Dec 25, 2006

Blessed Merry Christmas!!

Dec 21, 2006


masarap magkaroon ng kaibigan na...

di ka kontrahin sa ano mang bagay.

24/7 ay pwede mong kasama.

di mag comment sa ano mang sasabihin mo, kaibigang makikinig lang talaga.

marunong magtago ng sikreto, patayin mo man sya.

buti na lang nakilala ko si TY.

sa school kasama ko sya.

sa office ay kasama pa rin.

ka-share ko sa iced peppermint mocha.

sa pagtulog ay katabi din.

BFF! i heart you TY!

Dec 4, 2006

*Christmas is so near and yet i don't feel Christmassy...just yet.

I have been back to school after a 3 week break and we have been busy. I have lecture monday's (6pm-8pm) and tuesday's (3pm-8pm) and duty every thurs to sat. On saturday, we start with the audit classes (board review classes). We have the audit classes sat and sunday plus on some weeks we have it tue and wed.

And yes, i still have work.

If you ask me how i manage, i too wonder. Salamat sa kape at coke light.

*I had so much fun during our assignment at shangrila. not edsa. not makati. and not mactan. shangri-la pavillion of the National Center for Mental Health. Shangri-La pavillion is home to boys aged 18 years old and below. I was initially scared to be mingling with them, pero in the end parang mas ok pa sila kausap kesa sa normal na tao, teehee!

we had a party for them during our last day. it was a joint party with the other group. it was sooo fun and the kids were singing and dancing (boom tarat-tarat!).

but my heart goes out to those kids. most of them don't have familys anymore. i met a 15 year old kid who was accused of rape. he was jailed for more than a year and was transferred to NCMH after. during the party he looked so sad as the other kids were dancing and singing. when i approached him and asked him on why he was sad, he replied "malungkot kasi ang pasko ko, ate". it was a reminder that as i enjoy Christmas with my family and friends, meron talaga other people who will be sad on Christmas day. i am planning something for the kids, sana matuloy. im sure it will all make them keeping my fingers crossed and praying hard that i can make it happen.

*I have been buying coffee at starbucks again because of the pretty planner (and the tofee nut latte). i actually earlier on decided on skiping the planner for this year bec buying 21 cups of coffee from starbucks is not at all cheap. BUT minsan lang naman. im 7 stickers away from claiming my planner. excited na ako.

*S&R in congressional ave opened again and im so happy because they have stocks of 3 musketeers! good thing i went with my mom went she went to do the grocery. now, if only they have stocks of the M&M's white chocolate.

*i'm selling lacoste shirts. classic (men and women) and the puff sleeves. leave a message with contact numbers if you're interested and i will get in touch with you. perfect Christmas gift for loved ones. i have RL bags also. and a few adidas items. will try to post pictures on my multiply site within the week so check na lang (i do hope to find time).