Jan 23, 2005


to all who greeted me on my 26th birthday--thank you.
my birthday this year is very diffrent from the birthday's i have had in the past. this year after 8 years of always having a party, i decided not to have one. for the first time since i started working, i went to the office on my birthday and i went to school pa. i slept early too...
friends were asking me when the party will be but, i didn't and don't really feel like having one. i feel like their is no need for a celebration...and just like any other day the 20th of january will just pass. and it did just pass.

Jan 16, 2005


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i call him denzel washington and he is the newest addition to my inaanaks. it was my first time to see him. and he is sooo cute (like ninang!) i hope you grow up to be a good boy...and like me.

home again

Ivy left, December of 2003 to realize a dream, to become a nurse in the states. it was sad because a good friend will be miles away but in my heart i knew that we would always be friends and she was just an email away.
and in just two years, she is HOME again--for a vacation. she was suppose to arrive at 10:30pm friday so we (the barkada) were tasked to meet her at the airport because her coming home was a surprise for her family. but due to medical emergencies, the plane had to make an emergency landing at canada. in short, the 24 hour trip home took 32 hours.
plane landed before 7am saturday. we were at the airport as early as 5am! but the wait was worth it. it was so nice to see her and be with my friends. we made a short stop at starbucks emerald before going to her house.
we were all excited as we neared her house, i was tasked to take pictures BUT i was not able to do so. we all started crying as she hugged her dad and her sister. too bad, only one sister was home at that time. after a few minutes, we went home na bec i had school and of course para mag bonding muna sila ng family nya.
i will be seeing you in the coming days. welcome home, ivy!
the bannerwaiting game
jen,presca and hannajo
me,preka and ivyat the airport

busy me

warning!long post ahead that might be boring...

monday: work...school...school...school...
tuesday: work...school...super late christmas party for household. weird as it may sound pero true. it was nice to see them again after a tough day.
wednesday:was at school at 8am to meet classmates because we had to go to pgh to interview the head of pgh nursing service (off from work!). after the interview we went to terriyaki boy in morato to have lunch. classmates had classes so i went home and bheng and i decided to go to greenhills. we went around (no tiangge!), bought a photoshop cd that i am having a had time installing (help!) and a sun sim. we had merienda and then i went back to school before 6pm to attend classes. bad trip because i was suppose to have dinner with clients but i had to tell them i can't join them because i had classes pagdating sa school the teacher told me she can't join us for class because she had something to do.ASAR! the dinner was at 6pm in eastwood kaya di na din me makakasunod.cora and john anyways, i had to research for school presentation so i stayed in the library while waiting for my other groupmates. at around 9pm i met cora at pier one in morato for dinner and then sir john joined us. i had a nice time. it was a trip down memory lane...

thursday:work...had to go to smart to get something...lab classes for anatomy then we had a short quiz (asar!)...meet with my rle groupmates to finish the problem tree project that we had to present saturday...was with them up to 12am...was so tired already that my brain was not functioning anymore...
friday:i was lost the whole morning...school...dinner with classmates at saisaki...presca and johanna sleepover...went to sleep at 2:30am,was finishing a report while presca and johanna were sleeping
saturday:hardly had sleep...was up by 4am...we were at the airport by 5am (will have a diffrent entry about this)...school...office...school again...dinner with classmates.
sunday:church...sleep...blog...sana i get to install na the photoshop cd later...i get to study...and sleep some more.

Jan 13, 2005

am i crazy?

january used to be my favorite month....

i can't go on like this....

pwede na ba sumigaw?

kaya ko ito...kaya ko ito...

Jan 9, 2005

Press On!

it's monday once again. i should not be blogging but instead preparing for work, but monday blues=katamaran!
i had a nice, ok super nice dream last night but unlike sassy i won't be sharing it here para magkatotoo!
the week ahead is busy, as usual. i have tons of things to do for school meaning watching ocean's twelve is out of the picture right now. sana lang i won't be tamad the whole week to finish whatever i have to do and to read whatever i have to read. it's unfair that teachers give us so much things to do, di ba nila naisip na working students kami. meaning we don't have as much free time as the full time students have.
weekend was so-so. went to tutuban (yeyey!) yesterday with mommy and bheng. bought a shirt lang and tela for a top i will be wearing for kiboy's wedding.
the highlight of the weekend was having the chance to talk to mimi for i guess an hour. sobrang daldal namin! she shared stories of her life in the states and im just really happy for her because she is starting to make all her dreams come true. i miss her but i guess she is in a better place right now where a lot of oppurtunities are open for her unlike here.
it's 7:30 in my watch and i really have to prepare for work na or else my mom will kill me (exagge!) kasi ma late nanaman kmi. im praying that the week ahead will be a good one for me and for you reading this.

Philippians 3:13-14: Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead. I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

I whine too much and I know i should just be greatful for every blessing i receive. BIG or small. This verse has become my verse for the year. With this verse, i am assured that THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

Jan 7, 2005

it's not yet over

it is not...the week is not yet over! how i wish i could just rest and relax friday night--but i CAN'T! i have a busy day ahead tom....and i have to finish our presentation tonight. PAGOD na ako! talk about whining.

i received during the holiday's a christmas card na tumutunog when you open, ang cute!

i should get back to finishing the report. i want to watch ocean's 12!

Jan 1, 2005

God's grace is sufficient

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Your grace is sufficient for me.
Your strength is made perfect,
When I am weak.
And all that I cling to
I lay at your feet.
Your grace is sufficient for me.

not so happy together

watched a movie with my cousins yesterday and it was so not worth it! sayang ang one hundred pesos that we paid. ni lamangan kmi ni joel lamangan (sabi nga ni pashy). buti na lang we had yummy popcorn with us...

after the movie, with the north park take out food we bought. we all went back to the hotel suite where the pagtakhan's are staying for the night. kaya kahit hindi happy ang movie, kmi naman ay happy. too bad i didn't have my camera with me. hopefully mag upload si pashy so i could post our pictures also.

so,the first day of the new year was not as bad as i expected (thank God!).


we celebrated new year's eve this year at the pool side of mica's condo with the tuano's of course. before the strike of midnight, we (i with my other cousins) checked out the party scene at ayala ave. it was not as exciting as the millenium party 4 years ago so we didn't really stay long. plus the fact that we had to go back sa condo to welcome 2005 with the rest of the family.
so here was what we did at ayala ave....

at the streets of ayala
girls just want to have fun
us with bernadette sambrano myke,me and the swat team
my pasaway picture
wish ko lang
huli ka!naaaks! huli din ako!naaks!!
and then back at the condo....it was videoke time!

bongga ka day!
hataw pa!
stupid love ito!
stop!in the name of love
through the years song number ng gabi
it was a fun night...i may not be "happy" that night, but you guys surely made it FUN!

**pls click on the photos for a bigger version