Apr 29, 2004

i was so tamad to blog the past few days...how i wish i have internet access in the office so i could blog the very minute bloggable things happen to me.

i can't believe it's friday already tomorrow and that in 2 days it's may already. before we know it summer is over (thank God because the heat is killing me!) and we need to bring out our rain gears again and prepare ourselves for the rain and the floods! hmmm.....but before i get to wear my adidas jackets again i have to decide first on who to vote in the coming elections.

until now im still undecided on who to vote for even for the local positions. every time someone asks me of who i will be voting for president i would usually reply that i will be voting for eddie gil---but of course i was just joking! early this year i was dead set on voting for gloria, because i was thinking that i had no other choice. but lately im having second thoughts already and i am thinking of voting for eddie villanueva instead. i really don't know. what i don't like about gloria is mike arroyo. i believe that she is smart, at times she knows what she is doing and she is qualified. but like marcos who was married to imelda, she too is married (and separated??!?!?!) to mike arroyo who is not at all helping her but is instead ruining her. i like eddie villanueva bec he too seems to know what he is talking about (based on the interviews he had). but still im not that confident he could run a country such as the Philippines. Imagine the Philippines with FPJ as president, Noli as vice. jinggoy, bong, boots, bong coo, eddie ilarde, pia pilapil, jaworski, and lito lapid as senators. ARGHHHH.......i have to come up with my list na!!!!!

if by chance you are home saturday or still at home by 7:45 pm, watch my MY BIG FAT OBNOXIOUS FIANCE' at studio 23. it's not just funny but hilarious! one of the best reality tv shows ever---uhhmmmm.....next to amazing race and survivors (HA!).

Oprah at studio 23 last night was Oprah and FRIENDS! One of the best oprah shows I have ever watched…..

Apr 21, 2004

i love doing nothing.........how about u?

Apr 19, 2004

basta't driver sweet lover--iboto talong para sa konseho!

i can't believe he is actually into public service. ka-inuman ko lang yan eh! but when i saw him yesterday he wasn't "melong" anymore--MEL na talaga! come to think of it, he was an SK chairman years ago so he has experience and the heart to serve the people (naks! bayaran mo ako!!!!).

i know that we won't/can't make fun of him anymore. i miss the "sabado nights".......sigh........

Apr 11, 2004

the loonnggg weekend was so fun--nothing to do but eat, sleep and bum around! i can't even imagine myself going back to work tomorrow.

it was also an extra treat that i was able to spend time with family. with family i not just mean my mom and sister but my tito's, tita's, cousins and pamangkins ( boy, am i getting old!). we had a fun time swimming and eating at mica's condo--if not for the super sungit na guard, im sure mas masaya.

to all those who have missed episode's of american idol, starting tom it will be shown everyday at abc 5, 6pm.

Apr 10, 2004

Christ has risen! Happy resurrection day to all!!!

will blog about the loonnggg weekend later.

Apr 9, 2004

Friday 5!

1. What do you do for a living?

--gun smuggling, drug dealing, piracy.....but in reality im a banker

2. What do you like most about your job?

--i get to meet a lot of people.

3. What do you like least about your job?

--people can be pretty demading at times.

4. When you have a bad day at work it's usually because _____...

--of demanding clients and too many things to do.

5. What other career(s) are you interested in?

--teaching, events specialist, and marketing chuva.

Apr 7, 2004

Long Weekend

happy...im feeling so happy...why? three days of vacation that is why!

we initially wanted to go out of town and enjoy the looonnnggg weekend. unfortunately, the whole philippines was thinking of doing the same thing. so we (and the the rest of the tuano cousins) will just have to enjoy and make do with the swimming pool at mica's condo.

edsel's sick--wawa naman! i haven't talked to him yet. but i hope he gets better soon...di na ako so happy kasi sick sya...

went to pier 12 this afternoon with mommy to pick up cristy (finally the she is back after 21 days of vacation)--i was shocked! north harbor was so dirty--kung kolehiyala ang nag punta dun, ganito magiging reaction nya "so yucky! it's so kadiri naman here!" hehehe......

Happy Birthday pashy!!!

Apr 2, 2004


friendsters call her gem....(or sadako zubiri)
family and relatives call her peewee....
she is fond of the scent of katol and she loves sniffing ajax....(this is not a joke!)
she is a very good artist....
a chat addict....
a gym buff....
enjoys the ring series....
and a diana zubiri look-a-like
happy birthday cuz and thank you for the dinner last wednesday!


i was thinking of blogging and blabbing and then--BLAG! araguy.....

it wasn't katangahan--i was just not careful. i didn't know that the floor was slippery. i just wanted to get screw driver, but i wasn't able to get it anymore. what i got was a bruise in the arm and a bukel in the head. not bukol because that would make tricycle--tricykol and popsicle--popsikol ( bisaya man gid ko!)