Jun 10, 2011


One of the things on my to do list is to learn how to drive and to confidently drive alone. To learn is one thing but to be actually driving is another. I took up my first driving lessons way back in college. If my memory serves me right it should be around 1998-1999. I was pretty successful with my driving lessons back then as I was able to drive the streets of Quiapo (any one who has been there would agree with me). I practiced a few times after my driving lessons but never really got to driving the streets of Manila.

A few years after, My co-workers encouraged me to practice driving again. I did and we drove around Quezon City one Saturday afternoon but that was it. Long after that I was a happy passenger. I never really took it upon myself to go drive as traffic is always bad. I felt happy being the passenger. Getting rides from other people or just taking the public transportation. To drive has been on my list to learn but then half of me didn't really want to do it as I felt driving in the streets of Manila was stressful.

After moving here in the States, I just knew I had to drive. Public Transportation in the city we live in is not easy. Just getting to the grocery can be a problem. Yes, I can walk and I still sometimes do that but not when I have bags to carry and a little boy to push around. So, a few months after I moved I took the driving test (written) and then passed the actual driving test. I started driving the side streets but not the freeway yet as cars go really fast (around 12m/hr) and I'm not to confident yet since I'm always clueless as where to go.

Finally, after more than a year of driving the side streets I finally drove the freeway. It was not as bad with the gps telling me where to go. I love the speed though. It can get stressful when the little one starts crying but all in all I think I'm doing a pretty good job.

Yey to me for finally crossing out one item off my list (and for finally being able to blog again!).