Feb 29, 2008

Graduation Pictures

I finally saw my official graduation pictures. It was one of our classmates who went to school and got the pictures from us. I think I look old and fat in my graduation picture (the one in the middle. Our school president looks very funny in the pictures as he was handing me my diploma. my mom's friend told me that he might have been upset because i looked prettier than him. teehee.

to make up or not

I have been reading a lot about mineral make up online. I never really got myself to buying some since I am not a make up person. If i want to feel pretty I just put blush. It's my cousin mica who is really good with make up. I read yesterday through kikay exchange though that Henri Calayag has recently launched his own mineral make up line. I have read a few good reviews and I think i want buy a starter kit. It only costs Php1580 and would already consist of 4 shades of 10g powder plus a kabuki brush. Or i might just buy a kabuki brush and Pink Cheek Pincer. I have to go to greenbelt 5.

Medical Supplies

I feel bad that i missed the opportunity of joining a medical mission early this year. It was a medical mission of Michigan Doctors and it would have been a very good chance for me to familiarize myself with US medical practice. My friend eric was telling me that not only did they have a very successful medical misson but they the Michigan doctors also donated medical supplies to the provincial hospital that played host to the medical mission. They even got a carpal tunnel computer glove that they have never had and didn't expect to have. The local government and hospital officials were all happy as the supplies provided were exactly what they needed and even more than what they were expecting.


Yehey that blogger is working again and I can now finish the blogging tasks I have to finish before they expire. I need the money since I want to save up for a laptop. I am no laptop fan and I don't even like the laptop we have but since I do have major plans for this year, I might end up needing one. Since I want a small one and nothing too fancy I am more inclined to buying an Asus EEE PC for now. I can't tell yet what I am up too, but if this is God's will for me it will happen.

My pasalubong

Ayette came back from a looong vacation in the States. We had a small get together last night to celebrate our passing of the board exams. She came with our pasalubong, woohoo. i love getting gifts from friends who go abroad because they don't really have to bring something back but the fact that they remember me is something. Every time Ayette goes on a trip, she never forgets to give us something when she comes back. Even if she would only go to Cagayan de Oro. She didn't only give me her pasalubong, but JoAnne a good friend of hers whom we met had something for us too.

here's my loot...
shirt and cologne from ayette. chocolate and speaker deck from JoAnne.

now poon (my shuffle named after Richard Poon) has a new friend and constant companion...
Thanks, Ayette and JoAnne!


I told my sister in the US that we are going to Baguio for Holy Week. She has not been to Baguio for years and we were not able to go when she came home for a vacation. I was telling her that all the cousins were going and that an Tita Benjie who is arriving from LA before Holy Week is going with us. She started whimpering and telling me we should have gone when she was here. That was a week ago, today she sends me an email she is off to Sea Pines rentals for a vacation at the same time we are going to Baguio. now, i am the one green with envy.

LA Based Cousins

I can't wait for April as my De Mira cousins are going to Manila for a vacation. They are going home because they have to attend a wedding in Dumaguete but they are staying in manila for a few weeks too. It's good that they were able to get cheap flights since they really planned for this trip and was able to book early. It's very hard to get good deals during the month of April as it is considered peek period for the airline industry. I'm pretty sure it's party all day and night again.

what the?!?!?

on the day that i want to finish all my blogging tasks, it seems like blogger has a problem. i get to post but i can't seem to view them. argh! i have 7 to finish today plus the fillers. after doing the blogging tasks im of to do my work task. teehee, blogging comes first. i just hope that what ever im posting gets to be published.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas as they say is the city that never sleeps. one of the cities i have to go to when i go to the US since Mimi is now based in Las Vegas plus John is there too. Mimi works for one of the hotels in Las Vegas. She moved there after staying in Los Angeles for 4 years and working for Wolfgang Puck. She was telling me of how nice the hotels in Vegas are and i know that's true because my parents say the same thing. Their stay in Vegas was something they really enjoyed especially since my dad won in a slot machine game.

Feb 28, 2008

fun, fun friday!

I'm having a cup of taho from our suki on this cool breezy Friday morning. I have a lot of work to be done and I want to have everything finished by today the latest tomorrow. I want to do new things by Monday and we do need new people on the team. That means i really need to finish my pending tasks...no more procrastinating. I will do my paid opps Saturday night. I have a few pending and one just expired. tsk.tsk.

I hope it does night rain or drizzle tonight as we (friends from nursing school) are celebrating our success tonight with a potluck dinner here at my house. The maids are already cleaning the garden and mom is to buy crabs and sugpo from macapagal later. This is the first time we will see each other after the results of the boards and we are all excited. We originally planned to have it last Sunday but moved it to today since ayette only came back from the US last Tuesday.

