Sep 29, 2006

what the!?!

i never thought the typhoon would be strong.

ang halaman ni mommy sa garden, lahat nasira.

amidst the strong winds and rain, we had to rescue chong, chang, mark, jennilyn and tweety.

phone has no dial tone...buti na lang since 10am the phone line was restored na.

no cell signal up to now...calling sun cellular!

no cell battery...thank you bpi family bank del monte for allowing me to charge my phone.

28 hours now without electricity. they say that 80% of luzon's electricity is to be restored by 6pm. what if we are part of the 20% who would have to wait longer...wha!

i am missing gregory.

will blog later with detailed story once meralco restores our electricity. the laptop's battery is about to die too.

paging meralco and tito jimmy...

Sep 24, 2006

tapos na ang maliligayang araw.

i am back at work. on thursday, we go back to the hospital.

back to normal.

meaning i have less time to watch house. so the mission to finish the second season up to wednesday is bleak. And talking about house, natulala ako while watching the last episode of the first season. It was after Dr.House fixed ( he is more of a mechanic minsan than a doctor!) an ex-girlfriends husband. The breakup was not actually nice and they had this conversation towards the end of the episode...

Stacy: You were right.
Dr House: He's gonna be fine.
Stacy: No. About me. Im not over you. You were--You were the one. You always will be. But I can't be with you.
Dr House: So, I'm the guy, but you want the other guy. Who, by definition, can never be the guy.
Stacy: What's so great about you is you always think you are right. And what's so frustrating is you are right so much of the time. You are brilliant, funny, suprising, sexy. But with you, I was lonely. And with Mark, there's room for me
Dr. House: okay
(and stacy gives dr house a kiss on the cheek)

bakit ako natulala? because i heard the same statement a few years back. of course i felt at that time na binibilog lang ang ulo ko. i never really thought it was possible...but thinking about it now, it is! but since that was years ago....i know he is happy na and i am. plus, i don't think he still thinks that i am the one even if he is with the other girl. if he does, well the feeling is not mutual. ang alam ko nabaliw lang sya dati.

i will miss house. i hopefully get to watch atleast 3 episodes a day--in between sleeping, studying and tutoring.

something funny...

last week, i was watching a dance show on abc5 that lucy torres hosts while preparing for work. tuesday vargas was dancing with her partner and since i was in the same room with my mom....
mom: ang galing nitong si sunday vargas.

me: huwat?
mom: si sunday vargas, magaling sumayaw.
me: ngek! mom, sunday ngayon pero tuesday vargas ang pangalan ng artista (teehee!).

my moms friend was at the house a few weeks back. she was so mad at someone
Tita: alam mo yun, wala silang gout!

me: gout? baka guts.
Tita: yun nga...
(kala ko di lang makalakad kaya walang ginagawa!)

The same tita was having lunch at our house this afternoon...
Tita: Sinabi ko na baka na burn out na sila kaya sila crunchy.

tita: ano nga yun macy, yung parang masungit na.
me: ah, grouchy.
tita: yun tama. grouchy nga

and as i was chatting with a friend...
me: (i said something and called him chiong/tsong)
friend: im not naman chinese why do you call me that.

teehee! enjoy the last week of september (woohoo! october na...few more days christmas na. my favorite time of the year.)!

Sep 23, 2006

God has heard our prayers that we be spared from duty this week. We are on our last leg of hospital rotations for this semester. And we have saved the best for last...Medical Ward.
Medical ward is the most tiring clinical rotation I have ever had. Plus the heat is killing us! I have always thought that if it was only an airconditioned hospital, it would not be as bad. The eight hours we spend in the hospital is 8 hours well spent. We do everything--morning care, vital signs ( pag malas ka, you might need to do this every 15 minutes!), medications, and the walang katapusang charting! Pag sobrang malas ka pa at namatay ang patient that is assigned to you, mag post mortem ka pa. Sino pa ang gusto maging nurse dyan?

I have always refused to watch house. Ayaw ko kasi kay doctor house. My friend fr school Atty A, has been telling me though that I should watch. I bought the dvd weeks ago but still did not watch. Last monday, all i wanted to do was to try and watch one episode. I was hooked! I had to stop watching tuesday and wednesday because i had midterm exams wednesday evening but as soon as i got home, i was again watching. I finally finished the first season friday morning. I now heart house.

Sana asa States ako para napanood ko and start ng 3rd season ng grey's anatomy. I told my sister to email me what happens. But I am not expecting that all the cliff hangers from last season be answered in the first episode alone. I can't wait! I can't wait!

Im proud of myself because inspite of the time i have spent watching dvd, i was still able to catch up on my readings. I was able to read but don't ask me if i understood what I read...that's a different story!

Sep 12, 2006

10 Utos Para sa Mga Nursing Students:

Got this through text message from ate emma....

1. Sa oras ng duty bawal ang daldalan.
2. Huwag laging pain ang nursing diagnosis.
3. Bawal matulog kapag 10pm to 6am ang duty.
4. Sabihin sa bahay ang totoong lugar ng duty. Wag humingi ng pambayad sa taxi kung malapit lang naman ang duty.
5. Huwag pagtsismisan ang mga pasyente.
6. Huwag mandaya ng vital signs.
7. Iwasan mag break ng Q2 at magretouch ng Q15.
8. Kapag di gusto ang Clinical Instructor, makipagplaskitakan.
9. Huwag magkagusto sa staff ng hospital.
10. Kailangan makatapos at pagbutihan....magastos ang nursing school!

Sep 5, 2006

at dahil gaya-gaya ako (got this from mica)....