Jul 30, 2009

Tivoli Garden Residences

Around 2 weeks ago, I with a few friends got to go to our friends new home in Mandaluyong. This friend of ours is getting married in Sept and the first ever investment they made was to buy a condo unit. The property is developed by DMCI and it' called the Tivoli Garden Residences. I have been seeing this property being constructed since I do have relatives living near the area and at first I thought it's not so good of an idea to build condo property there because of the location. But DMCI impressed me because the property was really nice. My friend got to move in already and they hired an interior designer to help them with their new home. They have decided to keep the ceramic tile of the living room area though but the for the rooms they had it changed to wood flooring.

Their unit was perfect for a couple who is just starting a family. The skylounge on the penthouse was really nice too as it had a view of Makati. It was at the skylounge where they had the party as the unit was to small for every one to fit in.
Pardon my ugly photos. Congratulations R&R!


I was looking at our bank statement and have realized how little we earn from bank interest. I don't think it would make much of a difference if we just keep the money in a safety deposit box inside the house. Well, another reason for that is that we don't really have much in the bank ;)

If you think about it, investing in a foreign currency is not that good either. With the worldwide recession, you don't want to be caught with money in a currency that has lost it's value overnight. If you really think hard and well about it, the best form of investment right now is gold. Im no smart pants when it comes to investments but just by reading business newspaper and researching deeper into the value of gold, even a 5th grader could tell you that it's the wisest investment to make. I remember our Pastor in church even mentioned it.

I would have to look into how much it would cost to buy gold right now and if we do have enough funds to invest on them I would need to make further research about it but I know that if I could come up with a good proposal the T would not hesitate and agree with me that investing on it is way better than keeping money in the bank.


Went to Glorietta with family last Saturday and our little Bindi had a grand time trying on dresses at Zara. She's not even 2 and she loves staying at the fitting room already. She loves looking at image. Their was this one dress that my Aunt made her try and she was crying when we were trying to take it off. Bindi is really a mall rat. She is so used to the mall already and we got to try her walking wings too. she loves walking and can now walk for around 10 steps without anybody holding. I was able to capture it on video and I'll try to post it soon. If your my friend on FB you'll find her video there.
She's such a big girl already!


Reading and studying makes me super sleepy. If I try to go answer a 100 item quiz, not even half way through the quiz I start to get really sleepy. For this reason, I have started drinking coffee. I like the flavored coffee the most though. I've been trying to stop myself from heading to starbucks (too expensive!), so everytime I go to the supermarket I try to look for different coffee brands and flavors. On a quick trip to the grocery this week I saw a new coffee by San Miguel.
It says it can boost memory, improve stamina and detoxify the body...will see all about that. So far, the taste is ok. I can't say yet if the said "perks" from drinking this coffee flavor are true. Will finish the box and then will see if it does improve my memory. I need all the help I could get with that.

Jul 24, 2009

Just Another Saturday

All I can remember that I would need to do today is to study. How boring right? Everyday for the coming weeks that's all I have planned out. Well, I am going out later in the afternoon with the parents and meeting up with my cousins and cooter but that just about it. When I get home, it's time to hit the books again. Last night though, I was side tracked from all the studying. I feel guilty for all the time spent surfing but then again it was a good time off the books. Everybody is getting sick and I just thought of looking for the best and yet affordable health insurance. So many options online but you really have to be careful with signing up with an insurance company and make sure that they'ld provide you with the best coverage.

Need to get off the internet now and go back to do some reading. I hope to have some fro-yo later as reward for myself.

Happy weekend everyone!

Bindi is Turning 1!

Birthday party preparations for my niece bindi is in full swing. Our little princess is turning 1 already. How time flies indeed! Her party is going to be really simple but truly memorable for the baby who has been a source of happiness not only to her parents but to everyone around her. Her mom has already done a layout of the invitations and she is currently choosing between 2 layouts.
Both are so cute, right? Im going to their house tonight and Im looking forward to playing with cooter. Good thing I had to pick up some textbooks from their house that I need.

Jul 23, 2009


On our first night in Cebu, we visited a friend who just gave birth and then had dinner with 2 other friends after. T read of a Mediterranean restaurant that sounded familiar and then realized I have read Anton's blog about it a few months back. Since we wanted to try new things, We then decided to just have dinner there as it was really close to our friends house. A friend who was with us also had to drop a cousins house to drop off the the acne products we had to bring.
Anzani is a New Mediterranean Cusine restaurant located along Nivel Hills, Lahug ( I believe this is the same road that should lead you to "Tops" and it's near Marco Polo Hotel). The restaurant was beautiful, no doubt. I was really looking forward to a wonderful dinner. We asked a lady server of what their bestseller's are but she replied with everything on the menu was their bestseller. I was not going to buy that. Good thing, their was another server who was able to help us with our food selection for the night. The ambiance was really nice. Food was good. It was not something I will crave for our come back for but it was good. Servings were big so we decided to eat family style. But oh, let me just say the dessert was a disaster! I know it would be unfair to say that since we only ordered for one from the many choices they had but I just got to say that it was really bad for me. Sorry!

free appetizersflat bread (forgot what we picked but this had salmon)a pasta and chicken main coursesteak and pasta side dish for TAzani Bomb (but a big flop for me!)
Overall, It was a good dining experience. The place was cozy, nice and quiet. It was a wonderful way to start our 3 day Cebu visit and a nice way to end the evening.

