Oct 31, 2008


almost every woman i know loves jewelries. for me, jewelries complete an outfit. i remember buying earings from my very first christmas bonus. i lost that pair of earing though. last Christmas we gave my mom a bracelet we bought from Designer Jewelry. she loved it (ofcourse she would!). at first i was not really comfortable with buying jewelries online, but with the good service we were provided and the nice piece of jewelry that we got, im thinking of buying something soon again. uhm, maybe not so soon. teehee. maybe within next year or the next. but they have some items on sale, so i might be able to afford something i like.

random stuff

-i hope tisha and geoff wins the amazing race asia. after the disappointing finish of marc nelson and rovilson last year.

-i hope nanay zita wins survivor's philippines. she's the most deserving of all the contestants, i think.

-my monday morning is not going to be complete if i don't get to watch amazing race 12. same goes with my friday afternoon as i watch survivor's gabon. i think i tend to watch too much tv.

-seeing relatives again tomorrow, yeaboi.

-i hope the hotel where we are staying has free wifi. i sent an email inquiring if wifi is free, but they have not sent back an email. tsk!tsk!


happy halloween. no halloween party for this year. i actually have not gone out for a few days but have been very busy in front of the computer. so many things to do and finish. oh, i did go out this afternoon for a short trip to the bookstore and then to the grocery this evening to buy our "baon" for tomorrow's trip.

hope you guys had a fun halloween inspite of the rain.

Oct 29, 2008

this time last year....

-my sister came home for a vacation after 8 years...so it was busy.busy.busy.
-had just come from our halloween party. we should have had one again this year. it was super fun and everyone really came in costume.
-was super excited with our trip to boracay.
-was preparing my requirements for the NLE.
-was reviewing for the boards.

last year was busy and this year is pretty busy too. so nothing has really changed. teehee. i know i am happier now, than last year. i don't have the board exams to worry about. november is going to be super busy, i know and i can't even imagine what would happen come december.

i have a few more things to finish today and tomorrow. november 1, we are off to nueva ecija (as always). i know it would be super traffic but it is always exciting to be with relatives. i am excited to see my uncle who i heard hit the jackpot lately with playing http://www.casino.de/. he didn't really win a big amount, but i can't wait to see him and ask him to buy me ice cream. teehee. i heard he stopped playing already after winning as he believes it was just beginner's luck.

have a safe and fun weekend!

mood today

Your Mood is a 10

You're feeling on top of the world, and nothing could bring you down.

Oct 21, 2008

Question of the Week #36

too bad i was not able to do last week's so im surely not going to miss this weeks questions.

join us here.

1. Fill in the blank. “I used to be _____ but I’m not anymore.”
- I used to be sad but I'm not anymore
2. What makes you cry?
- Sad movies, sad stories--so anything that makes me sad,
- I cry when im super happy.
- I cry when im frustrated.
- Yeah, im sappy.
3. Are you more creative or adventurous?
- i have no creative bone in my body (how i wish i did) so i must say im adventurous.
4. What is your favorite line from a movie?
- "Love is passion, obsession, someone you can’t live without. If you don’t start with that, what are you going to end up with? Fall head over heels. I say find someone you can love like crazy and who’ll love you the same way back. And how do you find him? Forget your head and listen to your heart. I’m not hearing any heart. Run the risk, if you get hurt, you’ll come back. Because, the truth is there is no sense living your life without this. To make the journey and not fall deeply in love - well, you haven’t lived a life at all. You have to try. Because if you haven’t tried, you haven’t lived." - Meet Joe Black
5. What do you do when you have nothing better to do?
- Look for something to do. teehee!
6. Would you rather win an argument knowing you are wrong, or lose an argument knowing you are right?
- Lose an argument knowing you are right. not that i'ld let that happen. but im more than willing to lose an argument if i was wrong.
7. Are you more organized or disorganized?
- Im not an OC but i try to keep everything as organized as I can.
8. What do you collect?
- Pens? Powerpuff stuff, bags (not the expensive bags!)
9. Which gives you the most satisfaction, recognition or private success?
- Private success
10. Any plans for the upcoming Halloween?
- we are going to NE for the weekend. Might see my cousins too. Unlike last year, we don't have a party this year. maybe we should. hmmm...

Oct 20, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

snagged from peachy

1. food : my all time favorite is fried chicken. i can eat this everyday.

2. movie: serendipity, 50 first dates, my bestfriends wedding

3. songs: moonriver

4. color: orange, pink, black, white, brown

5. outdoor activity: malling

6. season: Christmas season

7. book: nursing books (feeling!)

8. store: any

9. car: i don't have a car :(

10. animal: prince, tsong, and love birds

Oct 19, 2008

off to the mall tomorrow morning

just finished talking to my dad and seems like my week is to start with a trip to the mall tomorrow. we have had carpenters for the past 3 weeks as it took time in renovating one of the units and they still have to paint the whole compound so my dad is thinking of buying an airbrush. that should have them finish the work by the end of the month. my trip to the mall tomorrow is perfect since i have to buy something at the bookstore.

slow weekend

for the past few weeks, my weekends had been pretty busy. for a change, i just stayed home over the weekend. the weather was so hot! it was all sunny for the past two days, i hated it but my dad liked the idea that the weather has been cooperative since we still have carpenters and they have started painting today. one carpenter had installed the Delta faucets in one of the units that was repaired.

the maids also took a day off starting saturday, so i was busy washing dishes. maids are back after lunch this afternoon so i was saved from doing any other household chore. teehee.

it was a slow weekend, but it was nice to have been able to just stay home.