Happy friday everyone!

Feb 25, 2008


just for laughs. read here!

Feb 24, 2008

this and that

.::my dad is off to bacolod today for the PAL intergolf club tournament. i will be home alone then except for today which was a declared special non-working holiday. i have to work though since we follow australian holiday which is really fine by me since i don't think we will have much to do anyway.

.::it's oscar's in a few hours! im excited to see all the gowns and shoes and jewelries. teehee. a lot of people i know are excited that they get to stay home today and watch it live on tv. perfect timing ang holiday!

.::i am now a coke zero convert. i had my first taste of coke zero last week and i loved it. it tastes very much the same as coke light for me but my dad says it tastes more like coke regular.

.::im glad that we have finally hired the graphic artist, senior web designer and copywriter. they all start tomorrow. all i have to do is to hire the SEO and then start with the magazine staff. yeah, i think i do HR work more than the marketing assistant work i should be doing. it's interesting though. i thought it was easy to interview people but it's not. reading through tons of resumes had been fun too. their was one applicant who i think wanted to be a politician and not a copywriter.

.::enjoy the week everyone as it's the last for feb and by saturday it's march already. fast, no?

Feb 23, 2008


the daughter of one of our family friends is getting married this year. she is in the middle of Wedding Planning and even if she could afford she has opted not to get a wedding coordinator. well, she is still thinking of getting one on the day of the wedding itself but her friends are offering to help her so she might just get her friends. all her planning is based on a guide she got online. internet resources has helped a lot of brides. she is enjoying the planning and she is loving it because she has been losing weight. with work and planning a wedding, who wouldn't. plus she has only 6 months to plan it. yeah, good luck to her but thank God for the internet.


after passing the boards im now worried of what my rating is. i don't want to get a 75! not that rating please. i know i said i would be happy with that grade but after thinking about it i want a higher rating. teehee. maybe a 76 but not a 75 please! the grades are now available and we could already see our rating. will probably check mine when ayette arrives from the US na lang.


it's sunday again tomorrow and this is the last sunday of the month. next week would be march already. fast no? my usual schedule on sundays is i go to church at 8am then we head off to either the grocery or to lung center for the sunday bazaar. if you are from quezon city and you have not been there, you should try going because you will get to buy a lot of things. my mom buys fruits from there and cooked viands. my dad gets his weekly dose of gatas ng kalabaw there too. weird but they like it. they meaning my dad, mom and dra. they put it sa rice nila with salt. im so scared to even try. the rest of the sunday afternoon is spent watching tv. love sundays!

credit cards

i have been thinking of using one of my cards i have not used solely for work. just to separate the work related expenses and so when i send over my bill to australia my boss will not see my personal expenses. im still not sure on what to do because i can also sign up for a new card. i have been checking on what cards are available right now because i really want to get the Best Reward Credit Cards. i want to make sure i earn points, rebates or rewards. or atleast i get a credit card that would give me a low interest rate. decisions, decisions.

Tag Invasion

snagged this again from peachy.

1. What is your favorite color?
black, orange and pink

2. What colors do you like to decorate with?
hmmm...i don't usually decorate.

3. Is there a color that you absolutely hate?
none naman.

4. Which colors look best on you?

5. Which colors do you wear most often?
black, brown, pink, red, orange and blue

mcdo chicken nuggets

i love mcdonalds chicken nuggets. i can eat it everyday. my dad asked me what i wanted for afternoon snack earlier. i first told him anything since i didn't have money. teehee. he told me he was going to razons as my mom wanted palabok and he wanted halo-halo. i then said i wanted mcdo. i have been craving for mcdo but the i didn't have money to buy mcdo so i have not been able to buy. anyhow, my dad bought me the nuggets meal. yummy! at least i was able to satisfy my craving but i want more. teehee.

wedding flowers

i went with my mom to the florist as she has to order the flowers they will be needing for their school's graduation. when we met with the florist, a soon-to-be bride was with her mom looking at wedding flowers. the florist made some samples of her bouquet. my mom being extra friendly shared an idea or two with them. the bride was pretty much undecided to what she wanted. her mom on the other hand didn't know anything about flowers. when they left she has not decided on what to get but atleast she had a shortlist of her options already. i advised her to check the internet as she might like something that she could just ask the florist to do. i also told her she could also get her flowers online, she didn't believe me on that but i insisted it was true. oh, well. i do hope she finds something she likes soon because from what we were told she is to get married in 2 weeks.