Anzani, Cebu
Panorama Heights, Nivel Hills, Lahug
Cebu City, Cebu
(032) 2360097

Jul 15, 2009


Need to do some errands for my mom tomorrow. She has asked me to look for a dry shampoo or a no rinse shampoo and then to get some cans of duocal. She was suppose to buy this earlier but for some reason she forgot. We need to have the items shipped to Bacolod by friday.I did a research already of where I could buy them as I don't want to spend so much time looking for the said items. Good thing Allegro Medical has stocks of the items my mom needs and that would make things a lot easier for me. I have going out now a days as it more often than not rains during the afternoon. After the rains come massive traffic.

Cebu Part 2

Part 1 of my Cebu story is here.

One of the things I really looked forward to on this trip was the chance to experience the edge coaster. It was not hard to convince T that we go to crown regency and try the ride. We asked a friend of ours to join us in this adventure. It's truly once in a lifetime. We paid Php600 each for the entrance to go to the 38th floor, for one ride and for a buffet dinner. This was a really good deal already as the entrance and the ride would have cost more than Php600.

It was super fun and a must try if you are visiting Cebu. Next time I hope to try the skywalk extreme.

For more information about the Sky Experience, visit their website.

Kenneth Cobonpue

I saw this chair at The Tides hotel and both T and I loved it! It's a Kenneth Cobonpue piece under his chiquita collection. At first I thought it would not be comfortable to seat on this chair but I was so wrong.

It's 350 pieces of rattan poles on top of a polyurethane cushion inside a molded steel base. I really love this chair but Im guessing it could be a really expensive chair. I love how it feels when the poles sink softly when you sit on it. I wonder on how much this costs. I would love to have one or maybe two of this in the house.

Everything Online

Everything is now online...work, shopping, banking and schooling. university online is now available for those who are interested in taking up further education but do not have the luxury of time to go to school. This is good news to a lot of stay at home mom's or for those who are currently working but are interested in learning more and in growing more in their chosen field.

A friend of mine in college who has recently finished her graduate degree through this online university program. She first heard of it through a podcast and she was very interested since she was really bent on getting a graduate degree but had no time to go to school because of work and her family. She never really thought she'ld be given a chance to go back to school and right now she's just amazed because not only was she able to achieve her goals of getting a graduate degree but she was able to keep the balance of her family and career life.

“This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com.”

Threadless Shirts

I posted about a month ago the shirts I bought on sale over at Threadless Shirts. Those shirts I bought are my current favorite. I just wear it with shorts, jeans or mini skirt. Perfect to wear to the malls. They are super comfortable and cute. I was browsing their website right now check for a sale and I saw the following designs for their shirts.

Shirts that pay tribute to MJ. I want but they are not on sale and I promised myself to only buy when it's on sale so this shirts are for now only nice to look at.

Job Opening

If any of your are interested in working from home, our company has current openings for the following positions:

*Graphic Designer
*Virtual Assistant
*Web Designer
*Web Developer
*Outbound Telemarketer

If you have any experience in working in the said fields, have good internet connection at home and you are interested in working from home, Australia hours. Please email me your resumes at remote dot macy at gmail dot com I would be forwarding your resumes with our recruiters and they would get in touch with you for initial screening.


Not only diamonds, but jewelries and jewelers in general are a girls best friend. I don't know what is it with jewelries but a lot of people I know are just drawn to them. I was not really a fan of jewelries not until lately. For one they are very good investment. Plus jewelries are something you can pass on to your children.

If you are thinking of investing in jewelries though, you have to be very careful and make sure you are dealing with reputable jewelers. You want to make sure you get the best deal for your money and get really good quality jewelries. So remember to very careful as you don't want to be scammed and be to late to realize it.


I love Cebu!

I was in Cebu for 3 days and it was all fun. We didn't have time to go out of the city but still we had a good time with friends. Marriot is the best hotel if you are to stay in the city as it is walking distance to the Ayala Mall. They have just renovated their lobby and rooms. Got the chance to stay there last year and I must say I totally loved our stay this year better than last year. The room was comfortable, the lobby was really nice and the staff was nice too.
And here is a view of from our room...
More Cebu stories and pictures on my next post.

Big Decision

I enjoy work but it seems like I need to make a big decision soon to concentrate on things I that needs my attention the most....Like reviewing for the NCLEX. I will need to take the exams soon and I need to put my full attention to it. The vacation I took didn't help since I feel like whatever I have reviewed for the past few days, I left in Boracay. Teehee.

T agrees to the decision that to study is top priority for now and to have training after. So looks like I'ld be part unemployed really soon. It's just that work is taking up so much of my time even if I am only suppose to be working part-time and that I am working from home.

No work mean no more malling and no more dining out (which is going to be to my advantage since I'ld have more time to study). I hope though I still get to have red mango once in a while.