Oct 17, 2008

Saturday Morning

i hate waking up with a headache, and today i did. every time i wake up with a headache i try to think of what i did last night that might have caused it but for today's headache, i could not think of any. other than oversleeping for 30 mins. teehee. i hope i feel a lot better soon.

high school friends

i have not seen my high school friends in years! I and R are in the US, P is in Singapore, and J in Australia. Three of us are still here in manila but we don't see each other too.

the good news is I is coming home in december. J is taking a vacation too and we have told P to go home so we could have a reunion. December is such a busy month but i do hope we all get to squeeze in a reunion in our schedules. the last time i saw them was i think 3 years ago when P gave us term life insurance quotes as she was working for an insurance company and she was insisting us to get one for her to reach her quota.

Can't wait for December!

how do i lose weight?

last saturday, i finally had the taste of Pepper Lunch. i was at rockwell with friends so we decided to have early dinner before heading home. the restaurant has received a lot of good reviews so i was excited to finally try it. the verdict? it was ok. will i eat there again? yes, i was just not blown away by the food. i guess i had very high expectations. but i will come back, and try other dishes. i had the beef pepper rice.

i had that for dinner saturday and then went to Dad's for dinner last Sunday. Last wednesday we had lunch at Gerry's. i finished a bag of fritolay's last week (i have a limit of one bag a week).

i. have. to. stop. eating.

i don't really think i have to lose weight but i just have to maintain my weight. but with the dinning out and cravings and the junk food i have been eating, how do i do this? i promise to stop buying fritolays for now. should i try alli diet pill? or just exercise everyday or go back to boxing? any suggestions?

Oct 16, 2008

four eyes

i used to have 4 eyes and then in 2003 i had Lasik. i loved that i never had to wear my eyeglasses or my contact lenses again. i enjoyed swimming again because i can see under water without a problem. in 2006 though i think i abused my eyes and i am back to having an eye grade of at least 100 on both eyes. i think it has worsened the past few years and it's time to go back to my eye doctor and have Lasik done again. i will have this done early next year, 6 years after i had my first one and hopefully my last.

baby stuff

was chatting with my cousin last night and i have never realized the wide choices for strollers. buy one is just like buying a car. i was shocked at seeing the prices too. never thought a stroller could be that expensive. she has not bought one for bindy yet and is taking her time on looking at different brands to make sure she buys one that bindy could use till toddler years and something she could also use for future kids.

enjoying my thursday

i woke up pretty early today, went to divisoria. had lunch at home and now im here at a mall in qc to meet a supplier. i am enjoying my white chocolate mocha and making use of the free wifi. after meeting julie, im going to look for a unlocked phone. i think it is time to retire my phone and purchase a new one. i am not to buy a phone anytime soon since this is really not within my budget but maybe, just maybe i can find a cheap one that i could squeeze in my budget.
it is a busy thursday, but it had been all fun.

Oct 12, 2008

a busy weekend


Left home around 5PM to meet up with Ate Emma to go to Bioessence. After 2 hours and a half of pampering, we had dinner this time with Kuya Alan at HapChang and then ended the night with coffee at Starbucks.


Powerplant mall with Ate Emma. Window shopping is sooo fun. Kuya Alan met up with us and then we had early dinner at Pepper Lunch (yum).


Went to church early with the parents and some family friends. Had shawarma for breakfast/merienda. We then went to Divisoria as my mom's friend from NZ wanted to do go shopping. Stayed there till past 4PM. We went to glorietta after and had dinner at Dad's. It was super tiring but fun. Dinner was really nice and Tita N who was with us, told us about the Disney vacations they were planning to take next year. We finally went home around 8PM. we were out for 12 hours! no wonder i was super tired.

for jody

this was something i saw at divisoria last sunday. when i saw it, i remembered you and margaux.

Oct 7, 2008

new friend

meet my new friend
super cute
my new friend with ernie


i don't know how to cook and i am not proud of it. i wish i know how to but all i can do is eat and not cook, teehee! i want to learn though and i have been looking at appetizer recipes for starters. i think appetizers are important part of a meal and learning appetizer recipes is a good start for those who want to learn how to cook.
i want to write. i want to come up with something nice. i have a lot of things in my mind and i have a lot of things i want to blog about but i can't seem to start writing. everytime i want to write something i always end up erasing it or just having it in my draft folder.

so many things happening, all good though. 2008 is indeed a wonderful year and i know that 2009 is going to be a better year.

Oct 5, 2008

The Corinthian Bazaar `08:Merry na, Christmas pa!

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Oct 2, 2008

Villa Escudero

I with my mom and a few of her officemates went to Villa Escudero the other day. It was my first time to go there. Since my mom had 3 days off from work, they took the opportunity to go there for a day trip. The place was just fine. I enjoyed the museum and that's just about it. nothing really great with the food. it was a nice experience and i would have enjoyed it if i was with people my age, teehee. they have a pool too but we didn't really swim. they have cottages there too with pop up tv.

It was a nice day trip. atleast i got to go somewhere new to me and got the chance to go out of the city.

Oct 1, 2008

1st of October

i just had to post something since it is the 1st of october.

i had a great september but i know i will have a better october.