Nov 18, 2006

this is it.

i signed up for boxing classes at sarreal. i will plan to have my first training by Tuesday after work. it's walking distance from my house, so the walk from my house to the gym serves as my warm up. teehee. im hoping that i get to go to the gym to train at least 2 times a week. i have met my trainer already and he seems nice. but he said he is not during training. teehe. tatagal kaya ako--will see.


went to the gym with my dad this morning to watch the pacquiao-morales fight.

they set up a wide screen for the members. so instead of going to the malls or subscribe to sky cable's pay-per-view, we went to the gym na lang. good decision because the fight lasted for three rounds only.

i think it's time Eric Morales change his moniker from el terrible to el retiro(got that from my uncle. so funny!).

he looked really sad on the pic i took. considering he was about to enter the ring at that time. i guess in his heart he knew he would not win. that it was a difficult to beat Manny. anyhoo, I'm sure dami naman sya pera. i was silently rooting for Eric to win. ayaw ko kasi Manny "yabang" Pacquiao. but oh well, i still cheered as he knocked out Eric for the third time.

Manny should just speak Tagalog during interviews. nakakainit ng ulo ang pag ingles niya.

Nov 10, 2006

As of 11:00PM, November 10 PAGASA issued a weather bulletin with regards to typhoon "queenie" (international name "chebi").

I pray that it is not as bad as typhoon "milenyo" as it could hit Metro Manila if it changes direction as it passess through Sierra Madre.

Another bulletin is to be released by 5:00AM.

For more information, read here.

Nov 6, 2006

i was going over our tuano egroup, i saw funny and memorable picutres. *senti* mode taloy ako. let me take you to a trip down memory lane....

ganito kmi noon...with wawa and wowo

tuaño version of menudo (tuaño boys) with the girls.

outside the house in victorias by the train (na wala sa pic).

wowo's benz!

mug shot with baby amboy.

our traditional neoprints

christmas 2002

pagtakhan family...look-a-like sila talaga!

buddah bok!

i'm a tuaño and I LOVE IT!

Nov 4, 2006

pag ang plano mo hindi na susunod, nakakainis. it is really beyond my control and because of this, i have to adjust the things i have planned for atleast the next year. B-A-D-T-R-I-P!

Nov 2, 2006

we left manila exactly 5am. since PGMA did not declare nov 2 as a holiday, we were expecting na traffic going home to NE. We arrived cabanatuan before 8am...which was not bad. considering that my mom made a stop at a market in sta rosa for aroind 30 minutes to buy fruits.

we thought of having breakfast at acropolis, also to check if sila tita elo were still checked in. but as we went out of the van, they were about to leave na din. they were targeting to back to manila after lunch so they wanted to go to the cemetry early. we just decided to meet up sa cemetry. we went to the columbarium first to say a prayer for tita tess. after that we went to jollibee to eat breakfast.

after breakfast we went my lola's hse to pick up tito oboy and family. we were at the cemetery before ten in the morning. we first went to the tomb of tiong tito, tita elo's dad. after we went to tio vering's tomb, where my great grandparents (lola's side) were also buried.

we had lunch which was composed of pinakbet, adobo and fried tilapia. we ate lunch at the cemetery. it was a non-stop eating session also. we were eating peanuts, popcorn, chips, grapes, lanzones, sandwich, atbp!

around 2pm my dad and i went to where my great grandparents and other relatives from the diaz side were buried. i took photos, using my phone only cause i left my camera! around 5pm we went to another side of the cemetery to where other relatives (my dad's cousins) were.

we left the cemetery past 6pm. hatid yung ibang relatives tapos we had dinner at max's cabanatuan before heading home. we left cabanatuan at exactly 8pm and we arrived manila 11pm. traffic was really bad sa bulacan. considering it was late na.

it has been awhile since we last went to NE for all-saints day. it was fun. it has always been fun.

i was at the last row of the van...and it served as my bed!
a picture of nanay and tatay...i miss them
my nanay and tatay
tito teody eating the lanzones that was maasim but he says "pwede pang tamis ito sa kape!"
my great-great grandfather lived for 106 years. wow!

akala ko nung bata pag nakalagay sa labas family, ang ibig sabihin namatay buong family! teehee terno si dad with the chowking booth
akala ko nag pray...texting pala...teehee.

only in the Philippines