Apr 30, 2010

Medical Supplies

I remember when I was still in nursing school on how scarce the medical supplies were. We even had to bring our own to use. Syringes were recycled and patients were most of the time are asked to buy whatever is needed too. This is far different from here in the US. With the coming elections in the Philippines and the unending promises of those running for government office, I do hope someone would actually do something about the Medical/Health problems in our country. This is for the longest time been ignored. They say budget is allocated but when you go visit the government hospitals it will make you wonder of where the budget is going. Pockets of government officials maybe. This is very disappointing but true. Someone has to do something about it. An action is needed soon as this is an ongoing problem for years now.

Job Hunting

Not me. Not yet that is. My friend is currently on a search for jobs in Philadelphia. Jobs because it's for her and her husband. After years of waiting, their petition has been finally approved and they will be moving around August. She was asking me if I know of any and of course I don't. I referred her to a website that could definitely help her. I know the feeling of moving to another country and having to start over again but I know it will be more difficult for them since they have 2 kids. They decided to move though even if the economy here in the US is not that good and that they would have to give-up their high paying job in Manila for the kids future and to be with family. Both their immediate families are here in the US already. I hope the job hunting won't be to bad for them. It will be crazy the first few months but then I know it will be all good.


T has recently updated our home insurance and a discussion on getting a term life insurance started. He has one already and I have one in the Philippines but that is not a lot. We both agreed how important it is especially since we are starting our family. Thank God for websites that give us atleast an idea of how much it will cost us. We got some really good deals online and we just have to decide on which one to get and on how much coverage. Our goal is to get this sorted soon.

Losing Weight

I know a lot of people are into "losing weight". I've been watching the current season of biggest loser and I'm amazed by how the conestants have lost the weight. All with watching the food that they eat and with exercise. I'm all for the natural way of losing weight. But sometimes with all the weight they lose I can't help but think that they might be taking the best weight loss supplement too. Nothing against that too. I think I might need some by next year. It used to be so easy to lose weight but I guess as you grow older, metabolism changes and losing weight becomes more difficult. Anyways, I can't do anything for now with weight loss. All I can do is make sure I eat right and hope I don't gain much in the coming months.

Apr 29, 2010

Thoughts of Moving

The thought of moving is giving me stress already. I remember when I had to move 4 months ago from the Phils to the US, I told myself I would only be bringing the things I need. It was sad to leave the junk I have accumulated in last 30 years behind but having to bring them over would need the services of a long distance moving company. Something I was not willing to do and definitely could not afford :D.

An idea of moving came about a few weeks back. The thought of it was exciting but then again very stressful. Things didn't materialize as they should and we know it was God's way of telling us to stay wherever we are right now for He has better plans for us.

Apr 22, 2010


The coming weeks are going to be really busy. No vacations for now (though i would really want to go to San Diego or San Francisco). We will just be busy fixing the house. It's not one of my favorite things to do but it's something we have to do and we can't procrastinate anymore. We thought we were headed into a different direction but seems like God has a different plan. I think it will work out just fine and it's perfect for us. I have started the "clean-up" by boxing the used golf balls I have seen in the garage. Next stop is the kitchen. I still have to empty 2 cabinets. In short, we really have a long way to go.


I need to go back to reading. I have not been doing so well in making sure I get to read my books and that is something I really need to do. I know that by the last quarter of the year, that is something I won't be able to do. I remember talking to my cousin about schooling the other week and it has been hard for her since she really wants to attend a cosmetology school in North Carolina but schedule is not allowing her to do so. She has 3 kids and just taking care of the kids keeps her really busy during the day. She is hoping that in 2 years when her kids are bigger she can finally realize this dream. She got married after she finished high school so going to schoold is really a goal for her. I'm sure she not only wants to do this for herself but also for her family. I'm just happy she knows how important this goal is for her and that she's really determined to achieve it whatever it takes.

Apr 19, 2010

Always Sleepy

T has been saying that he feels like I have been drinking sleeping pills as I'm always sleepy. By 9PM I am already ready to go to sleep. This is really something new to me since I have always been a late sleeper and a night person. I use to sleep really late and but for the past month or so I can't seem to stay up late. It's not that I get tired for the whole day since most of the time I don't really do anything in the house other than household chores. I now get my 8 hours of sleep which I think is good but the only downside is that less time to spend with T.

Vegas in Pictures

As much as I want to blog about our trip to Vegas two weekends ago, the lazy bug has bitten me again. I'm not posting any of my pictures though because I have been having problems with my skin. Must be the hormones but I'm seriously thinking I badly need to buy the best acne treatment product I read about online. I'm hoping I don't have to do that and my simple soap and water regime would work but if my skin does not clear out in the next month I might just have to buy one.

Here are pictures of our Vegas trip. I got to meet up with some friends too and that made the trip more fun. We are hoping to go back again soon.

American Idol

I'm loving the new season of American Idol. I'm rooting for Crystal for this season. I'm loving the new judge of course as I'm an Ellen DeGeneres fan. I find her comments really funny and I didn't even realize since I started watching that she knows a lot about music. If I like Ellen, I'm so irritated with Kara Dioguardi. I feel like she took over Paula but then I was not irritated with Paula but I'm so irritated with her. I'm reminded of how she wore a two-piece on stage last year for the season finale of AI. Seemed like the rumors I read she was drinking irvingia. I don't think their is nothing wrong with it since Irvingia has health benefits.

Anyhow, back to AI. I can't wait to know on who is to be voted out this week. AI mode on!

Apr 18, 2010


I'm now on a lookout for a comfortable shoes. In my current state, I have been told and have read that wearing flipflops is a no-no. Summer is coming soon and I was thinking I can finally enjoy wearing flipflops. But looks like that is not going to happen. I'm thinking of getting a TOMS but T is not really a fan of it. I guess I'm lucky that my only worry is on what shoes to buy and not like the business executive I read about online who is worried on where to buy gold bullion. That's totally more difficult since the value if gold is going up.
Back to shoes, I've thought of getting a TB but I just think it's too expensive. I want a new Melissa shoes but the designs I have been seeing here in the US are the ones I don't like. The designs in Manila are way better. The available designs I have been seeing are the old styles. I hope to find shoes over the weekend.

Apr 12, 2010


Not that I'm currently in a serious search of employment but I've been looking at websites recently just to check on what's out in the employment market for me. Having finished 2 degrees is not making it very easy either. Hopefully when I'm ready to start working I'ld have more options. I know of a lot of people who lost their jobs for almost a year now and are still unemployed. Things should get better in the coming months. I hope it does.

Apr 8, 2010

I've again neglected my blog. I'm such a bad blogger.

We are off to Vegas tomorrow. I'm looking forward to meeting up with friends and spending time with T. His been pretty busy the past few days and I know he deserves this break.

Pictures and stories when we get back. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!