Mar 27, 2004

manang melo, WKL and noypi

mom left for bacolod saturday early morning--first flight to attend borgy's graduation and to visit. before dad, left he was asking me if i wanted to go so he could buy me ticket too. i said i didn't but now i wish i did. it's not that there was nothing to do here at home but after i called victorias and mom made me talk to manang melo ( i did the talking because all she can say is BA BA BA) now i wish i came to visit her too. to whoever is reading this blog entry, please include her in your prayers.

i didn't go out saturday which was quite unusual. since mom is on "vacation" and the maid is on "vacation" too, i decided to just stay home and do my mom's bilin.

and then i watched wish ko lang(WKL). i really enjoy watching it because it always makes me feel good and it reminds me of the many blessings i get. yesterday was mang jimmy's turn of the limelight. he is so called the "taong alimango" bec of how is hands and feet are....they are like those of a crab. they believed that he was like that because of the alimango his mom loves to eat while pregnant with him. but what struck me was that he was not the only one like that in the family. 2 of his sisters and a number of his pamangkins were like that too. when WKL sent him to the doctors, they said that it was a single gene abnormality. but inspite of his physical abnormality, he still sees to it that he works for a living. horray!!! atleast he works and he is not just on the streets of metro manila begging for money. he walks without slippers or shoes, he bikes around and sells ice candy (yummy!!) and does frames for pictures. hats off to him!

and since i was glued on TV, i was able to see the mtv and hear the song of bamboo (former lead vocalist of rivermaya). the song si sooo true and like the title "NOYPI" it is truly PINOY! to all those filipino's abroad who says they would never go back and live here in the philippines again because of our living conditions here--HA! that's not true!!! there would be no place like home! what i liked best from the song is this line:

Tingnan mo iyong palad
Kalyado mong kamay sa hirap ng buhay
Ang dami mong problema, nakuha mo pang ngumiti
Noypi ka nga, astig

PINOY, MABUHAY KA! but i don't mind going to other countries for vacations(hehehehe....)

Mar 25, 2004

i love lucy and henry and ula.....

watched 50 First Dates last sunday with edsel and it was totally funny and a really nice movie....must see!!!!

im still sick...i hope to feel better over the weekend...i hate being sick.

mom leaves on saturday to attend borgy's graduation in bacolod. she will be back on monday. hmmm...san kaya pwede makikain? with cristy on a 2 week vacation, i would have nothing to eat!

i want to go on vacatioooonnnnn!!!!!!!!!

Mar 20, 2004

i hate it when im not 100% ok...i woke up this morning and my tonsil's hurt really bad. i knew a flu is coming bec i was not feeling ok last night--i didn't even finish my drink!

went to the office this morning, for over tawad but i was totally useless bec i feel feverish. i came in at 10am (suppose to be 8:30) and then at 3pm i was like "aren't we going home yet" nyikes! nakakahiya!

today is not a happy day--i know i should always think of everyday as a happy day but today is simply not. there are things that you want to have happened but it didn't. you get sad and disappointed but in the end there is nothing really you could do but accept things as they happen and pray that it doesn't happen again. i guess it will always be ok to feel bad beacause we are only human--and it is ok to cry.

CRY--believe it or not, i was watching wish ko lang and i cried! hehehhee...i guess it's the hormones but i was just really touched with the featured story of a family who lives in the pier. Imagine that they have to pay 20 pesos each just to use the bathroom. how lucky are we that could live at the comforts of our home. use the bathroom without paying a single centavo, sleep in our beds, eat at a dining table with decent food. The family came from the province (cant remember where) and went here to manila "para makipagsapalaran". argh! i hate that line....people in the provinces think of manila as the land of milk and honey, which is totally not true. in the provinces you could just plant at the backyard and viola! you have food to eat. here in manila, lahat may presyo. going back to the story. the show sent the family back to the province (salamat!) and gave them a sari-sari store for livelihood. the other story was about an unano who was a good student. he worked hard, had very good grades, persevered and has determination to finish school despite of being unano. his mom died recently and before that their house got burned. they gave him a computer, a fishball cart and a college scholarship. hehehe--in short i cried twice! buti na lang nakatulog na ako! i wrote wish ko lang last year and they did call me and wanted to do my story but my mom backed out. sayang overnight stardom sana!

