Jul 27, 2005

Bits and Pieces

.::thanks to choi salon, a korean salon in makati avenue. i like my hair na ulit. weird lang the salon bec the hairstylist is korean and most of the clients are koreans. it's like you are in a koreanovela! teehee! but for super nice hair rebond and hair relax the place is a must!

.::new bed for me! my dad got me a new bed. funny lang kasi i hardly sleep at my room since i started working at night. when i get home from work which is around 6am i sleep at my parents room bec i don't have tv in my room and the tv lulls me to sleep. it is only during my day off that i get to sleep in my room. but still i love my new bed....thanks,pop! how about getting me a tv for my room? =)

.::super excited to get my flipflops from sassa . you could visit her website for flipflop samples and message me for orders.

.::was able to watch wwe raw on tv this afternoon and it was great to see shawn michaels, hulk hogan and john cena on the ring. hulk hogan is old na,hehehe! after he left the ring he was puffing and huffing...na pagod si lolo!

.::its a seven for lance armstrong!

.::we got a lot of calls yesterday and in exchange for that we got free starbucks coffee. weebee to freebies!

.::mom will be having an operation on saturday. she's an out-patient but please pray for her kasi naman nerbyosa. she was suppose to have it last sat but with her high blood pressure, doctor had to postpone the procedure.

.::taking calls again in a few minutes...amp!

Jul 24, 2005

got tagged by yax

things you enjoy,even when no one around wants to go out and play?

1. watching tv or dvd
2. sleeping....zzzz....sleeping....
3. reading anything my hand could grab
4. surfing and blogging
5. day dreaming...hehehehe!

what lowers your stress/blood pressure and anxiety level?
1. eating anything i crave (bad!)
2. videoke sessions with mamasan
3. malling and shopping...who does not do this when stressed!
4. QT with MSO
5. pag tripan si amboy..hehehe!

tag you are it...sassa,myke,karen,anabs,henson,tetet,tems, and elvie
3 malls in one day...yey!

went to church first at 8am and then started my malling at 10am.

mall # 1:
finally,had the chance to go to gateway mall yesterday. went with mom,dad,ate peach, borgy and amboy. i found a bag at rustans that i really like and that is one reason i am coming back. but thats about it. nothing really to rave about. had the chance to eat at taco bell and it was not even as expected. but will have to try the lazy boy seats sa cinema nila with MSO and taco bell again with him. hay...i enjoyed shopwise more than gateway.

mall # 2:
market,market with MSO. MSO wanted to buy shoes so we dedcided to hit the malls in search for the perfect shoes. the mall though was jampacked! we just went to the adidas store, saw a skirt i liked and i thought i didn't really like it but as we were on our way to mall # 3 naiisip ko na sana i bought the skirt na lang. oh well.

mall # 3:
this is where we bought *the shoes*. thanks pashy for the discount. ate at shakey's since MSO has been craving for his favorite pizza for more than a week already. funny that he was born the same year shakey's started. hehehehe...kaya pala favorite.

3 malls in one day is not usually tiring but since i came from work (yup,no sleep!), by the time MSO brought me home which was around 6pm pa since he had to go to work at 4am i was drop dead tired. it took sometime before the maid was able to wake me up from sleep for dinner. im sure if not for my cousins having dinner at our house, goodluck kung magising pa ako.

Jul 21, 2005

macy's weekend:(last week--long delayed post)


.::woke up quite early for a saturday. went to sm super sale club with popsie to buy last minute items that we need for the party.
.::went to piandre for a haircut and manicure. can i say i do not like my new hairdo...sorry sassa, even if you say u like it as everyone else, i don't. i feel it's toooo short! (huhuhu)
.::had lunch at home. prepared the guest cards for the party (sorry maarte talaga ako!).
.::went to sm with mamasan, desi, councilor melong (tanda ng paggalang), and len2. i needed to have my mom and dad's picture printed for the guest card. good thing len2 is buying stuff for her coming baby (yehey! new baby in the family!)
.::was home before 4pm, finished with the guestcards. prepared for the party. relatives from nueva ecija started arriving the whole house was just CRAZY!
.::was at the clubhouse by 6pm, had to prepare the place. guests started coming and by 8pm the venue was jampacked! all seats taken...SRO!
.::syempre, may katangahan ako. of all the things to leave in the house i left my camera. so i had to go home (thanks for the drive home MSO) again to get my camera.
.::cousins prepared a wonderful special number--got to believe in magic!
.::the party was turned into a tiangge...clothes from thailand for sale. got myself some clothes (myke you need to send me pala ur acct number and is the mini skirt still available?).
.::and i had my vodka buddies (desi and joe d mango) up to 3am...yes tuano cousins, inuman tinuloy sa bahay (sayang wala kayo). ang pulutan for the night: fresh milk fish (bangus) and crabs!
.::i was dead tired not drunk by 3:30 am.


