Feb 28, 2009

Vacation, Vacation!

This early, I am already planning for yet another vacation for July. I have not even posted anything about my cebu-bohol-palawan trip and here i am again planning for another one. We are still undecided on where to go. How i wish we can go to New York with all the good New York City hotel rates i saw online. That of course could wait. For now, another local destination trip would do. Im thinking Cagayan de Oro or Dipolog. Any Suggestions?

A Supermarket Find

I grew-up drinking Chocolait in bottles delivered every morning right at our doorsteps. It was a drink that brought back so many good childhood memories. I missed the Chocolait drink for awhile but it came back a few years back. I still preferred Chocolait over the other Cholcolate Milk drink.

On my trip to the Supermarket a few days ago, look at what i saw..

The strawberry based tastes like tequilla rose and the mocha one tates so good too. try it!

Feb 15, 2009

Monday Again

~new week, new list of things to do and hopefully i get to have all the things/docs i need for this week.

~we are now halfway through february, in two weeks it's officially the start of summer. im starting to miss the cold weather already and dreading the heat of summer.

~last friday was the start of a new season for survivors and today was the start of the new season for amazing race. both shows are just ok for now. hopefully it'll get interesting in the coming weeks.

~im totally addicted to frozen yogurt. especially red mango at trinoma. yum!

Feb 11, 2009

bits and pieces

what ever weight i have lost in the last 2 months i think i have gained back in one month. crazy! the weight loss was not really intentional and an aunt even thought i was taking Stimerex ES. i was not, but i think i would have to if i don't stop gaining weight.


i have not been watching Grey's but i read that katherine heigel and T.R knight are leaving the show. that's going to be so sad. i love the izzy character! i have bought a dvd of the current season and im hoping to be able to watch it soon.


i miss my friends from nursing school and im just glad we get to meet up again tomorrow for lunch. im pretty sure it's going to be f-u-n!

Feb 2, 2009

Flowering Cherry

One of the reasons I want to go to Japan is because I want to see a Flowering Cherry. I have seen pictures of it online and on television, they were beautiful. I want to have my picture taken with tons of them. Another reason I want to go is because of Meiji Chocolate. Yeah, so Japan is on my wishlist of to go to's. Maybe one day (soon i hope), I'ld be able to go there.


Want to share with you guys a picture of our room at Daluyon Beach Resort. It was a nice room but I hope they had better lighting. The resort was nice. The beach was boracay like sans the white sand and the party atmosphere. If I was to rate Daluyon, out of 10 I would give it only a 6. The food was bland and expensive. Thanks to Taraw Beach Resort, the resort right beside ours we had wonderful and really affordable meals. Second, the package tours they had was super expensive too. the undergroud tour was priced at Php1,450 when we only paid Php150 per head at the registration office. Third, the manager SUCKED!.

I will go back to Sabang, but not to Daluyon. I'ld wait for the 90+ unit resort to finish before I go back or would rather stay in Taraw than have to deal with a manager who was very irritating.

Red Mango

The first time I saw the newly opened Red Mango, I wanted to try it--Sadly, we never got to try it. I have been addicted to frozen yogurt (healthy food!). And since I have been craving for frozen yogurt, my quick trip to trinoma this afternoon gave me the reason to satisfy my craving. I loooove it! I had the original yogurt with mango and strawberry as topping and I regret ordering a medium size only. I will surely come back for more. If you happen to be at trinoma, do drop by Red Mango. It's at the 3rd floor near toys-r-us. It's better than ice cream because it's not as fattening (yeah, im justifying what I ate this afternoon).