Jun 25, 2009


I remember the time when I was still working in a bank, I always had an extra pair of sandal's or flats in the office as you wouldn't know on where you'ld end up going after work. I'm lucky if I get to come from the office before going out with friends because we sometimes decide to not go back to the office anymore and Im left to wearing my heels the entire evening.

Rollasoles is what every working girl who has to go to work in heels need. Just truly heaven sent not only is it very hands as you just roll it and put it in your bag, its also affordable. I even saw a picture of a vendo machine selling Rollasole.

Im glad I no longer need to wear heels everyday and Im a flipflop convert but there is just something about ballet flats that I love and I want to have a pair of rollasole.
Im still undecided if I buy one online and just have it shipped here in Manila or since my boss is in London, I could just buy one online and have it delivered to his apartment. But then again, if I send it to him I'ld have to wait till November to get my rollasole. So yeah, Im better off on having them delivered in Manila.

Jun 24, 2009


Bindi's first ever print ad. She was just about 2 month old during the shoot. Still a tiny little baby. With her on the picture is her Chachi Mica.
Here are more recent picture of Bindi.

Totally adorable that is why she's everybody favorite. I just hope she doesn't grow-up as a brat, teehee.

Father's Day

It was one busy day for us. We as usual started the day by attending service and then we went back to the house to pick up my sister. The night before I had been reading food blogs to check out any new restaurants for father's day lunch. I have been hearing good raves about Bigby's in Megamall and my friend who's from CDO has recommended it too, we decided to try it. It was also a good decision to go there as we had to meet with the auto insurance agent as it was almost time to renew the insurance.

Food was good nothing really to rave about. It took time before we got a table but that's understandable since it was father's day and we didn't have any reservations. I would probably come back to try out the other food they have.

After doing a few shopping, we then headed to Serendra/BHS to meet up with the rest of the Tuano clan. We originally thought of meeting up at rockwell first and then go to BHS but then at the last minute the plans changed and we just all headed to BHS. When we got there, it was still too early for dinner so we just went around from one store to another. My sister then mentioned of an ongoing sale at the 3/F of the Dimensione building. The cousins decided to "check it out" with no intentions of buying but the sale was just to hard to resist.

After more than an hour of shopping we went to MarketMarket for dinner. Dinner was at Trellis and we were lucky it was not that hard to get a table and food was good.
It was a fun afternoon and evening again with the family.

Jun 12, 2009


I'm not a big fan of cartoons but tremendously enjoyed the movie UP. The movie was funny, heartwarming and simply entertaining. Russel (the fat kid) was super cute. He sounded and reminded me of the boy in the movie "The Kid".

Watching the movie made me miss Wowo, my maternal grandfather. My faternal grandfather died when I was 3 so I don't really have much memories of him. Growing up, I'ld often see Wowo especially when he goes to Manila for meetings or when I'ld go to Bacolod for vacations. I had fun vacations then. Wowo would bring us to work, golf club, or would just bring us around. I remember that one time he brought me with him when he met up with a rare coin dealer as he was trying to have a part of his collection sold. He wanted to get new golf clubs and it was just way to expensive and he thought of selling a few of his coins. It took time before he found a dealer he liked and trusted.

The movie is a must see one. Bring tissue too as some parts might bring you to tears.

Walking Wings

First time I saw Walking Wings was at the new Eastwood Mall. I immediately thought it would be a perfect gift for my niece Bindi since she's starting to learn how to walk already and it could get pretty tiring assisting her.
A week after, we went back to Eastwood and this time with Bindi. I wanted to have her try the walking wings but she ended up crying. I think it was because she didn't know the sales attendant. A good friend recently bought one for her niece and her niece loves it. I saw Nikki's pictures also with her little Dwayne wearing one. Both have good feedbacks about it and I have read a few reviews online and all were good.
Now I'm really decided on getting one for Bindi as an early birthday gift. Just thinking of either getting it in the US (cheaper there I think) or just buying the one at Eastwood.

