Sep 29, 2005

had the chance to go see friends from rcbc savings that i miss and love dearly last friday. both jing (based in US) and gaspie (based in cebu) were here in manila. we had so much fun talking and reminiscing rcbcsb conversion days. i miss the days when we had to just stay at the head office to do nothing. go to megamall and take 3 hours lunch break (bad!). and the provincial trips and the saturday training we facilitated for the branch personnels. next time i do hope marlou and dinah could join us. plus ms cecille and agustine.


i was to meet gaspie at the quezon ave station of mrt and then we had to go to jing's hse in fairview. so edsel and i went to abs first. as we were to enter the building, i saw aaron standing outside. i find the child star so adorable and cute, next to bj or more popularly known as "lito" (the kid from the tide commercial). i just had to say hi. when i said hi he was so nice and said "hello din po". i just could not resist it and asked him if i could have my picture taken with him. he then replied "pwede po, asan na ang phone mo?". i told him that my phone didn't have a camera but i had my digital camera with me. i then took a solo picture of him and then he told his dad, "daddy, tayo naman!". the dad said "hindi anak, kayo ang picturan ko". after the short pictorial we had. i said my thank you and goodbye and he said "thank you din po and yngat ka po". he was so sweet. promise na starstruck ako.

watched the pilot episode of amazing race 8 wednesday morning. it was B-O-R-I-N-G! it was for 2 hours and for the first time since i started watching AR na bore talaga ako...big disappoinment. im rooting for the Gaghan family though. billy and carissa are so cute!


watched the first game of the best of three uaap finals game between DLSU and FEU. im happy FEU won. im not a FEU alumni, i even took up MBA units in lasalle but after one of the team managers hit arwind santos at the back of his head with his fist they deserve to lose the series. sayang i like coach franz pumaren pa naman. but sore losers don't deserve to win. the team even deserves to be penalized with what the manager did. GO TAMARRAWS!


special note to of mama san's bday now posted here. miss you cuz!

Sep 26, 2005

me and my juan and only

more weekend kwento to soooo sleepy!

Sep 21, 2005

.:: went to a car show at the forum near picc last friday with edsel. not so impressive though. i loved the vintage cars and remembered wowo's old cars sa victorias. how i wish someone have thought of preserving his cars. looking forward to next weekend's car show date with edsel this time at megamall.

.::watched cinderella man at rockwell after. since i am a boxing fan i enjoyed the movie. it is a story of facing life's daily hardships. putting food on the table and keeping the family together. truly inspiring. i will be watching perfect catch this friday with my perfect catch (*winks* too mushy...).

.::i usually sleep between 8 to 9 in the morning and make sure to be up before 12pm as leah (the kid im tutoring) arrives at 1pm. this afternoon was no different but as i was channel surfing i saw my aunt from LA on national tv watching wowowee! she was even doing the wowowee hand signal. hehehe....

.::migs of rockstar inxs suffered the same fate as that of jasmine trias in american idol. i wonder if he will also end up doing a mc donald's or a bench commercial? nak ng teteng! but infairness, he was really good. and i thought that he was going to win.

.::i missed the first episode of survivors. i was waiting for the live feed at studio 23 last friday but for some reason, they didn't show the live telecast. i hope that does not happen next wednesday for the amazing race family.

Sep 10, 2005

two days off from work, was tiring but fun!

.::straight from work, went with mama san to the grocery to buy ingredients for the spaghetti i will be preparing for her birthday. correct sassa...i COOKED spaghetti for mama san's bday.
.::after breakfast, we went to pick up amboy from school at 10AM and then i prepared the reviewer for the tutoring session and after the ingredients to be used for the spaghetti.
.::started tutoring before 12pm. finished around 2:30. i was so sleepy waiting for them to finish answering the reveiwer. while "my students" were reviewing for a topic i fell asleep for about 15 mins! bad tutor!
.::had lunch/merienda around 4pm with mama san, amboy and edsel. verdict:delicious spaghetti. pasado for a newbie like me. thanks to the delmonte kitchenomics receipe.
.::edsel went home before 6pm. i thought i was gonna get a chance to get some sleep. but i had to go out to buy something for my mom. was back home by 7pm. had the chance to FINALLY get some sleep.
.::was up before 9pm. went to mama san's house to open the "beer house"
.::was asleep before 12mn.

.::up early...had to prepare reviewer. ang hirap pala mag tutor. and i thought it was easy!
.::tutor for the day started early since i was going out with edsel. buti na lang exam for the next day was easy. language and filipino only.
.::was out of the house before 3pm. went to the bank first with edsel and then went to chocolate kiss to buy ms mayen (happy birthday!) a cake.
.::visited ibank morato (i miss my old office). and then off we went to greenhills to watch a movie.
.::watched the red eye. was a so-so movie. wala naman na choice e.
.::was suppose to have dinner at metrowalk pero super traffic so we went to marina in timog instead.
.::was home by 2am.

.::was up and ready to go to 168 by 8am!
.::the tuaƱo's invaded 168. we were there from 11am to 5pm. shopping gallore...shoppers haven talaga and ung 2K mo sobrang dami mo mabibili. not that i spent that much....because i didn't. it was judging from what mica and ate peach were able to buy.
.::im at the office right now. dead tired and sleepy but no choice...i can sleep later naman. can't wait till next thurs and friday.