Jul 30, 2010

Last Weekend of July

This weekend is not to be as busy as previous weekends. Other than dinner with T's college friends tonight we don't really have anything planned for the weekend. We would probably be staying home and start fixing the house. We have a lot of things happening in the coming weeks and I'm pretty sure we would be really busy with the house and preparing the house for "tornado". Hopefully we could also go over the list of term life insurance quotes we got from our agent. It's something we have been putting off for the longest time. Oh, and probably go the filipino store to buy some groceries. Come to think of it we would probably end up having a busy weekend. lol.
Happy weekend

Shaved Ice

It's summer in my side of the earth and so far it has been really nice other than 2 weeks ago when it was really hot. I'm thankful that the weather has improved over the past few days but since it's still summer I know the summer heat is going to make a great comeback. Since it's summer ice cream has been a staple for me. But if I keep on eating ice cream not only will my sugar increase but my weight too. I might need everything they sell at quickweightloss.org. Thank God for a "healthier" alternative--shaved ice. It's fresh fruits, milk and shaved ice.
We had this 2 weeks ago. The picture above is of a small order that I shared with T. We of course didn't finish it as it's was huge! Now, I'm craving for shaved ice again.

Weight Lost

In our quest to lose weight (uhm, more of the husband really and not for me for now at least), we have started eating cereals for breakfast. I've never really liked cereals when I was in the Philippines. I'm not a fan of milk either but things change. I'm trying to cut down on my carbohydrates intake and that means a cut on my rice for me not to have gestational diabetes. We have been pretty successful. My sugar is normal and "T" has lost weight. Now I'm thinking of getting a pull up bar. Other than diet anyway, we would be needing exercise. I've read about really good results but I think after "tornado" arrives, we will be losing the weight we need to lose anyway. Hmmm....


I have not bought anything for myself in a month. I think that is a good thing. Other than nothing fits me right now, I got new maternity clothes from my mom and hand me downs from my SIL. I should be good with the clothes I have now. It's good for our savings too.
Not buying anything though does not stop me from looking at sale items online. Just looking for now and taking note of things I like. Most of the items I'm looking at are for "tornado" and the house.

Jul 29, 2010


We were cleaning the house one Saturday afternoon when I accidentally bumped into T's box of coins. I had to pick it all up of course and saw four pieces gold coins while doing so. I immediately told him they were now mine since I found them. He just laughed and told me that to just make sure to keep it safely and since it was only four pieces that he thinks I won't be able to buy much with it anyways. Of course I ended up giving him the coins. I just told him to buy me ice cream in exchange for the gold coins.
On that same day, I was told of a good news from back home. The good new totally made my day of course. And I do feel lucky or should I say blessed for all the good things coming my way. I bet you little "tornado" is my lucky charm.

Jul 27, 2010


I was looking for vitamins online for my dad while T was opening a box that was delivered that morning. I didn't know what he bought online and he just out of nowhere gave me pens.
I love pens! I remember back in college and nursing school that I would spend hours in the bookstore just checking for new pens and I always had to have a nice pen or else I'd be so lazy taking down notes.
Thank you T for the pens. Love it and love you! ♥

Jul 22, 2010

Ordinary Wednesday

Wednesday is a free day for me. No laundry, no cleaning of the house and no other chores to do. I'd usually be online, watching TV and doing some reading. My friend who has been trying to lose weight has mentioned she wanted to trying taking Apidexin so I took sometime to read apidexin reviews. She's been over weight all her life and has tried so many pills, diet and exercise in her quest to lose weight. After reading the reviews though, I'm hopeful for her and I hope she finally loses the weight she's been trying to lose.
I think I've done enough reading and it's time for me to take a nap before cooking dinner. Yey for Wednesday's!

Jul 19, 2010


We had one tiring weekend! All fun though. I always have fun attending children parties and soon I guess it will be more fun since we will have our own little one attending and enjoying the parties with us. We also got a chance to buy my Aunts order of diet pills after the party. I don't have to go out this week to get that. yey to that!
Disneyland as always was fun too. Every visit to the happiest place on earth is F-U-N! It was a good thing that the weather yesterday was not as bad as the other days. It was sunny but at least we still had the cool wind. It was not perfect Disneyland weather but it was not as bad as I expected.