holy week `08

it's holy week in less than a month and have you guys made plans already? we are off to baguio again this year. i used to not love road trips but i fell in love with baguio when we went last year and im looking forward to this trip as all the cousins are coming. im looking forward to bringing them to oh my gulay a restaurant we discovered in baguio that only served veggies. im so excited!

pardon me

i will have to flood my blog with opps since i was able to grab a few this week that i have not done. it is to expire in a few hours and i don't want money to go to waste. i am planning to buy an asus ee pc as my gift to myself. i want a smaller laptop. the asus is the perfect one for me. having passed the boards i deserve a little splurging. well, its not really expensive it is actually very affordable. hopefully i get to buy it soon.

blisters, go away!

i hardly wear close shoes. well, i did when i was still working in an office but for the longest time i always go out wearing flip flops or sandals. my feet is not used to wearing shoes anymore. the one time i did, i ended up with blisters even if i was not wearing new shoes. i have tried everything their is to prevent blisters but its not working for me. i love shoes but i don't like getting blisters so i always end up wearing flip flops. a reason for me to buy havies.
i want to start wearing shoes again and i have to since i would need to meet our new employees for the signing of employment contract. i don't want them to see me wearing flip flops on meetings. a friend of mine suggested i buy blister prevention patches for Blister Treatment and prevention. she says it works for her, im not too sure though if it will do the same wonders for me. i hope it does so i can go back to wearing shoes and buying shoes.

typing test

i remember my typing class in college as i was doing this test. that was the subject i hate the most back then. super difficult to use a manual typewriter compared to typing using a keyboard. im proud to say that im one of those who type without looking at the keyboard. i was a bit conscious doing this test because i know that i was being timed so i think i can really do 60 words per minute or even more. modesty aside.

57 words


thanks for this snag peachy.

Feb 22, 2008

american idol

i have always been a fan of american idol. for this season the contestants that i so far like is david archuleta of american idol 7. im sure he has a pretty good following in the US. im also cheering for michael johns he has a good singing voice and very good looking. we are of the same age so i think we are meantforeachother. teehee.

for the girls, of course i rooting for ramiele malubay. i hope she makes it to the final 12 not only because she is a filipino but because she is also really good. better than jasmine trias i must say. the other girl i like is carly smithson.

four contestants were already eliminated last night. can't wait whats to happen in the coming weeks.

find a job you'll love not like

i had an office mate in the bank before who liked our job but didn't really love it. she'ld always tell me that if she only had the chance she would want a salon job. she loves make up and fixing hair and she is really good at it. everyday for work, i usually report with no make up and with my hair just tied in either a pony tail or clips. she on the other had was fully made up. we would always tell her that she was always looked like she was going to a party. but to be honest, she would always get compliments from the clients that she looked good and that her make up was pretty. she would even cut her own hair. don't ask me on how she did it because i too can't understand the whole process she goes through cutting her hair. i would always tell her that it's easier to go to the salon but she says they don't get to cut her hair the way she wants it cut. she eventually left the banking industry and took up short courses in cutting hair and make up. she left for canada after a few months and is now working for a salon. its true that you will never be contented in life not until you are doing something you love not just like.

Feb 21, 2008

terrific thursday!

2 Timothy 4:7-8 (New International Version)

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day—and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing.
today is a day to remember not only for me but also for 28,924 new nurses. the much awaited december 2007 nursing licensure exam results came out today and i passed! woohoo. RN na ako. i'm still on cloud nine and couldn't believe on how good and faithful God is. very few friends didn't make it but i know that in God's perfect time they will. i passed with my three closest friends (power of four kami) from school. passing with one of us not making it would really be heartbreaking. we have always prayed for our success and that all four of us make it. and we sure did.

A lot of days leading to today, i felt like i might not make it. i was super scared of failing and just the thought of it made me cry. i have given up a lot of things career wise just to stay in nursing school. having passed the licensure exams is a confirmation from God that this is HIS plan for me. In the process of waiting He has taught me a valuable lesson. That i have to trust Him because He will never fail me. He who began a good work is truly faithful to complete it. i have a few more exams to take and decisions to make in terms of what i am to do next but i know that God is with me and will continually guide me.

Right now my heart is just overflowing with joy and thanksgiving to God, my family, relatives and friends. my pasaway cousins who'ld always cheer me up and tell me i will make it during the times i felt i wouldn't. People believed in me even when i had doubts with myself. to everyone who remembered me in prayers and shared comforting words (esp to blogger, wordpress and multipy friends), maraming salamat. to the sta catalina bible study group who served as my prayer warriors, we have again proven that God hears our prayers. my thank you's will never be enough to thank all of you. Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior has again proven that He loves me. Happiness abounds!

