Oct 28, 2010


I'm not planning to get a new cell phone. I'm very happy with the one I am currently using and do not find the need to change or upgrade. I remember the time where in I would change cellular phones every year if not twice a year. It's crazy because their is always a new phone in the market. Always an upgrade of what you currently have. And I was one of those who was never contented with what I had. I always wanted an upgrade or a different model. Right now, the market has so many different cell phones to offer. Different phones to suit everyone's needs. I'm glad though I have found a cellphone I love.


The truck I've been driving does not have a gps tracker that is why I've been bugging T to get me one. I usually just use the map off my phone to get to somewhere unfamiliar. I know though that having the tracking device is going to make my life so much easier as I have gotten myself lost quite a number of times already. T promised to get me one and install it in the truck but with his busy schedule I hope he could have this done before Christmas. If he doesn't then I would probably get it myself and install it myself. It should not be very difficult to install.


A friend of mine who has recently migrated here in the US has been lucky enough to land a healthcare job in the first month of being here. I say lucky because I know that not everyone gets to land a job that easily. For some it takes months of looking and waiting. It can really get frustrating. I was just watching the news earlier and they had a feature on an ongoing job fair and the lines to get were really long. Some of those in line have been jobless for months now. Who ever said life in the US is easy is crazy because it's not. It's a lot of hard work and you should learn to not be choosy. You accept what ever is given and do your best in it and move up from there.


I'm thankful that we are back home. One month of staying in a hotel was just too much. I missed our fast internet connection and cable tv. The one they had at the hotel was really crappy. I missed our Samsung LCD TV. I missed having a kitchen and not being locked up in a room. At least here in the house I can move from one room to another. I'm thankful we didn't have to bring a baby home to a hotel and that the house is 75% ready when the little one was born. Life is full of wonderful blessings!


I think I'm approving with my multi-tasking skills. Ever since the little one was born, I have slowly mastered the art of multi-tasking. Little one on the left hand, pumping milk on the right or watching over the baby while doing the laundry or cleaning feeding bottles while cooking. What I like the most is watching over the little one and online window shopping. We are currently looking for a contemporary sofa for our living room and we have not been successful in finding one. We are hoping to get one over the weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Car Insurance

I was looking online for good deals on car insurance rate as we are due to renew the insurance for T's car. I've found a few good deals and all I need to do is to show it to T. Insurance can get really expensive so it's always a must to look for a good deal that would work well for what we really need. I need to make sure we get the most out of our coverage. T used to do all this but he's been really busy with work so I offered to do it for him this year. I hope he likes at least one of the insurance companies I found.


It's not going to happen in the near future since T is busy with work but it's something I already want to start planning. I've been looking at Orlando vacation packages just in case we don't get to go home or probably just head to San Diego during T's Christmas break. Tornado is going to be bigger then and I think I'ld be more comfortable to bring him out of town. I'm still hoping we get to finish processing his passport in time for a Christmas vacation.

Oct 27, 2010

Renovated Kitchen

I love our newly renovated kitchen. The one month of wait for the house renovation to finish is so worth it. I love not only our kitchen but the whole house of course. I'm also happy with the Moen kitchen faucets as it matched perfectly the sink that we picked. Sadly, I have not really done any cooking in the kitchen yet. It's hard to be cooking and then having to look after the little one. Hopefully once we have a routine in place already I can finally use our stove and do some cooking.

Christmas Shopping

It's never to early to start with Christmas shopping. Especially for me, since I cannot go out of the house for now. Well, I could but I'm opting to stay home as I think it'll be to hard to be driving around with an infant at the back of the car in a car seat. I wouldn't know on what to do once he starts crying. Anyhow, I'm already on a look out for good deals online. My uncle already said he wants new cutting tools for Christmas. For the rest on my list, I really don't know on what to get them. I should really finish the list soon though because before I know it, it'll be December already.

Oct 26, 2010


I've only had the little one for a week but have noticed on how well he sleeps when he is swaddled versus when he is not. He surely sleeps longer when I have him swaddled but I'm still forced to wake him up to drink his milk. His swaddle was a last minute buy and I'm sure glad I did. I actually almost forgot about it because I was distracted with the barcode scanner the had at the store. Good thing the lady behind me reminded me of the swaddle i left on my cart. I'm surely using a swaddle up until my little one doesn't fit his swaddling blankets. Lol.