Mar 17, 2004

Busy as a bee....

had a busy but fun weekend....went to nueva ecija over the weekend to attend erin's wedding.

it was fun, not only the wedding but the chance to be with relavtives. after the reception we had time to just sit around, drink, and share stories. it was fun...being with uncles, aunt's and cousins.

at about one in the morning, we all decided it was time to sleep and we went to acropolis water camp--never thought such a nice place existed in cabanatuan....the hotel was beautiful!

i woke up at around 9am sunday and had time only for a bath, breakfast and watch tv for a few minutes then it was time again to leave for lunch at tita tess's house. it always excites me to eat at there house...lunch was sumptuous!

Mar 12, 2004

before i forget....

the other day, a client was depositing a check for his account. after i have posted the deposit ( yup, im doing tellering job for 6 months...i have no choice!):

me: (abot deposit slip) thank you sir (me smiles)
client: Mag wiwidraw pa sana ako sa account ni misis, di naman nya pinirmahan withdrawal slip
me: naku sir, i would need her signature on the withdrawal slip
client: gaga talaga....ay! asawa ko pala yun!
me: ikaw sir ha!

funny diba?
The Friday 5

1. What was the last song you heard?

Mahal kita maging, sino ka man....baduy!

2. What were the last two movies you saw?

Somethings gotta give--a must see movie & the passion of Christ--i have started the movie, but have to finish the movie later.

3. What were the last three things you purchased?

5 pirated dvd's...hehehehehe....wala ba si edu manzano?
coke float from mc donalds
coke light

4. What four things do you need to do this weekend?

go to the parlor
go to nueva ecija
attend erin's wedding (yahoo!!!)
meet with relatives ( inuman na!)
go out with edsel

5. Who are the last five people you talked to?


Happy weekend to all!!!!!

Mar 10, 2004

is eddie gil worthy of my vote?


VICKY MORALES: What is your stand on APEC?
EDDIE GIL Diba sa langis iyon?

VICKY MORALES: What is your net worth?
EDDIE GIL Ano yun?
VICKY MORALES: Iyung ano po, magkano po kayo.
EDDIE GIL Bakit ko sasabihin sa iyo kung magkano ako?

VICKY: Ano po plano niyo sa Anti-Money Laundering Law?
EDDIE: Dapat tanggalin na yan.
VICKY: Para pumasok ang yaman po ninyo?
EDDIE: Siyempre.

(After a tour of his property)
VICKY: Magkano bili niyo po dito?
EDDIE: 20 million pesos
VICKY: Ano po pinambili niyo?
EDDIE: Pera ko , siyempre.

Vicky: anong posisyon niyo sa GATT?
Gil: ano yung GATT?!

Vicky: anong masasabi niya tungkol sa kaso ng mga Marcos?
Gil: bakit may mga kaso ba sila korte?!

VICKY: ito naman ho yung birth control ano hong stand nyo doon?
EDDIE: birth control? para sa akin hindi na kailangan ang birth control kapag ako na presidente.
VICKY: baket?
EDDIE: kase ano na eh, lahat ng tao, kailangan ko marami tao mabigyan ko job, trabaho. oo, kaya ako nag campaign na hwag na kayo sasama sa birth control. family planning iwanan nyo. magplano na kayo gabi-gabi para manganak kayo buwan-buwan.

I will change the Philippine currency to the 'dollar' so that we will be more competitive in the global arena. Countries like Korea and China are now using the dollar and we must follow suit. When we do this, one Philippine Dollar will be equivalent to one US Dollar.