Maria Carmela Tuano Diaz, RN iloveit! dad, i handa na ang lechon.

PS: to the dean of a very well known university here in the philippines who said "may isa pa lang akong aabangan kung papasa sa boards" after learning i study at PCHS. that said incident happened more than a year ago but i still remember it. in your face madam--i passed. my school might not be like your beloved university, our president might be in a middle of a mess right now but i passed and who cares i graduated from PCHS. that surely does not make me less of a nurse.

Feb 17, 2008


i have been having fun working from home. the advantages of working from home are as follow:
  • i get to work in my pajamas.
  • i have to wake up early but i won't have to deal with the morning traffic.
  • no office politics.
  • free lunch and snacks.
  • i don't have to worry about traffic in the afternoon.
  • i get to still watch my favorite tv show.
  • if i feel lazy, i can lie on the bed for a while without the boss catching me.
  • i have flexible hours. i do have to be online by 6am but if i want to rest after the "morning meeting" with my boss i could and just adjust my working hours.
i still have a lot of things to finish. i have still have to hire a web developer and a senior web designer. we have received a lot of resumes from jobstreet but i have not found "the one". i was able to hire copywriters already which is good news. siva has really been helpful. i will have to get used to the system though as we will be hiring a few more people in the coming weeks. peachy and kathy, i hope to have positions for you guys. i need to get in touch with a lawyer again today to discuss a few items we need on our employment contract.

all the work stuff should keep me busy. as my boss says, im the all-around girl no longer his marketing assistant. no compalints though. i think im really blessed to have to do a lot this week as it will keep my mind off this.

tv lifts

with borgy staying in his new room, my mom is thinking of getting popup tv lifts to save some space. the room is not really big plus we had to put the filing cabinet i have been using in his room as our room is not big enough. the v pop-up mechanism comes fully setup. The back panel lift design allows for one person installation in less than 5 minutes. mom is still undecided but dad is really pushing for it. let's see what happens.

bathroom renovation

im not sure if i have blogged about this but i think i have not. when the tenant on one of the units left early this year, my parents had the apartment unit repaired and painted to prepare for whoever is to rent the it next. then tita nora who lives right next to our home wanted to have their bathroom tiles changed. when you have new tiles in the bathroom, you want to have new bathroom faucets of course. i helped in picking out the tiles and the faucets. it was really fun trying to make sure everything matches. never thought interior designing could be fun.

Feb 16, 2008

A show of hearts

toni's blog carnival for the month of february is entitled A show of hearts. she posted the instructions a few days before valentine's day.

here are the pictures i have taken...

push pins

a pillow given last Christmas

a bracelet with heart charms given by my dad when i was in highschool

a banner i found along the road

heart prints on a kids shirt

and then i thought of taking a picture of something i really love and treasure, my havaianas.

havaianas i truly heart

it was fun doing this, toni. i wonder what's for march.

Feb 14, 2008

something you might want to read

i posted something here that you might want to read. especially mommy blogger friends who have kids and those who are planning to have kids in the future. you enjoy reading and learn a lesson or two.

happy weekend!

Feb 13, 2008


happy valentine's day to all and happy birthday to my dad.

no special plans for today. i bet traffic will be really bad and to stay home is a wise decision. i look forward to tonight though as the top 24 of american idol season 7. i have read a spoiler already and from what i read filipina Ramielle Malubay. hopefully she gets to the top 12. if only the filipinos here in the philippines could vote, im sure she'ld make top 12.

another show im really looking forward too is the season ender of amazing race asia 2. OMG, i hope mark and rovilson wins. from what i have been reading, rovilson and vanessa are now dating. ugh, lucky vanessa. teehee. a lot of people are also for adrian and colin. no spoiler is available only as to who is to finish first. they are guessing though that adrian and colin are to win because they have a tv commerical. im sooo excited to know on who is to win.

the above are reasons enough to stay home tonight.

