Apr 27, 2007

Mitch Albom is the best!

Like his two previous books, i heart For One More Day.

For One More Day is a reminder that today matters, and now is the time for making a meaningful connection.

happy weekend all!

Apr 20, 2007

when i woke up friday morning, my mom told me about a congresional candidate whose poster is all over our front fence. my dad has painted it already with "wag iboto". i made a suggestion that we get in touch with the candidate so that he could have it taken-off.

i thought it was going to be easy, but i was wrong.

we first went to the barangay hall to check if anyone from the office knew where the headquarter's of the candidate is. no one was at the office even if it was 2 in the afternoon. they went home for LUNCH and no one was their except for the street sweeper.

i thought of checking the internet and see if i could get any information about the candidate. i soon discovered that he is an incumbent councilor for our district. i called the available number of quezon city hall but no one was answering the trunk line. i called the hotline number and they gave me direct number for the councilor's number but no one was answering either.

i then called the office of Commission on Election covering the first district of quezon city. i wanted to know what we could do. or if they have any records of the office/headquarters of councilor abesamis. the girl i talked too, who was supposedly the head for the district advised that i get hold of the candidate. she told me though that she didn't know where the headquarter's of the candidate is. and that they don't have any records for such.

my dad and i decided that we will just go to quezon city hall. we went directly to the office of councilor abesamis but the office was closed. we asked around to check if they knew on how we could get in touch with him. luckily, someone from Vice-Mayor Bautista's office knew a staff of Councilor Abesamis. She gave me the cellphone number. i sent the staff (kuya boyet) a message asking where the headquarteds of couniclor abesamis is and he replied with "chowking, mindanao ave".

we then went to mindanao avenue. wala namang chowking! i called kuya boyet and he said he meant a signage of chowking not a restaurant. he gave further instructions that they had a maroon gate (it was actually brown).

finally, we located the office. i went down. gave my letter and showed kuya boyet the pictures we took. he then asked me if i wanted to meet the councilor. of course i said yes, teehee.

so he lead me to the councilor's office. i immediately shook his hand and introduced myself.

me: good afternoon, sir. im macy a district one voter and resident. ipakita ko po sana sa inyo ginawa ng mga tauhan nyo.
Councilor A: ano ba yun?
me: (showed the pictures and gave him the letter) akala po ata ng mga tao nyo, kailangan namin ng wall paper e.
Councilor A: sorry iha. hindi ko alam ito.
me: i know. kaya nga po, hinanap ko kayo agad para ipaalam sa inyo.
Councilor A: ipapaalis ko agad yan.
me: sana po. i was suppose to vote for you, pero ganito naman po nangyari.
Councilor A: papaaksyunan ko agad.
me: sige po. i will expect that. and may naka paint na po na wag kayo i-vote kaya paalis nyo na po agad.
Councilor A: salamat iha
me: cge. vote ko na po ulit kayo.
Councilor A: salamat. may dala ka ba sasakyan (parang gusto pa ako ipahatid ng expedition nya! close na kmi!)
me: opo. salamat po.

he had sent someone last night to take off his posters.

im just glad he stayed true to his word


when i told him i was suppose to vote for him, that was true. since he kept his word, im keeping mine too.

Apr 19, 2007


finally sanjaya went home. it has been long overdue.

Apr 16, 2007

vacation no more.

back to waking up at 5:30 in the morning.

back to going to the hospital.

at least for the next 5 weeks.

im now rotating in a hospital in manila. the last time i was assigned in the hospital was more than a year ago. the hospital has not changed a bit. well, except for the NEW and CLEAN (the old ones were super dirty and really old) ceiling fans that they now have and the TV sets which were donated by the local government.

even if the hospital has new fans, the heat is still killing me. how i wish i was having my clinical rotation in an air-conditioned hospital. im pretty sure that would make things a lot easier. and if a student nurse or a health care provider in general was in a more conducive working condition, giving health care is more effective. i think ranting about how poor the public hospitals here in our country is never ending. even if elections is coming, i think no one is really dead serious in giving much attention to our country's health services. boohoo!

i would gladly campaign and vote for someone who would have SINCERE and REAL concern on addressing this problem of ours. for me, if the candidate has no plans on supporting bills on health care, you don't deserve my vote. and you don't deserve to be a public servant.

i don't care if i end up not voting on may 14.

and i don't care if it's just a single vote.

who cares...no one cares...only care bears! teehee.

Apr 12, 2007

havaianas junkie

i don't have work.

i live by my allowance.

and yet i spent the whole morning browsing the internet for havaianas (ok, i reserved two pairs!).

i think im addicted.

this is bad.


Apr 10, 2007

please pray for my cousin's son MARTIN. he is 1 year and 7 months old and was recently diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia.

doctors have been brutaly honest as to his current condition.

i ask you that you join us in prayer.

please pray for my cousins melong and len--that they be strong even during the storm.

please pray that the doctors find a cure.

or that MARTIN does not feel pain.

i pray, know and believe that miracles still can will happen.
We got back from the Land of Sundot Kulangot Saturday night. The trip home was shorter than the trip to Baguio. The weather was great. Really cold in the late afternoon till evening and then in the morning. Loved it! our room in the hotel didn't have a/c, but you wouldn't even need one.