Destination Weddings

I think weddings are fun but destination weddings are extra fun because guests are flying in to wherever your wedding is not only to witness your wedding but to have a vacation too.

I remember a wedding I saw on our recent trip to the beach. It was beautiful! I never really wanted a beach wedding but after seeing that wedding, I have realized on why a lot of people opt to have a beach wedding.

The couple can not only have fun in the sun with their guests a few days before the wedding but also enjoy spa services, island hopping and other beach activities. You get to bond with your guests days before the wedding and even after. It would definitely make your wedding extra memorable for your guest.

El Dorado Seaside Suites – Riviera Maya is a perfect location for that destination wedding. A secluded white sand beach, great facilities and great food. It would surely complete a dream wedding for any couple.

Now I'm thinking of another wedding (to the same groom of course). I think I want a beach wedding this time.

Must Love Pens

I told T during one of our conversations that I wanted a set of colored pens they were selling over at ebay. I never got to buying those pens because it was from a seller who is based in Japan and I didn't really want to pay that much for shipping. To my surprise, T bought me the pens! I don't know if he bought it from the same seller but just the same it's the same set of pens I wanted. I feel like I'll be more inspired with reviewing because of my new pens.

Must love pens.Super love T.

Big Bang Theory

I love the Big Bang Theory! This TV show never fails to make me laugh. I have yet to finish the 2nd season but Im not in a hurry to do so as I don't really want to wait that long for the next season to start. I love Sheldon (Jim Parsons) as he just cracks me up. I love Penny's(Kaley Cuoco hair too and I just wish i could find a hairstylist that would give me fab hair cut.
I highly recommend this TV show!

Jul 14, 2009


I had to do some research about investments this afternoon as my boss would want to know on what's the best way to invest his money. With the global financial crisis, every one is just very careful with how money is invested. Good thing a option screener is now available to aid someone of the best way to make an investment.

We have heard of tons of stories of how some people has wrongly invested their money and it would just break your heart as you know that the money invested are hard earned money. I know of someone who has lost his life savings all because of wrond decisions and wrong investments. It sucks to have to experience that and go through that. Totally depressing. That's the reason why everyone should be very careful before making an investment and always check on the options available for you before jumping on to something you are not really certain about.

Back to Work

Today I went back to work. Lucky me I was able to check on my email in the 2 weeks I was on a vacation so I didn't really have a lot of emails to go through. I then had a meeting with my boss so he could update me on what's going on and the things that I'ld have to do in the coming days or atleast for this week.

It was good that it was not a stressful day today and that I was able to accomplish a lot of things. I had to skip work yesterday since I was still not ready to go to work and Im glad I did because I was able to finish a few things I had to.

Vacation is really over!

Chicago Popcorn

I'm currently addicted to Chicago Popcorn.

We were at MOA last Saturday and we accidentally chanced upon the store. I asked T if we could go inside and have a taste of their popcorn as I have read somewhere that they have really good popcorn.
As we entered the store, the attendant informed us that they don't use any powdered flavoring for their popcorn and that if you buy a tin canned one, it can last for as long as one week. She gave us a sample and asked us to try the caramel one first (it was soooo good!) afterwhich the cheese flavored popcorn (really good too!) and just asked us to eat both and i knew I had to just buy.

We bought a Tin can to bring home and then we were informed that if we go back we can refill our tin can for only Php220. I know I will be back for more popcorn.

If you happen to be in the area, you might want to try some Chicago popcorn. Order the Chicago mix and Im pretty sure you won't regret it. The store is near Science Discovery Center and the Team Manila shop.

Jul 12, 2009


My cousin is due to take the exam next month and is already going bonkers with the review. She is most worried with the speaking part as she is suffering from speech anxiety. She has had this since college and right now she really has to overcome this if she wants to pass the IELTS exam. She underwent theraphy already but was advised by someone of pills that could help her. She will start the medication next week after tests are done and hopefully all will be well by the time she takes the exam.

Vacation is over

After 2 weeks of vacation, today is back to reality. I was not looking forward to waking up today. My mind, body and heart is elsewhere and it would take a few more days for me to get used to my everyday not being with the only person I want to be with. It sucks to be apart but this is life for now. We have so many wonderful things to look forward to and we just have to be strong and just taking it one day at a time.

I've atleast managed to organize the room. For the past 2 weeks, our stuff has just been everywhere. I still have the cabinets to organize but that could wait till tomorrow morning.

I have to write a to do list just to get myself back on track. I have to put the ping pong tables I need to check out for my uncle's house. He has been asking for that one for weeks now. Other than that list I have to go back to studying (this is what i dread the most).

I know that the next six months would be a breeze. I just have to keep myself busy.

Jul 6, 2009


I'm off to Tagaytay in a few hours for some RnR. I have been to Cebu, Boracay and Subic the past week and it has been tiring and I need another day of vacation. For this overnight trip, I have no plans of doing anything other than eating and resting and sleeping. I have check the televisions in the hotel we are staying at and can I just say I'm pretty impressed with the entertainment system available in the hotel. Pure relaxation it is.

Pictures and entries when I get back.