Oct 28, 2004

vacation mode

in a few minutes we will be leaving for the airport to catch our 12:35 flight to dumaguete. i have always looked forward to this trip, it was actually more than a year already that the family planned this trip but im not that excited anymore to leave. This morning i received an email and was touched by this message....

whatever happened may take out the excitement you felt
for the trip but at least you're in a new environment.
let yourself be distracted by God's creation.
God will heal you in time.

i sure hope i get distracted by God's creation and that God will heal me in time....thanks tems

for now adios...i will be missing manila and......

Oct 26, 2004

2 days before the vacation:

i'm depressed...

i don't want to go to work muna...

im not looking forward to the dumaguete-bacolod-boracay trip anymore...

could the day stop muna so i could think...

or could i just sleep until i know what i should do...

Oct 24, 2004

in four days im off to a week long vacation....im excited first, because i have never gone out of town for a very long time. Second is that im gonna be with family on this trip so im really looking forward to spending time with them.

during dinner amboy told us that he told his classmate anna right before dismissal last week na crush nya si anna...sinabihan na daw nya si anna ng i love you. hmmm....si amboy may anna...si nina may miguel...si amboy tatlo daw ang crush nya...i wonder, ang mga bata ba ngayon hindi na marunong maglaro? at a very young age alam na nila ang crush at love.

great week ahead to all!!

Oct 23, 2004

i thank God for the weekend...i thank God for it's saturday so that means i don't have work (except for the one hour seminar i attend at the head office this morning)...

it has been a pretty busy weekend so far. i had to go to makati for a seminar this morning and then cousin-in-law bok picked me up at 10am and then we went to the airport to meet my mom because we are meeting my cousins who are arriving from LA and we had to bring them to the domestic airport for them to catch the 12:40 flight to dumaguete. me,bok and my mom had to wait for tito peter's ( a family friend who works at the airport) call so we decide to just go to duty free. it was funny because when the security were asking for our passports bok told them that our companions were inside the shopping area already and we were looking for them. of course with that reason, the security allowed us to go inside. my mom and i wanted to buy a lot of things pero syempre we can't. we stayed there for 30 minutes and then finally we got a call to go to the airport na since my cousins were about to go out already. after meeting them we went straight to domestic airport. mom and i then had lunch at ichizen a japanese restaurant in banawe. when we got home, i asked mama san if she could go with me to my school. syempre la naman siya choice so we went to kester. my reason of going was to get a copy of my transcript and then bring the transcript to udmc. but when i got to school, they changed the class schedules and perfect na sya sa time schedule ko. meaning, i had no reason to transfer. kaya nag pa reserve na agad ako ng slot since i won't be able to go early on monday since i have work. in short semi-enrolled na ako for the next semester! woohoo...at least one less thing to worry before i go for a week long vacation.
armed with Php2,000 bheng and i went to greenhills to just look around...but i ended up buying the following:

1. capri pants Php300
2. floral skirt Php300
3. floral blouse Php250
4. sleeveless shirt Php99.95
5. pirated happy feet (ha!) Php250
6. white slip on Php200
7. head band Php40

after the tiring shopping we ate dinner at kenny rogers, rode the g-liner to go home pero pag baba namin ng sta mesa--nakita ko ang sm center point. since may pera pa ako na natira, di ako nagpapigil and i asked mama san na punta naman kmi ng sm! hahaha...mga shopaholic kami! there i was able to buy:

1. shorts Php199.95
2. stipes sleeveless Php99.00

now im home--buti na lang wala na kmi iba pang nakita na mall. and i have pa Php100.00 i really think i was able to buy good items.

a photo i took of some of the items i bought....

dumaguete,bacolod and boracay...HERE I COME!!!!

Oct 19, 2004

im so tired!

airport...party at home...powerplant mall...greenbelt3...bistro101...quiapo ilalim...sm city...blue wave...intramuros...japanese resto in malate...robinsons galleria...gerrys libis...eastwood...the fort...temple...mica's condo...manila pavillion...dinner at max's...suburbia...kill time at the hotel room....airport...pricesmart...party at home...

all this in 6 days. *sigh* i need rest!

Oct 9, 2004

ppg fever

i have always wanted a ppg template--and now i have one! yipee!!!!

Oct 7, 2004

seems like i have to change schools next semester...i have been hearing good things about the "new school" plus they would be offering the subjects i need at a more convenient time. But, if i do transfer to this school, i would be having classes on saturday and sunday...argh!

i should be doing a paper..but i have been sleeping instead....patay kang bata ka!

a general was near the office this afternoon to check out on the construction of his bookstore. question: why did he have to have around 10 bodyguards with him? answer: duwag si general? patay nanaman ako!

pls pray for my aunt, tita pina. she suffered a mild stroke early this week.

it's important to eat the right food...to live healthy...and thank God for all the blessings we receive. Happy weekend to all!

Oct 3, 2004

hmmmm.....pwede ba dito sakay papunta bora?

i was searching on google, and this was what i found:

now, i know what car i WANT!