Nov 29, 2005

the book of answers....

of course no one else but GOD could answer my questions, but this book i want!

Nov 14, 2005

bits and pieces

.::finally, had the chance to watch flightplan saturday night with edsel. had dinner at gerry's after. so nice to have a break after a very tiring week!

.::we picked up three from the airport sunday morning and had lunch with tito sonny and family. we then went to intercon and after getting some rest went back to our house for dinner. after dinner we went to music match in tomas morato. had so much fun with cousins! pictures posted here.

.::i have a new powerpuff umbrella! so cute!

.::migs ayeza to perform on saturday's ad congress award's night...i asked mica to take pictures of him already.

.::constantine maroulis will be at greenbelt 3 lobby on thursday evening...i will be on makati thursday night to go out with cousins. hopefully i get to take a peek of him and hear him sing.

.::i will still be tutoring lea and found a way already on who will teach her tuesday's when my schedule does not allow me to go home anymore after work. my mom will tutor her every tuesday. hehehehe....

.::i will officially start school today. and im so tamad!!!

Nov 11, 2005

para sa walang magawa

please visit this site.

happy weekend!!!

Nov 4, 2005

looong weekend....nah!

life can sometimes be unfair. while everyone else had to enjoy long weekends (last weekend and this weekend), i like everyone else who works for call centers had to go to work. boo! buti na lang may extra pay...atleast may konting motivation!

it was my first halloween party with rmh and it was fun! party was the 30th of october and we partied till to follow.

and while my family was in baguio for the all saints day weekend, i was left at home with ate (our househelp) because i had to go to work. lucky me edsel was around, so sunday afternoon was spent with him. doing errands for his sister, going to the grocery and eating jollibee for merienda. he had to go home around 6pm though since he had work the next day. the rest of the day/night was spent sleeping...sleeping...and sleeping.

studio 23 had a 24 marathon and this was the first time i actually watched the show. edsel told me that the show was nice but i never really got interested. tuesday morning, i had nothing to do so i watched one episode and that one episode kept me glued that i totally forgot that i had to go to work that night. so with no decent sleep i went to work again tuesday evening. now i can't wait to get a copy of 24 season 2 and 3 and whatever else is available. 168 here i come!

i am now officially enrolled for second semester! i was supose to resign from work and just be a full time student but i decided to have a part time morning schedule at work and it matches my school schedule perfectly! the thing is i will be at work from 6am to 1pm the latest and then i have school from 2:30 to 9:30 pm. this is like everyday except sunday. i officially start hospital rotation in december also. i hope everything works out well. im pretty excited since i saw a lot of friends from my old school enrolling at pchs. they too decided to transfer because of conflict with work schedules.

but i realized that with work and do i get to find time to tutor lea! i guess i would have to tell her mom to look for a new tutor. patay ako! pero hindi na talaga kaya ng powers ko...too bad coz i really would want to continue on tutoring her. not anymore for the extra income but since i know that the kid really needs help. i know i should not compare her to amboy but i can't help but do that. kasi naman medyo slow talaga sya....project lea (parang project embrace) ko pa naman sya. that i get to improve her reading skills at least before she hits 3rd grade. pero how?!?!? want to take over sassa?

next week, i am to start a new work schedule. no more night differential pay for me. good thing here is i will be having the same work schedule with edsel so i could go to work with him everyday and we have the same rest day!yey!

i am hoping to watch flightplan later. most probably at greenhills. this time last year i was in bora with cousins...and i have been dreaming of bora. wish i could go back next year the latest.

im blabbing...i better go back to work! happy weekend!