Melissa Shoes

It was a good idea that I didn't go to the MYOH as if I went there, I would definitely have no reason to buy any one of these. Im just undecided on what to get. I like all but would have to just get one. I really like the Love Fu design but can't seem to decide on what color to get. Im thinking white since it would match everything but i love the pink and the gold one too. Im liking Sin II not only because of the style but alos because it's Php1,000 cheaper than the Love Fu design.
Love Li is truly LOVELY! I tried this one already when we went to Shangri-la and it was really comfortable.
They have a really cute gladiator sandals too....Mystery.
This cute Campana bag matches my shoes!

With all the nice stuff, I don't know what to buy. I have been going back to the website and Im still undecided on what to get. If I only had the budget, I'ld buy all. teehee!

Jun 10, 2009


Working from home for a company that is not based in the Philippines has it's disadvantages but I believe the advantages compensates for whatever the disadvantages are.

Just got an email from a staff in the US who needs to file for a social security disability. Our US staff members are pretty lucky as we got Allsup who does the representation for us. All I had to do was forward the request to Allsup and they do all the work. They have been in the business since 1984 and that's one of the main reasons we decided to hook up with them. For one, they have a 98% success rate. That speaks a lot for a company.

I could only wish that they have a branch here in the Philippines to help us with all our claims. Such a hassel to deal with SSS. Not only with SSS really but with almost all government agencies. Too much red tape. If Allsup was only a local company, all I'ld need to do is to forward all the requests and just have them process everything. That's such a convenience. But right now, all I could do is wish.

So Lazy

That's me! I have been so lazy the past few days. I have not been doing anything productive at all. I have tried to do some readings, but I feel like I'm just reading for the sake of it but not learning or remembering anything at all.

I guess my laziness was brought about by all the stress I had last week. I had to work more than my working hours as I was trying to find an apartment in London for my boss. It was difficult as his requirements for an apartment and the budget he has was a no match. London is bloody expensive (teehee)! Other than that, I was trying to arranging all the documents needed by his wife for her Schengen visa. I had to prepare the Itinerary, Airline and Hotel Bookings. From scratch, I had to come up with a her 12 week Itinerary in Paris, Spain, Germany & Rome. Thank God she was given a visa. All the hard work paid off.

My boss has just arrived in London and that has given me a lot of free time as they are still settling down and adjusting to the weather and the time difference. I should have used the time to study. I tried and still trying. Hopefully I get my groove back when it comes to studying. I must as I have a schedule for the exam already. Maybe after my short vacation I'ld be more motivated to study.

Father's Day

I'm so confused as to when father's day is. mother's day is celebrated every second Sunday of May and all the while I thought father's day is celebrated every second Sunday of June but looks like it's not. My sister said that father's day is June 21, her source of this information is the banners at SM.

I guess it works to my advantage as I still don't have an idea as to what I should give my dad. It's common practice that we dine out every father's day but I'm still clueless as to what gift to give.

My dad is into golf so I'm thinking of a gift that's related to his sports. I was originally thinking of getting him a cabinet for all his golf trophies. I've been wanting to arrange his trophies (he got them from all the tournaments he joined in Saudii) as they are everywhere. In the living room, computer room, and their bedroom. Then again, Im thinking I could get him a portable putting green.

I have a week to decide, so will see.

Threadless & Teekals

I was just surfing a few nights back, trying to look for hotels in London for my boss and to my surprise I ended up at the Threadless website. I love their shirts and I was so happy as they were on sale. I got myself some $5.00 shirts! I would have gotten more but some of the designs I liked were no longer available in my size. If I had just found the diet pill that works, I could have ended up getting more shirts since I could buy shirts at extra small. Nonetheless, Im happy with my purchases.

This shirt is so funny!
A common scenario in Metro Manila streetsCute!
Here is one more online purchase I made last week. Bought this from teekals, a local seller in multiply. Their shirts are funny and affordable.

Love it!