One Week

Today, the little one is a week old. That also means I have not gotten a decent sleep in a week. I badly need a cream for my dark eye circles. It's been all worth it though. It is tiring and I sometimes miss my me time but every time I see the little one I know I just have to enjoy his being little because in no time he'ld be running around the house.

Never Ending

It is a never ending task to clear out the house and get rid all the things we need to get rid off. Today, while the little one is sleeping I got to clear out one drawer that was filled with paper work and old magazines. I even found a magazine that had an article about male enhancement reviews. I probably should send that to one of my cousins in the Philippines, lol. I wish I can do more cleaning but with the little one needing attention, I sadly can't. He comes first of course and I only get to do other things when he is sleeping. Maybe over the weekend I can accomplish more things since T is going to be home.

Losing Weight

After giving birth (yes, I have given birth exactly a week ago) I'm pretty surprised with my weight loss. I've lost half of the weight I have gained and I am hoping the other half is not going to be hard to lose. Just the same though, I've read up on the 7 day slimming pill reviews in case I would need it. Pretty good reviews I must say and something someone should look into if you are just trying to lose that last 10lbs because the slimming pills can be the answer to your problems.

Oct 15, 2010

Acne Treatment

I am seriously considering on getting acne treatment as I am having the worst skin breakout ever since I got pregnant. I hate it. I hope just like what everyone says that it will clear out after I give birth. If it does not, then the acne treatment is on top of my Christmas list. Ok, maybe not on top of my list but it will surely make my list. Teehee.


After a month of being "homeless" we are finally moving back to the house tomorrow. I'm excited. I've had enough of staying in the hotel. I'm excited to sleep in our room and enjoy the renovation we did with the house. I'm excited since I get to have fast internet connection again as the connection here in the hotel is super slow. I heard one of the guests who was looking for smoke shops complain this morning at the front desk. He was really mad since he was expecting a fast connection. Can't really blame him as we had to do with the slow connection for a month. It's going to be a busy weekend but it's something we have been waiting really looking forward to.

Oct 13, 2010

Mid Week

I can't believe it's already Wednesday! The first two days of the week went by so fast. I can't wait for the weekend to come as it's time for us to move back to the house. I've had enough of just staying in a hotel room. It has been nice to be here while the house is being renovated but I miss our house too. The coming days are going to be really busy getting everything ready for the house and making sure the contractors get everything done. Other than the house project, I've also been looking for a birthstone jewelry for "tornado". I'm looking for one with his birthstone that I could wear :D Hopefully the rest of the week is going to be as good as the past 2 days.

Oct 7, 2010

Waiting Game

And the waiting for "the day" has begun. I don't really mind waiting for a few more weeks since we are still waiting for the house to be ready. We have been less busy the past few days, which I think is good. My days has been spent resting and doing little errands but not everyday. Last Monday, It was too hot to go out and I just stayed inside the room. Thank God for a/c! I only realized on how hot it was when it was time to go out for dinner. All I did the whole day was read, watch TV and read. Was reading about Accutane Lawsuit and Trasylol Lawsuit. It was really interesting and then the I thought of how I at one point wanted to be a lawyer. I had a client back then that was a professor in one distinguished law school and he was convincing me to go to law school. I was undecided and for some reason ended up in nursing school. No regrets though but sometimes I can't help but think of what would have happened if I took that road.

Oct 6, 2010


I'm sad that I have actually missed out on Glee. I have not watched a single episode for the current season. The same goes with all my other favorite TV show. We do have cable in the hotel but since we go out for dinner and go to check on the house, by the time we get back to the hotel I missed on the TV show already. I can't relate on when how friends talk about Glee. I miss our DVR and I can't wait for us to get back in the house.

Filipino Food

We have been eating out for the past 3 weeks. The only times I've eaten home cooked meals was when we went to SIL's house for dinner. Other than that it has all been eating out for us. Every night we always have to think of where to it. It has been hamburger, sandwhich, pasta, pizza etc for the past weeks.
Last Saturday, T asked me on what I wanted to eat. I said I wanted some filipino food. We read of a filipino restaurant online that we have not tried and decided to go there. We had to wait around 30 mins to be seated and while waiting we noticed almost everyone was ordering crispy pata. We then decided we should order it too. To balance the pork we ordered pinakbet too. I'm not a pinakbet or a veggie fan but I liked their pinakbet. T being a dinuguan pass did not pass the chance to order dinuguan.
crispy pata
dinuguan with rice
It was a yummy dinner that was extended to our lunch as we had food to take back to the hotel. The crispy pata they served was really good and one of the best crispy pata I've had. Even better than those I have had in back home.

