Mar 19, 2010

Weekend List

1. Start packing for the trip to Florida.
2. Buy last minute stuff we would need for the trip.
3. Eyebrow threading & trip, yey!
4. Print the rheumatoid arthritis treatments for my cousin. I read about it and I think it's something that can really help him.
5. Get the bart simpson stamps for my cousin.
6. Grocery. Buy food we will need until wednesday.
7. Try to change layout for my blogs. Need to make updates for my other blog too.
8. Practice driving :D

Two days for weekend and yet I have a long list of things to do. I'm glad I'm done with cleaning the house. At least that is one item of my list.

Happy weekend everyone!

Think LC and BH

Thinking of getting a LC bag but the one I want is not available for delivery till May. Long wait! I'm thinking of just getting a different one and then try to save up again for the one I really want till May. I might just actually do that.

Most of my time online has been spent looking at where to possibly buy the bag and trying to learn more about blackhead treatments. Crazy I know! Bags and blackheads. They are totally opposites but both are driving me nuts.


I'm not someone who looks forward to changes. I've been so used to so many things that change scare me. In the past few months, major changes has happened. I'm in a new country and I had to leave my home for 30 years.

I've realized though that change is not at all that bad. I'm missing my family in Manila but at the same time I love the family I have here too. It's difficult to be torn but the change is making me grow up. Which I know is good.

Before all I had to worry about is on what to wear when I go out, where to find best acne treatments, where to go over the weekend but now I think more of the future. Change made me more mature.

I've learned to start embracing change. More changes are to happen in the coming months. And I'm all excited with it. Change is good and exciting. Change makes me a better person.


With all the eating we have been doing, I would really need to look for the best diet supplement to help me us lose weight. We had guests over the weekend and all we did was I'm making excuses about having guests over because even without the guests we dine out on weekends. We look forward to trying new restaurants every week but sometimes end up going back to our favorites. Most of the time we try to split an order since we are trying to eat less but of course with how big servings here are and with us having to eat dessert we still end up eating a lot.

burritoshalf chicken from a persian restaurant
ice cream at disneyland

Mar 15, 2010

Monday Blues

Had a productive, fun but tiring weekend. Weekend's go by so fast and adjusting to spring forward is not a helping at all. We went home late last night and had to wake up early this morning since T had to go to work earlier than usual. We were up by 6:30 am and in reality, that's only 5:30 so it was still really dark outside.

After T left for work I had to crawl back to bed and get more sleep. I would want to spend the whole morning in bed but I do have laundry and chores to do but no choice but to get up and have some things done. I just feel sooo lazy every Monday. Is it just me?

I'm just looking forward to next week as we leave for Florida and then we will have a 5 day weekend. Yey!

Mar 13, 2010


Insurance for the truck is due for renewal soon but T is thinking of changing insurance companies so we are now on the look out for one which should give us a good deal. The carinsurancelist blog has been really helpful as I've been doing most of the researching as T is busy with work. It's much easier going through that web site since I can easily compare the offers of different car insurance companies. I won't have to go to different websites just to look for the best deal for us. I have 3 insurance companies that I think would give us a good deal and I would just have to discuss it with T and hopefully he likes any one of the three since we do need to make a decision soon.

I Love You Saturday

Today was a busy day since T's Aunt and her family in town for a week long vacation. It was my first time to meet them and this morning we went to San Juan Capistrano and then we will meet them again for dinner tomorrow. We had a wonderful late lunch at Ruby's. We almost missed on seeing this restaurant as we got confused of how to get out of Mission's San Juan Capistrano. They surely need better exit signs as the one they currently have are not good. You can hardly see them!

Anyhow, even with the little hassle's we still had a wonderful lunch and then after our late lunch we went to the cemetery. T and I were thinking of going to my Uncle's house to watch the Pacquiao fight with them but we were both tired so we just decided to go home. Luckily, I got to find live video streaming of the fight online so we still got to watch it without paying for PPV. It was a boring fight but I'm still happy Manny won. I sure hope he doesn't for the congressional seat at Sarrangani. After the fight we had burrito for dinner.

Perfect Saturday!

What to do?

I'm totally clueless now on what to do. Since I got here, my skin has been adjusting to the weather, water and with everything else. I usually get pimples when it's almost that time of the month but lately, they have really made their presence felt. Teehee. I've tried different types of facial wash already and I'm still having the same issues. I read about the blue light therapy and if this is covered by our insurance provider, I might have to try this treatment just so I could find a solution to my problem. I'm thinking my skin is so used to the humid, polluted manila air and that is the reason I've been getting nasty pimples. Hopefully I find solution soon.

Mar 5, 2010


It was in November of last year when my Acer Aspire was stolen. I can still remember how bad I felt for having lost it since I had a lot of files that I never got to back-up plus I use it for reviewing for NCLEX and bring it with me every time I go to starbucks to study. It was so handy and light that I never felt like I had a laptop in my bag. My books were even heavier! T has gotten me a new net book but of a different kind. I'm happy with what I am using right now but I'd have to say that the Acer was a great one and if I get the chance to buy one again next time, I sure would.


Watching the HGTV channel has been my favorite past time. In reality, I don't know if I can do any of the home makeover tips that they have. Our house needs a makeover. T and I have discussed what we need to do but have not really started on any. I was thinking I wanted to start with the kitchen. I have made small steps by painting our cabinets a few weeks after I got here but we still have a lot of things to do. Have the sink replaced, floor tiles changed, windows changed and get rid of the stuff that we have that we don't really need. After the kitchen, we move to the living room and then the bedrooms. If you ask me, I would just gladly get someone to do all this for us but labor here is not cheap! Good thing a lot of tools are available that would make all this handy work easier.