Dec 9, 2009

15 Days

Soon, it will be Christmas. I have not bought any gift except for the parents but I really don't have much on my list this year. I think it is of my advantage that I don't work since I won't have to worry about what to give to my co-workers. Most of those on my list would be family members and then my God children. I don't have much budget for gifts this year like last year so I hope to find good buys for them. I'm not pressuring myself into finishing the list as I realized that buying gifts should not be stressful. That it's something I should enjoy.

One more thing I need to decide on is if we should book any of the cancun vacation packages we have been sent by our travel agent. It's so tempting to just go away over the holidays but I would still need to check with T on his schedule. It would be really nice to end this wonderful year with a vacation.

Dec 4, 2009

Random Musings

  1. I so need to go to the salon for a hair treatment. I need to do this by next week.
  2. While at the salon, I should have my mani/pedi done too.
  3. I need to finish the preparation of all the documents I need for the most important interview. it's 10 days from today and more than being scared, I'm so looking forward to it.
  4. I remembered I could already start using my 2009 starbucks planner. *yey*
  5. Have you guys done your Christmas shopping yet? I have not bought a single thing. I should make a list.
  6. Trying to lose weight is hard! I hope I won't have to use a fat burner anytime soon.
  7. Finding time to meet up with friends is difficult. Everyone is busy.
  8. A lola I saw along Sto. Domingo last week was asking me for Php5 so that she could go home. I would have given her Php5 if I had not seen the newly lighted cigarette she was holding.
  9. Watching Top Chef makes me want to be a Chef!
  10. Mike Defensor is not going to win as Mayor of Quezon City.
  11. ERAP is running again for President. If he wins it would be the fault of the Filipino and we would have to just deal with it. I hope he does not win though and that he finally shuts up after.
  12. My blogs need a new look.
  13. I hate ants!
  14. I ♥ T!

Dec 2, 2009

Black Friday

This post is about a week late but last week I was so busy checking various websites for some good deals. I saw a lot from circuit city. One that really caught my attention was the DSLR camera's. One camera made me go back to the website tons of times and made me start reading reviews about the camera. The reviews were really good and for the price they offered it, I know it was such a good deal. The only thing that held me back is I don't really know if I'm ready to start using a DSLR. Maybe I should just wait till next Black Friday. Teehee!

Coming Soon

Soon we will launch the "new project" we have been busy with. It was almost 2 months back when my cousins and I thought of this project. It sounded so good and we felt it was really promising that is why we gave it a go and spent weekends planning on how we would go about with this "new project". We had to make sure we had all our options covered just like when getting a life insurance quote. Im pretty excited with this "new project" and I just hope everything goes well. We are ready to launch it before Christmas and its something we are all looking forward to.