Vicky Morales : Ano po ang isang normal na araw sa inyo?
Eddie Gil (EG): Sabado.

VICKY MORALES: Ano'ng pangalan ng tatay niyo?
EDDIE GIL Ay, nde ko pedeng sabihin.
VICKY MORALES: Bakit naman?
EDDIE GIL Masyadong sentimental. Pag binanggit ko yun, mawawala lahat ng nasaisip ko.
VICKY MORALES: Pero patay na siya?
EDDIE GIL Oo, pero nakikita ko pa. Pag gusto ko siyang makita, nakikitako. Saka nagbibigay din siya ng instructions sa akin, para sa mgaginagawa ko.
VICKY MORALES: Ha, paano? Sa panaginip?
EDDIE GIL Oo, sa panaginip. Minsan, isinusulat din niya sa blackboard.

hhmmm....teka! baka naman the time of interview with vicky morales e puyat si eddie gil.

From:PROBE by Che Che Lazaro

CHECHE LAZARO Ano ho ang posisyon niyo sa population control?
EDDIE GIL Hindi ako naniniwala diyan. Kelangan pa nga dumami pa yung tao dito sa atin, like China. Tingnan mo ang China, 1 billion sila, matatag ang economy, dapat ganun din tayo.

CHECHE LAZARO Ano ho ang posisyon niyo sa globalization?
EDDIE GIL Ang posisyon ko dyan eh buy your own. Wala dapat foreign goods.

CHECHE LAZARO Eh sa open skies policy ho?
EDDIE GIL Anong open skies?
CHECHE LAZARO (explains)
EDDIE GIL Ah e di ok lang sila, payag ako sa foreign airlines.
CHECHE LAZARO Akala ko ho ba wala dapat foreign goods? Ang airlines, parang goods din ho yun, di ba?
EDDIE GIL Ah, iba yun, airlines yun.

CHECHE LAZARO Magiging sino ho ang asawa ninyo pag naging presidente kayo?
EDDIE GIL Aba, e di asawa ko!

CHECHE LAZARO: Sino ho si Eddie Gil?
EDDIE GIL: Eh di ako!
CHECHE LAZARO: Sino ho kayo?
EDDIE GIL: Eh di si Eddie Gil

PROBE: Mrs. Gil do you support your Husband?

MRS. GIL: Why Of course! He does the household chores and sometimes is the one who goes to the market, I have nothing else to do that's why I support him.

ELIZABETH: We have many companies all over the philippines and all over the world if I tell u it will take 24 hours..


PROBE: What is the business of eddie gil?
ELIZABETH: Nagpapautang sya sa mga countries na may kailangan. For example Korea, nung kelangan nila ng funding nagpautang kame sa kanila.....
PROBE: Saan kinukuha ni Eddie Gil iyong pondo niya? [capital]

Ang cute talaga ni eddie gil!

Mar 5, 2004

The Friday 5

1. First grade teacher's name?

Miss Banda...i still get to see here. Miss pa din sya!

2. Favorite Saturday morning cartoon? 9

3.The name of your very first best friend

Joanna Manalastas....became friends with her in 4th grade. for me, she was my very first best friend.

4. Favorite breakfast cereals?

hmm..i'ld rather eat fried rice and dried fish for breakfast.

5. Favorite thing to do after school?


Mar 2, 2004

tuesdays....i always meet up with a tuesday group composed of oldies and young ones, this only proves that two generations could actually have fun and enjoy each other's company.

we used to call it sta catalina household of they call it the tuesday group, nonetheless i still look forward to meeting with them.

it's nice to meet with people who accept you for who you are and for what you are. people whom you could laugh and cry with. being with people who you know are happy with all your success and will be there for you to help you stand up when you fall. people who sincerely pray for you and remember you in prayer even if it is not a tuesday.

hmm....we love to eat too...on top of the list---PANSIT!