Oct 4, 2010

Rainy Monday

Today was a complete opposite of last week's weather. It was so hot last week and it has been gloomy and raining all day today. I was thinking of going out to I don't know where but at the last minute decided I should just stay inside the room. Pretty boring if you ask me.
I was just taking naps or watching TV all day since I've finished reading the book we bought last week. I could not find anything good to watch other the business news which talked about gold coins. It really caught my attention when they said that buying gold coins is the best way to preserve one’s wealth and purchasing power. I guess gold is really the best way to go now-a-days instead of investing in stock market.
Anyhow, I hope tomorrow is going to be a fruitful day for me. I have to do our laundry and then find something else to do. I should probably prepare the bag I would be bringing me with me to the hospital or pack the baby bag since we have finally bought a diaper bag over the weekend. Will see. Depends on the weather. If it's gloomy and rainy again I might end up in bed again.

Oct 2, 2010

Maternity Dress

I never thought looking for a dress to wear in a wedding when pregnant was going to be hard. Maybe it's not really hard to find one, I was just being too picky. I didn't really want to buy a dress since I'm just a month away from giving birth but then again none of my dresses would fit me so I really had no choice but to buy one. Good thing I found a really nice dress at Gap that I should still be able to wear after I give birth.
The dress was really comfortable and cute, I must say. I wore the dress with an inch heel shoes. I couldn't wear anything higher than that. I must say it still worked. I didn't look like I was ready to pop.

Car Seat

waiting to be installed
waiting to be installed
A must with the coming of "tornado" is a car seat. We can't bring him home if we don't have a car seat. It took sometime before we got him one though. We technically didn't get him one because SIL and family bought us one. We were on the look out for a car seat but we wanted to wait till after the baby shower to get one. I think we kinda knew we were going to get one as a gift. Tomorrow we shall install the car seat. The box is sitting in the garage for the past 2 weeks. We need space in the garage and so we just thought of installing it in the car already. At least we would be ready for "tornado's" arrival.


Love attending weddings. I love how the feeling is so light and that love is truly in the air.

We went to a wedding last Saturday. It was a beautiful wedding and I love the flowers they used for the wedding. I had a great time taking pictures of the wedding and most especially of the flowers. The make-up of the bride and her entourage I heard was by her relative who went to Hoover Alabama Cosmetology School for a year. She did a really good job with making sure everyone looked fabulous. The school she went to is known to be the fastest growing beauty school in the United States. To whoever is interested to go to cosmetology school, you might want to check them out: Regency Beauty Institute Hoover 1775 Montgomery Highway S., Hoover, AL. 35244

Anyhow, I want to share pictures of the flowers they used for the wedding. They were really beautiful and it perfectly matched the motiff of the wedding. They looked really classy and expensive too.
flower at the wedding we attended
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Bindi is 2!

Last Sept 11, my favorite little girl Bindi turned 2! She had an elmo-old school-swimming party and from the pictures posted by my cousins and sister the little girl surely had fun. I can't believe on how big she is though. She looks like she is 4!
This is my favorite picture of her taken during her party. I love her curly hair, sweet smile and cute dimple. Happy birthday Bindicooter! I miss you and can't wait to hug you.

Weight Loss

My most dreaded part of my now weekly check-up is every time they check my weight. I've been very good though and the weight I have gained during the whole pregnancy is within limits as they say. For last Thursday's check-up though, I lost 2 lbs. That came as a shock to me since we have been eating out E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y and I was even close to looking for weight loss programs to take after I give birth. But hopefully I won't be needing any since they say I can lose all the weight gained after I give birth with the right diet and with breastfeeding. So I think I can go out and reward my self with a yummy pastry this weekend.
Strawberry and white chocolate cup
This Strawberry and White chocolate cup is something we bought from a Taiwanese pastry shop at Irvine. I first thought it was going to be too sweet but I was wrong as it was not. It was really good. Now I want another cup.