.::woke up at 7am. we still had visitors in the house and i thought we were going home to nueva ecija but my dad woke up late.
.::played with the babies and all visitors went home to nueva ecija by 11am.
.::had lunch, wanted to go out but was too tired to go out. took a looong nap. slept from 2pm up to 7pm (ha!)
.::finished up the tequilla with mamasan and her cousin.
.::was in dreamland by 11pm.


.::woke up at 5:30...happy day kasi off pa din ako!
.::went to abs to meet with MSO and off we went to the mall.
.::went to the mall to have pictures from party printed and ate merienda/dinner.
.::was home by 7pm since MSO has to go to the office early the next day.
.::took a nap by 8pm and was up by 1:00am. could not go back to sleep! badtrip...ang gulo ng body clock ko.
.::was finally sleepy by 5am.

all in all, weekend was tiring but super worth all the pagod and puyat. mom and dad's anniversary party was fun! to all those who shared this day with us...thank you. thanks to cousins peewee, tetet and myke for preparing a impromtu special number with all the other cousins. till next year! (kmi din kaya abot din ng 33 years....malamang!)

Jul 18, 2005

happy 33rd wedding anniversary to popsie and mommy!!!

photos are posted already...kwento to follow.

we missed you tems!

Jul 9, 2005


thank you for everything and i love you!

Jul 8, 2005

United We Stand...Divided We Fall

Politics in my beloved country for the past month has been a mess. Politics in the philippines has been a telenovela that does not have an ending. It stars politicians na parang si selina ng telenovela na "mula sa puso" na ayaw mamatay kahit na ano na ang nangyari sa kanya. politicians here in our country like stars in any telenovela can be a bida today and a contrabida on the next episode.

i grew up in a family where politics is a favorite conversational topic. young and old, everyone is so interested in it. i have relatives who are in politics. and i too have aspirations of becoming one. but with what is happening in the political scene in our country, parang ayaw ko na.

with everything that is happening, mapapaisip ka talaga if may future pa ba for us in our country... what more for the children. will gasoline prices be at three hundred per liter by the time TJ gets to drive, when the time janina is in college, ang happy meal ng mcdo will cost her one hundred fifty pesos just for the chesseburger meal (kulang yun kay nina!), when amboy wants a bottle of red horse beer it would cost him two hundred pesos wala pa videoke and di pa yun grande, and for migsy to go party at absinthe or temple he needs five thousand pesos just for him to get in, have a FEW drinks but have no date.

it may sound funny for now but it is not far from happening. it is just crazy...and it is no laughing matter. every pay day, lahat nagrereklamo about the tax being deducted from the pay--saan nga ba napupunta? with all the fighting and bickering in our political scene, what is in store for our country?

Jul 4, 2005

called up mcdo before 12mn and ordered the following:

2 chesseburger meal- upsize the drink and fries
1 burger mcdo meal

after an hour of waiting...delivery finally arrives. signed whatever needs to be signed and was uberly excited to eat the cheeseburger. but when we opened the bag what i see is 3 mc chicken sandwiches. huh! what happened to my chesseburger? but due to hunger, we ate the sandwiches and i called up mc do and told them that if i still owe them since i got 3 mc chicken sandwiches, to have someone get the money from my house. i don't want to end up with an upset stomach just because i ate something i didn't pay for. when the delivery boy comes back. he has with him 2 cheeseeburger sandwiches and a burger mcdo sandwich. sabay sabi na "inyo na din ito ma'am". AYOS! and he had a paper bag with 2 large fries and a regular sized fries.