We left manila, 4:30 am of April 5. We made a short stop in tarlac and then another short stop to eat lunch. We finally arrived at 1:00pm. We stayed at citylight hotel. It was a nice hotel. The rooms were nice, the hotel was near session road, it's 10 mins walk to SM, the staff were all friendly and their was parking.

After checking in, we just fixed our things and freshened up a bit and then we wasted no time and immediately walked to session road. First on my list was to look for the Oh My Gulay restaurant. I asked a guard in one of the stores along session road if he knows of the restaurant, he said he didn't. We then crossed the street and i immediately saw their sign.

We immediately checked the restaurant. It was at the fifth floor of the building but it was all worth it. the place was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! I immediately checked out the menu and we decided to just come back the next day for lunch.

We walked along session road and after we decided to go to SM. I was thinking that it might be closed but it was not. in fact they extended the store hours pa. it was only 4 in the afternoon so we just went around.we also checked out the viewing deck. ate our snack at carlo's pizza. my dad and uncle went back to the hotel to get the van and then we went to camp john hay (which was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L), mines view park and then around 7 in the evening we went back to the hotel. we ate dinner sa hotel na lang. we called it a day early. around 9pm. everyone was tired.

i woke up at 7 in the morning. just had time to take a bath as everyone was waiting for me already. we headed off to buy ube and strawbery jam at good shepherd. then we went back to camp john hay to go around. the oldies wanted to check out burnham park but ang dami tao. it was almost 12 noon so we decided to go to session road to have lunch.

food at Oh My Gulay was the best! i hardly eat veggies but i really enjoyed the food. not only the food but the place as well. super nice talaga. after lunch, we walked to the market to buy fruits. and then we went back to the hotel. funny thing is as soon as we arrived sa hotel we started feasting on the fruits that we bought. after we all had siesta. as soon as we woke up we started eating nanaman.

we walked to SM again because my tita had to buy something. after which we walked along session road because the oldies wanted to eat steak and they saw a nice steak house along session road. unfortunately it was closed so we just ended up eating dinner at andoks. i had my second ice cream for the day after dinner. we then headed back to the hotel. the oldies slept early because they wanted to go to the market early morning. i ended up watching tv.

on my third day at baguio, i woke up late. the oldies already got back from the market when i woke up. i only had time for a bath and to fix my things. they wanted to check out early because they still had things to buy sa pangasinan.

it was a short stay but it was super fun. i never thought baguio was going to be so fun.

i heart baguio.

baguio pictures posted here.

Apr 4, 2007

In a few hours im off to Baguio. How i wish i could say, im off to boracay. But it's Baguio. I dread the long trip and the traffic though. It has been 8 years or even more since the last time i went to Baguio.

Baguio is where i went for my first horse ride. I remember how scared i was with the horse. weird ko talaga.

My sister told me that we should try the restaurant Oh My Gulay in Baguio. It's a vegetarian restaurant (oh no! im choosy with the veggies that i eat). I have read reviews of the restaurant online and it is highly recommended. Maybe we should try it. Im sure the oldies will love it. I will write a review when i get back.

Im currently watching the local news and it's cold in Baguio (and it's traffic)! I think i will have to bring my jacket. woohoo! now im excited!


I watched for the first time last night Philippines next top model. It was funny because if america's next top model has tyra mail, our version of it has Ruffa text. teehee! the show was boring. audio was really bad. the girls are not really model material. the judges were blah. i didn't like. i hope we stop doing our version of US Shows. kainis lang e.


the results of the 2006 bar exams came out yesterday. i can only imagine what the examinees go through. it must be hard. really hard.

i have long wanted to be a doctor. but i don't like the idea of studying and taking the board exams so i immediately dropped the idea of me becoming a doctor.

and then while i was taking up my masteral studies, one of my clients was telling me to go to law school instead. he was so willing to help me. he was a very popular lawyer at that time (now, not anymore because he is closely related with Pres ERAP) and he was telling me that i would become a good lawyer.

it's good that i didn't believe him.


because i have friends in nursing school who are lawyers. they are good and successful lawyers. they come from the really good universities. but they too have decided to take up nursing.

so what's my point?

had i followed my client, it would take me 4 years to finish law school.

and then spend 2 more years for nursing school.

it's good that i took the shorter route.

i think i am destined to be a nurse. but then again, i still have to pass the board exams. taking it i guess is my greatest fear for now. i don't know how i will study and prepare for it. i don't know what i will do if i don't pass it the first time i take it. AND i don't know what i will do once i pass the exams.

i think im ranting and i gotta end this now.


Shoutout to TETET

i will be missing her birthday celebration. her bday is on friday and for a change she will be celebrating it in an orphanage in antipolo.

Enjoy your birthday with the kids cuz!


have a blessed holy week everyone!