a few days in the states is to comeback to the philippines and has decided to just train here for his fight in october against marco antonio barrera. im no boxing expert but i don't think it is such a good decision to just train here than to train in the states. i don't really know what prompted him to go back to the philippines but i hope he realizes that barrera won't allow him to win easily. if he does not train well for the october fight and eventually loses the fight, it could very well be the start of the end of his boxing career.

im happy that we won the world boxing cup and equally happy for gerry penalosa who deserved his win. too bad boom-boom lost. oh well, we can't have everything.

Aug 9, 2007

talk to my lawyer

my friend liz is a New York personal injury lawyer. she said that her job though it takes much of her time has been very fulfilling. i finally got to see her after 4 years. she handles medical malpractice cases as well. the cases she handles vary. from cases due to an injury suffered by a person or property to injury resulting from someone else's negligence or fault. she was even telling me of a case she recently handled that was due to a non physical loss. it was nice seeing her and it's nice to know that i now have someone who could help me just in case i get into trouble in the states (not that i want too!).

dear diary

my all-time favorite commercial.

dad's christmas wish

my dad told us over dinner that he wants a plasma cutting machine for Christmas. i thought he was kidding, but he was not! a plasma cutting machine is a cutting tool for occasional repair and maintenance work. my dad loves on fixing anything and everything. i remember him working on a washing machine that we had. i was joking him at that time that he was working on an airplane. teehee. he says that if he had a plasma cutting machine, it will make his work easier and he would come up with high quality output. i told him i will buy him the my dreams! teehee.

concert tickets

i love watching concert's. who doesn't? one of the most unforgettable concerts i have seen was that of the corrs. i remember that my friends and i had a hard time getting our tickets for the concert. ever since that time, i have been learned my lesson. i now buy concert tickets online. not only is it more convenient but it is way safer than buying tickets from unauthorized ticket vendors.
rain. rain. do not go away. macy wants to stay in bed and sleep all day.


it has been so hard waking up and going to work. i even had to toss coin this morning since i was so lazy and was not in the mood to go to work. but i had to go no choice. i had to drag my lazy a@$ to work. good thing work was so-so today, unlike yesterday.

i still have nothing to wear for my sister's birthday. i might go for my sister's suggestion of dressing up like shirley temple or maybe dress up like blossom of PPG or maybe..i don't know! i still have up to tomorrow to buy an outfit and decide on what to do. wish me luck.

calorie counter

one of my main goals for this year is to eat healthy and be healthy. i try to box as often as i could as that is my only exercise and recently i have been keep a close watch on the calories i consume. it has been so hard but thanks to a free calorie counter i chanced upon online, life has been a wee bit easier. my calorie counter has helped me monitor my calorie intake and has so far been very effective in my goal to making sure i eat the right food. i believe i have been able to make better food choices. i still have a long way to go but it is a great feeling knowing i am making a progress on achieving my goal.

Aug 6, 2007

i need help!

my sister is celebrating her bday this weekend with a children's party. i don't know what to wear. it's a costume party and the theme for the costumer is "best totoy or nene outfit". i only have 4 more days to come up with an outfit. help please!

Aug 2, 2007

busy mode...thank God it's friday!

drug rehabilitation

any type of addiction must be addressed by drug rehabilitation. centers as such offers a lot of treatment that could greatly help a patient recover from an addiction. their are a lot of rehabilitation centers but all of them have a common goal, and that is to provide utmost care. it is hard to overcome addiction. a support group is really important to encourage the patient that he can overcome the addiction. rehabilitation also prepares the patient to the face the real world.