Aug 27, 2004


sent by a friend--enjoy reading.

Para sa nagbabalak mag resign.....
Think about it...
Sa hirap maghanap ng trabaho sa panahon ngayon,
pati pag se-salesman ng vacumm cleaner ay pinasok ko na.
Minsan, pumunta ako sa isang bahay sa isang
barangay. Kumatok ako sa pinto... Isang malaking
misis ang nagbukas sa akin. Pero bago
nakapagsalita ang babae, inunahan ko sya. mabilis
akong pumasok papunta sa sala nila para di na
makatangi sa presentation ko.
Katulad ng utos ng boss ko, binuksan ko ang isang
plastic bag ng sm at ibinuhos lahat ng lamang tae
ng kalabaw sa carpet. this was a technique taught
to me In selling to get a massive and immediate
attention from the buyer.
Sabi ko sa kanya w/ confidence: "Misis, pag di
nalinis ng vacuum cleaner ko NGAYON ang mga tae sa
carpet niyo, kakainin ko isa-isa yan!", ang
mayabang na sinambit ko.
"Gusto mo ng ketsup para diyan?", tanong ng babae.
Sabi ko, "Bakit po?"
"Eh, kalilipat lang namin. wala pa kaming kuryente."

Wala Lang

only in the philippines...

na ang mga tao, lubog na ang mga bahay sa baha eh, kumakaway pa sa itaas ng bubong ng mga bahay nila at mukhang tuwang-tuwa pa sa mga nangyayari sa kanila.

na ang mga bata eh tuwang-tuwa na nag swimming sa bakit kaya wala pa nanalo ng gold medal para sa pilipinas sa swimming event ng olympics? eh galing lumangoy ng mga batang ito sa baha.

na bawal na mag charge ng cellphone sa mga government offices ang mga empleyado para makatipid. sa dami ba naman kasi ng nag chacharge sa opis.

pero, kahit na may hinaharap tayong FISCAL CRISIS---sarap pa din maging PINOY!

speaking of being a filipino, got a message from dixie on friendster that kevin is a finalist for the Brisbane Karaoke Idol! how i wish i'm in australia to cheer and of course vote for him...galing mo talaga bro! kaya pala di ka makapasa sa K the one million videoke challenge kasi pang Brisbane Karaoke Idol ka pala.

Kevin and wife dixie

i really hope he wins...he deserves it because he really is very talented. if you are reading this entry and you are in australia and would want to vote for kevin, message me for details on how you could help him win.

Aug 19, 2004

happy quezon city day!

today was a local holiday...pero di uso sa ibank and local holiday kaya naman open pa din kami to service the clients..syempre naman "we will be the epitome of service excellence in our chosen field, as we seize every challenge to make a difference for you." sa totoo lang--wala naman kami ginawa sa office...kalokohan ang pagpasok!

but since we didn't have school today too, i took advantage of the free time and played badminton with people from the ofc and clients. it was so fun--and it was a great break from all the studying...

i found the following at the grocery....

sunflower with strawberry filling

selecta chocopeanut and super chocolate

magnolia chocolait

it's so nice to see magnolia chocolait back in the stores....for chocnut lovers, choco peanut ice cream flavor is a must...i love sunflower strawberry...

ice monster soon to open in banawe--HORRAY!!!!

Aug 17, 2004

Let's Celebrate!

i grew up with her...she was like a sister too...i saw how hard she has worked for anything she wanted...she has the determination i sometimes wish i had...i saw her happy and sad...i remember the time someone called her here in the house and said that he was a sikret ad-mi-rer (that is how it is to be pronounced, bisaya ata e) made me sad when she moved out of the house already...was uberly happy when she passed the nursing board exams with flying colors...she supported me with anything...she loves my family as if it was her own...and i love her family too...but im happy again with what she has recently achieved.

Today the results for the physician licensure came out and she made it! Congratulations ate issang for i know that you really,really deserve it. i know how hard you have worked for this and that this is what you have really wanted. so proud of you MA. LARISSA M. HALILI, M.D.

Aug 14, 2004

bagaberde,u-turn and side A

im so bad...bad...bad...bad...

i was suppose to study...i have exams next week....but im so bad because i didn't study.

the rains didn't stop,beng,desi and borgy went to bagaberde because i wanted to watch u-turn perform and we were lucky because they were performing back to back with side A.

click on the images for a bigger version

joey benin and borgy
me,bhneg and u-turn vocalist

joey benin and borgy
me,bhneg and u-turn vocalist
desi and bhnegdesi and bheng

i had FUN! we had FUN! i had a FUN night....i haven't had this fun in a long time. u-turn is one of the best acoustic group i have listened too. and of course ang side A, walang kupas pa din.

dibeedee dibeedee any one? took a picture of amboy wearing the costume we bought at 300.00, priced originally at 350.  Posted by Hello

my trip to quiapo

i was planning to study....but i didn't. mama san, wanted to go to quaipo to buy amboy's costume for the linggo ng wika program in school--so to quiapo we went. it was my first time to go to quiapo. when i say go is to really go around. i usually passby quaipo if we have to go to the airport, pier, roxas blvd or intramuros. but today was my first time to walk on the underpass, to see the quiapo church and to go inside the tiangge areas. i had fun!!!

i bought a blouse for only 160.00 (ha! what a bargain, i just hope it wont shrink after it has been washed) and santol bacolod, 3 for 20.00...ang sarap!

Aug 13, 2004

the games have began....

new jersey governor admitted to being gay, cheating on his wife and to having an extramarital gay affair.

dino guevarra is given a second chance in his showbiz career...may pang enroll na si ethan!!! sana si migsy din....

dean is comming home in a few months---cousins, party time!

Aug 12, 2004

im i had a haircut! =) had fun at the salon with officemates. buti na lang my classes were at 7pm pa....

in one of our unit test in pharmacology, number 11 question was:

All of the following are not included in the nursing interventions of a client who undergone anesthesia

a. monitor the patient's post-op state of sensorium
b. monitor weight of the patient pre and post-op
c. check the client for skin rashes
d. observed the client for withdrawal syndrome.

our teacher forgot the word EXCEPT so she just told us while taking the exam "class, number 11 except ha!"

next meeting our teacher returned the test papers and when she gave the test paper of one of my classmates, she asked "why didn't you answer number 11 of test one?" classmate replied "ma'am sabi mo except!"

buti na lang di sya second courser.....

Aug 7, 2004

Thank God for weekends, when not only me but most of us (not all since others have to go to work on weekends) have the chance to rest, recharge the almost drained if not totally drained batteries of our body and to do the things you have wanted to do over the "crazy week" but couldn't since 24 hours a day seem to be so short.

Work is fine...bosses in the office have talked me into extending what was suppose to be a 6 months training to an additional 3 months. I hated the idea since i know i am not a "service " person but a "sales" person, but since an office mate is to give birth anytime i have no choice but to say yes. So i am still doing the service work until the office mate goes back to work from the maternity leave.

I never thought nursing school would be this busy and demanding. So many things to memorize and remember--and to think im only in my first semester. I have been actually thinking if this is really what i want--if im really cut for the nursing profession....