May 31, 2006

When I was taking up my first course, I never read thick books. Most of the books we had were the regular sized books. Wala ako nung mga "geek" looking books. Now that I am in nursing school, I have to read books na super kakapal and super bigat! Minsan, just looking at my books make me sleepy. My room is filled with nursing books. To think that I still have a year left of nursing the time I finish baka di na makita ang floor ng room ko. What really scares me is I am not a fast reader. I read books but for entertainment. It is easy to read--but to read, understand what you are reading, and to eventually apply it in the hospital is a different story. With the amount of reading I have to do, feeling ko na sobrang behind ako. We do have lectures in school but that would never be enough for me to pass the local boards and the exams I have to take sa US after I graduate. I really have to make time for my reading. Reading, understanding and not to end up sleeping. I always end up either sleeping or sleepy after reading a chapter or two. I would recommend reading medical books to whoever is insomiac. So, sino ba ang may secret to effective and efficient reading?

May 23, 2006

I felt it was something I needed to do.

My parents with friends watched Da Vinci Code at gateway. Since I have seen the movie already, I went with them but I window shopped. I was alone...going from shop to shop. Looking for anything that will catch my attention and trying to resist the temptation from buying since I am trying to save up for something. But what is malling without buying. So I ended up with tsinelas (not any of the designs that I want though) and kikay stuff.

After an hour and a half of walking, I ended up having coffee and reading school related stuff (i brought a book with me!) while waiting for my parents. We had dinner at terriyaki boy after (yummy!).

Was home past ten in the evening but I must say I had fun. It was time alone and I felt that in those few hours, I was in a different world (teehee!). I felt happy when I got home. Nawala lahat ng stress and pressure. And now I am ready to study for next week's final exam. Yep, in a few days summer school is over (And I am sooo excited). I still have things to read, do and submit. But I know that I will get to finish them. Summer went by so fast! A week after summer school is enrollment for the second semester. It will be a very busy semester with clinical rotations, but what the heck. One more year and I am done--with school, AGAIN.

May 19, 2006

i have adidas apparel for sale at a discounted price. if you are interested in seeing the goods, email me: happymace at msn dot com or leave me a message with your contact details. i am willing to meet up basta quezon city area lang. happy weekend!

May 17, 2006

tsinelas i want....

havianas summer

havianas chisco

havianas top metallic

havianas with swarovski color crystal flower

who care's if rainy season is just around the corner...tsinelas i want pa din!

Tuano Family

Tetet posted this on the family egorup--and i love it! We have to think of a theme for Christmas 2006...221 day's till next Christmas!
Spoiler Alert: looks like its Kat and Taylor (yehey!) for the final 2! click
here for voting results.

"Have a Good Time Funny Taylor" is my American Idol!

I would like to think Elliot is going to make it too but it seems that he doesn't have the looks to be an American Idol.

I loved McPhees's Somewhere Over the Rainbow rendition but other than that it was--blah!

I don't care on who makes it between Yamin and McPhee as long as Taylor makes it,I'm one happy girl!

May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day! We had lunch at Chili's Morato. We went early since we know (from past experiences) that restaurants are full during special occasions. I brought my camera, wanting to take pictures but I took one picture lang the whole time. We had salad and baked mussels for appetizer. I had pork with cheese and veggies that I harldy ate for main course. I was so full at the end of lunch. Buti na lang we decided to eat lunch out not dinner or else it will take me the entire evening to digest the food. I hardly ate dinner nga din kasi super busog pa. To end the perfect lunch is ice cream! SARAP!

Mother's day is special, has always been and will always be. So to all the Mommy's in my life, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

May 12, 2006

i love you sabado, pati na din linggo!

what makes me love this weekend the more is it has been raining since yesterday! horray! kakahiya man aminin, buhay BABOY ako yesterday. After work, i just slept the whole afternoon. had dinner with my dad around 7pm. watched TV and then was in dreamland before 10pm. I didn't do anything school related which is bad. I have to catch up on reading for my med-surgical subject. Oh well, i have the whole weekend to do this. not unless antukin nanaman ako.

tomorrow is Mother's Day, will probably be going out for either lunch or dinner.

i am an addict! i finished one season of grey's anatomy last monday and i can't wait to watch season two. The season one dvd had a few episodes of season two and the last cd was super bitin! kainis.

now that Chris has been voted out of American idol, I am wishing that Taylor wins.

i think i am not making any sense with this post. i always seem to be lost. anyhoo, happy weekend all and happy mother's day to all the momma's! *kisses*

May 9, 2006

A long overdue post. The Tuano's trooped to Cabanatuan for an overnight stay (april 31 to May 1) in Acropolis. Sorry for the dark photos, i used my dad's camera (yeah, blame it on the camera!).

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