Feb 10, 2008

on a monday

i am to make some calls, look for a lawyer, finish job postings and interview a few people but all i have done was blog and chat since 6am. i promise to have some things done after 10am. teehee. i do hope my boss never gets to find out about this blog or else i am dead.

happy monday, everyone!

hotels with golf

that is the perfect vacation for golf lovers like my dad. every chance he would have to play golf he would definetly grab. was trying to search for hotels online for work when and saw the really nice Branson hotels. i wish we could go here for holy week but we can't. everybody will love the place as it does not only boast of it's golf course but also of its other ammenities. adding to the fact that missouri is a wonderful place. maybe in the coming years we could go here but for now, baguio it is.

peewee's new car

shout out to my cousin peewee who got her car last february 1, a 2007 toyota vios. she was very nice to pick me up all the way from makati last saturday as we headed over to ayala hillside for mica's surprise birthday party. it was my first time to see her car. since her birthday is coming up, i have asked her what she wanted. of course i already told all the other cousins that we should probably give her something she will need with her car. i immediately thought of giving her car covers. they have a common parking area at home,she would really need one to protect her car from scratches, scorching sun and the rain. she will surely need one.

Feb 8, 2008


i have a few opps waiting to be finished. i have things i want to blog about but im soooo tamad. im off to somewhere later. will post about that when i get back. xoxo.

Feb 7, 2008

friday love


-i have a few things i need to finish for work but nothing really difficult. hopefully i get to hire/find people we need.

-i was able to grab some opps. moolah means shopping.

-survivors will premiere at 3pm. another show to watch every week.

-game 6 of PBA. keeping my fingers and toes crossed that purefoods win against red bull.

-is just a great day! don't you think?

happy weekend everyone!


uncle M who lives in Los Angeles loves going to the casinos. Las Vegas has been a frequent weekend destination for him. Often times when I would ask him if he is to go home to manila for a vacation, he would tell me that if he wins the casino he would. I have nothing against him going to the casino because he knows his limit. he knows of up to how much he is to spend. And he works hard so he plays hard. I was talking to him last week and was telling him to try online casino. he sent me an email last night telling me that he is now hooked! he has a lot of choices in terms of what casino game to play. he didn't play immediately, he first started with reading the reviews first because he was really apprehensive with playing online. he read good reviews online and tried it one night after work. he now plays an average of an hour a day. he says this can save him a lot since he could skip going to Las Vegas now and just play from the comforts of his home.

Feb 6, 2008

Thank God

although 9 people including 5 other children were killed, the baby survived the fire. Jesus indeed loves the little children. read the story here.

loving it...so far.

i woke up 5 mins late today. good thing i didn't need to take a bath, dress up and commute to go to work. working from home is love! today is only my second day of work and i am loving it so far. no reason to rant!

to anyone who knows a web designer, web developer or copywriter who wants to work from home have them email me their resumes (diaz.macya@gmail.com). we will be posting the job ad at jobstreet as well. all they need is a good internet access. im in the process of hiring (yeaboi, HR naman!) for the company. whoever gets hired is to work with an australia based team. later guys!

Feb 5, 2008

silver not gold

my mom has been bugging me to check on how much it would cost for her to buy silver. i thought for a while that she was just joking but she was not. it all started when a her classmate and goodfriend from highschool talked her into making such an investment. she was told that silver prices at times have been extremely volatile, making silver an attractive investment and trading vehicle. i think a lot of people are such investments and their is a growing demand for silver now a days. we have emailed an account representative already and if the price is right, my mom is to invest on silver soon.

Feb 1, 2008

showbiz break

i don't think love is this blind. if this was true (well, ricky lo is very credible) stupid love to the 100th power na ito. sorry to the gretchen fans, but the cojuangco's had a reason why they didn't like her. maybe this is also the same reason why tonyboy never married her. when the pictures of john e. and gretchen came out last year, he should have dumped her.


a not so popular sport here in the philippines but it's something i really enjoy. rugby games they say originated from football. the game is very popular in the European countries. i have recently come across the official website of the Europe's premier international rugby tournament-http://www.rbs6nations.com-the 6 nations championship. the championship is currently ongoing and the website provides a fan with information about the ongoing tournament. they have all the details you'll need to know . they even have interactive games and podcasts. what i like the most is the previews and reports which gives me a detailed information of how the game went. i also watch the video highlights to see the players in action. mind you, some cute guys are playing rugby too. i get to find more about the players also through the website, they provide you with stat info's. im really happy with the information i get from the website especially since i don't get to watch it on cable tv.

contender asia

watching contender asia makes me want to try muay thai. i have been a big fan of contender, weird for some but i am a boxing fan. when i first heard of contender asia i got really excited because i thought it was a chance to feature good filipino boxers. to my surprise though, contender asia was muay thai boxing. i was a bit disappointed but still watched the pilot episode 3 weeks ago. i love it. the fights are more physical because you get to not only punch. every time i watch i feel like im getting hurt as well. i do hope to watch more exciting fights in the coming weeks.