Aug 31, 2006

this week has so far been...blah!

i lack sleep.

im so tired everyday.

list of things seems to do, i never get to finish.

i have unresolved issues.

hopefully, things get better in the coming days.

buti na lang....

septemBER na! pasko na!

Aug 21, 2006

my 6 year old niece talking to her mommy....

nina: mommy, was dada your boyfriend?
my cousin: yes, nina.
nina: was he your only boyfriend?
my cousin: no. but he was my last and then we got married.
nina: i can't believe it mommy. you had a fat boyfriend!

after i heard of this, i sat beside nina and....

me: nina, would you want to have a fat boyfriend or a not so fat one?
nina: i don't want to have a boyfriend.
me: what if your boyfriend looks like spiderman? (love nya spiderman movie!)
nina: (blushing) no din.
me: a boyfriend as fat as dada?
nina: never! no way!


pictures taken last friday. it was one busy day---pero super fun.

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more pictures posted here

Aug 17, 2006

random things....

if you read the newspaper or watch the evening news, you would know about the rumored local nursing board exam leakage. my school is in the middle of all the hulabahoo. im not worried though. despite text messages of concerned friends, i am not transferring. because like all other intrigues, scandals and controversies--this too shall pass.

i miss going to bacolod. my mom is going to dumaguete next week--inggit ako! sassa, amishu na!

i have been either in the hospital for clincal rotations or school for classes the whole week, it's tiring!

baby boy P is four months old. dad is in jail. mom is a shabu user. he was not fed for weeks. baby was malnourished with lesions/cellulitis on the head and different parts of the baby when he was brought to the hospital. My patients always, always makes me realize how blessed i am.

TGIF! happy weekend!

Aug 8, 2006

im currently addicted....

Aug 6, 2006

the exam that we had for my NCM204 class that was to cover neurology was super difficult. at first i thought ako lang, but turns out that everyone had a difficult time answering the questions. the exams started 5PM and i got to submit my paper three hours after! the type of exam was multiple choice but it seemed like all the choices provided were correct. i asked my prof on what the passing score was, he said 2. i think i got at least 2 answers correct--so hopefully i still pass the exam. :P

after the exam, my friends from school and i had dinner at marina. we went to mocha blends after for coffee and desert. we got to go home past 12 midnight na. i didn't have work the following day and duty was also cancelled so we took the opportunity to stay out late na lang.

duty resumed saturday but we had our orientation at the pedia ward lang. so after orientation we decided to watch a movie. amboy was spending the weekend sa house namin. since i promised him we will go to the mall after duty, he went to watch a movie with us. ate emma's daughter went with us also. so six (me,amboy,ate emma,trisha,arlet, and tita mai) of us trooped to SM city, not knowing na it was weekend sale! had we known, we would have gone to gateway na lang.

it took us 30 mins to park, we bought movie tickets for sukob. had a late lunch (all of us plus the kids were super hungry). tapos watched a movie. the moviehouse is new, kaya the air conditioning was so cold. i was sitting beside a girl who was alone and muntik na nya matapon sa akin yung pop corn nya during one of the scary scenes. the movie was so-so. pwede na for me. story was not nice but some of the scenes were scary.

we got home past 8pm na kasi it was traffic. had jollibee dinner with amboy tapos since pagod ata kmi pareho we were both sleeping by 10PM.

i went back to SM sunday morning with amboy and ate peach. bought amboy school shoes and raincoat. after, we went to the grocery since i had to buy "baon" for my clinical duty. we have duty monday to saturday for the next 2 weeks. for the OR rotation, we are not allowed to go out of the station kaya we have to have food with us.

sunday afternoon was spent sleeping and right before work, dad and i went to SM bicutan para ihatid si amboy sa office ng mom nya. amboy was sad going home, sabi nya "sana dito na lang ulit kmi nakatira". awww...kawawa naman.

when i thought i won't be able to go out, i was! and i had fun. i could say fully charged ako and ready to embrace the next 2 weeks of everyday duty rotation and having to work from sunday to tuesday since my leave was not approved.

an hour and a half na lang and im off na. i have duty at the hospital later from 2pm to 10pm and have work again from 10pm to 6am. i guess merong ma late for work mamaya....teehee! happy monday!

Aug 1, 2006

i have prelim exams later and tomorrow.

it is lea's exams also for the next two days (i started tutoring her 2 weeks ago).

i have been averaging 3 hours of sleep because of my exams and lea's since i would need to prepare test papers for her to answer.

duty resumes thursday, but im hoping it starts friday as i have exams on thursday afternoon that is to cover neurology.

duty for the next two weeks is everyday! i don't know on what to do with regards my work schedule. the vacation leave i applied for was not approved (nothing new!). bahala na si batman!

i want to either party, go out for drinks, watch a movie, or go to the mall--but i can't. not for the next two weeks at least.

August has just started, and it has been crazy already.

but im not complaining.

infact, i was able to change my blog template. and i love my new template (love your own!).

my life is not perfect, but i must say that it is the imperfections that makes life beautiful.

and it is the little things that people do/say that makes me smile.

God is good =D