Jul 15, 2010

Yey for Weekends!

And just like that tomorrow is friday again. I'm not complaining though because it means I get to spend time with T. It's going to be a busy weekend for us though. A first birthday party on Saturday and then Disneyland on Sunday. I'm excited for Sunday as my dad's cousin who is like my sister is arriving on Saturday and then we bring her to Disneyland on Sunday. I'm excited to see her ofcourse and to bring her to the happiest place on earth :D
The weekend would also mean a lot of eating out for us. We started the week with just eating cereals every morning since we want to cut down on our rice intake. Hopefully I won't have to order phentremene anytime soon.
Happy weekend everyone!

Ike's Place

We first learned of Ike's place after watching Man vs Food on TV. It was perfect timing because we were scheduled to go to SFO in 2 weeks so we took note of where it was. On our first day in SFO we went to the place and ordered a sandwich. It took a really long time for us to decide on what to order as they had a lot of choices. We then drove to the nearest park and ate our sandwich there. Each sandwich comes with a bag of chips. It was a big sandwich so we decided to just split the order. It was soooo good and worth the lining up and the wait. On our last day, we went back and had sandwich again for lunch. I would definitely need the best weight loss supplements after I give birth with all the eating I have been doing.

I Love You Sabado!

We met up with relatives from my dad's side of the family last saturday for lunch. We agreed on having filipino food and so we went to Salo-Salo grill. I'm so bad for not taking pictures though. I was so excited to eat. teehee. We had a grand time exchanging stories. Too bad a cousin was not able to join us since she is taking sat prep classes. She's an incoming senior and she is doing really good in school but for her to get into her university of choice for college she needs a really good SAT score too. I know she is going to do really good but she's pretty much stressed already. Back in the Phils, to get to a good school all you really need to worry about is to pass the entrance exam of the said school, not here though. After lunch, we went to a tea house to eat crushed ice and have tea. Spent another hour just exchanging stories then off to a baby shower. So it turned out to be an all day of eating! I was a fun.fun. saturday though.

Jul 9, 2010

San Francisco

We had a grand time in San Francisco! Yes, it was tiring having to walk and go to places but I would have to say it was all worth it. After 3 days in San Francisco, we took another 3 hour drive to Lake Tahoe to meet-up with my relatives. That deserves a separate post.
San Francisco is so different from LA. I just like it how it is easy to go to places and ride public transportation. We did a lot of walking on this trip and a lot of eating too. I was scared we might get sick during the trip but thank God for the vitamins I drink and the multivitamins for men that T drinks we were able to survive our trip without any of us getting sick.

Mommy's Birthday

One month of waiting is over for my family back home. The box we sent had arrived and it was just in time for my mom's birthday. She got her birthday gift days before her birthday. I'm glad she likes the gift we sent here. I also got her a wrinkle cream I found online. If anyone reading this is interested in getting one, just click here. I have not tried it but I have read very good reviews about it.
Anyhow, today my mom celebrates her ___th birthday. Again, I'm missing the celebration. I'm looking forward to calling Manila later though to greet here and talk to relatives who'll be celebrating with her. I will miss all the yummy food! This is the first time I won't be home to celebrate her birthday. This are the times I miss Manila the most.
I hope you have a happy celebration mom. We love you and miss you.


The social security disability insurance that my dad's friend is receiving after the accident he encountered at work is truly a blessing to their family. Since my friends mom had retired last year and her sister still in school my friend was really troubled on how to go about with their daily expenses since she's the only one working. Little did she know that her dad was going to be receiving insurance money.

God works in ways we cannot see. She didn't expect for this blessing and is more than thankful because it covers for her dad's medicine and their daily expenses.

Jul 6, 2010


So many things to do and yet I still feel so tired to do anything. We came back from our week long vacation last night and I need another vacation to get some rest from the vacation we just had. It always feels like that. I have tons of household chores to do and it's during this time I miss the househelp in manila. I also need to find a good document management system for T. He needs one for work and has asked me to help him with it. I also need to update my blogs and I want to blog about our trip. Hopefully I can start on all that tomorrow. For now I shall rest.